Current Events: Week in Review (26Mar2010)

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Better late than never, I always say.

*No, you don’t*

Welcome to another installment of my personal “Week in Review”.  Consider it a Design Notes for my blog. 😉

This week hasn’t been a very productive one but in a couple of places.  I’ve worked continuously on “Across the Realm Portal.” I’ve been learning Japanese phrases in Romaji (Japanese using Roman letters), trying to learn Kanji and Hirigana/Katakana (you know, the characters making up the Japanese language), and catching up on my sleep, for the most part.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been a little ill lately.  For the past week, I was sleeping a few hours, awake for a few, and down again.  Thanks to all those little naps, I got very little writing done.

In the wee-hours when I wanted a break from writing “Across the Realm Portal,” I would try to learn Japanese.  Now, the Japanese language can be very intimidating.  I’m learning from YesJapan and the FREE flash card program BYKI (which stands for Before You Know It). The newest video on YesJapan is my favorite “Your Self Worth,” which really opened my eyes to my PoV on learning Japanese.  It could apply to anything you learn or do! I also search some of the sites I visit for interesting and useful phrases I can easily learn and retain, putting them in MSWord in a collection so I can refer to it later.

As for “Across the Realm Portal,” I have a few people to thank for keeping me motivated in it.  @AlanzaDemonica , @Vampiric_AQW , and @Veluchan , my three main readers.  Without you, there would literally BE no story. Arigato!

Speaking of, I’ve changed it a little bit.  Nothing major, just the Subtitle and size.  Alanza and Vampiric, those AQW Player/Friends I have come to adore, have kept me on my toes by noting anything out of place. “There’re guards at the door. How’d she get out so easily?” — that kind of thing.  The little bits I don’t catch as I’m writing it.  I just go with the flow, ya know?

Hopefully sometime in the near-future, I’ll put up a page on here with words and meanings of the three main languages of all my Inner Realm Chronicles.  I’ve started with Draconian (Imperial, the Language of the Dragon Nations), Illunian (Realm of the Illunae), and Ancient Wolf-Speak (The Mountain Wolf Forest Packs in the Realm of Dreams).  I’ll try to include words I usually capitalize, like “Earthbound,” “Realmbound,” “Ancient Mystic,” etc, as well as words from the Dweller-Kin dialects and the Ancient Mystics themselves.

For now, I leave you with the Northern (English) version of the Official Motto of Mal’estar:


“Live Strong, Live Free, Live in Peace”

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