Inner Realm Chronicles: Suggested Reading Order

Suggested Reading Order!

The Inner Realm Chronicles contain so many stories, and so many intricate lineages and links from the Ancient Mystics to the Draconians.  Here’s your handy-dandy guide to the Finished Works and the order they should be read in.  Of course, you’re free to read how you like and in whatever order suits your fancy.  This is by no means finished, and will be updated with each work finished.  For now….Enjoy!

“The List”:

AKA: Those in new readable-format with Hyperlinks to chapters 🙂

  1. Kronin’s War
  2. Dusk Before the Dawn
  3. Young Guardian Trilogy: 1 Young Guardian and the Dominionite
  4. Young Guardian Trilogy: 2 Legacy of the Dawn
  5. Young Guardian Trilogy: 3 Diary of the Young Guardian
  6. War of the Realms Saga: 1: Mystic’s Challenge
  7. War of the Realms Saga: 2: Demon Fire
  8. War of the Realms Saga: 3 War of the Realms
  9. War of the Realms Saga: 4 Hope for Tomorrow
  10. The Crusader Mysteries: 1 Kelly’s Crusaders
  11. The Crusader Mysteries: 2 Cara vs the Mystery Machines

That list should get you started; the rest from there should be pretty interesting, as they’re not finished.  Once they are, as I said, I’ll change formats so they’re easier to read and PDF-Format-Download-able.  For now, only the Young Guardian Trilogy is since it’s finished and mostly-edited.

Hope this helps!

Soon, I’ll put up the entire list of Characters involved, from Mystics to Draconians, main and minor.

Until then,

=WriteON!= and =ReadON!=

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