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Dragon-Kin: Dracora’s Story

Note: this bit isn’t in any order, and a lot is missing, but the main story is still there, first in Dracora’s words, then in mine. — Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, 26Dec2006

Bold: already written.

This is the story of the Countess Dracora Dratianos of the Dragon Nations and her relationship with her brattonata Adellandra Mout’ella Dranna. From Draconian Princess to Dweller-kin Queen, to Countess of the Dragon Lands’ Monarch’s Glen, follow their heartwarming stories, as told to Adellandra through memories from Dracora herself. As Chronicled by Head-Chronicler of the Realms, Lady Adellandra Mout’ella Dranna Dratianos.

Part One: Dragonwolf Empress of Mal’estar

Prologue: Princess Dracora Dratianos

Part Two: In the Midst of War and Chaos

Prologue: Beginning of the End

Chapter One: The Dragon Nations: Mal’estar

Chapter Two: The Realm of Dreams: Mystic Palace

Chapter Three: The Dragon Nations: Monarch’s Glen

Chapter Four: To Call the Spell

Chapter Five: Dweller kin-Clans

Chapter Six: Ten Years Later

Chapter Seven: Return to the Dragon Nations

Chapter Eight: Reunion of Old Friends

Part Three: Return of the Lady Empress

Prologue: Young Guardian, Ancient Mystic Advisor

Chapter One: King Yorn and His Hunters

Chapter Two: Confrontation at Mal’estar


Princess Dracora Dratianos

I guess you could say my story started innocently enough. I am the Princess of the Empire city of Mal’estar in the Dragon Nations. My Dratyr, Lord Brakkon Dratianos is the Emperor while my Mutyr, Lady Locarra, the Emerald Cobra, is his mate and Lady Empress. I have three older brattons, Draconis, the Prince-Heir to the Dragon Throne, his duo-bratton Drakkar, and Dranus Bratea. I once had a duo brattona named Dia but she died early in life.

Being the only female beside my mutyr isn’t easy, but I get along with the maidens of the House, so I do not mind it.

I learned my lessons as a Lady Princess, so I could be the perfect mate to my Lord Husband, whoever he may be. Since I was only of ten summers, I was only able to dream of my future mate.

I met my brattonata, my sister-in-love, Draconis’ mate Adellandra Dranna shortly before their Coronation Ceremony. It was I, along with our maiden Elizabeth and a few other maidens, to help her prepare for it.

She was shy, a dragonwolflet of only ten. I recognized her eyes, the color of the moon, silver, and knew she was someone special. Adellandra was a grey Mountain Wolf-Draconian cub with grey dragon’s wings that were covered in fur on the top and leathered underneath. She had long, red-blonde hair that hung down her back to the tip of her wolf’s tail.

She was quiet, yet beautiful. I never knew what my bratton saw in her, until she spoke.

I found my new-Brattona out by the Garden alone. She sensed me and looked up.

“Sulheya.” Adellandra nodded her wolf’s head at me. “Kaetaa. I am Adellandra Mout’ella Dranna, Draconis’ mate.”

“Pleasure to meet you at last, Brattona.” I supplied with a smile. “I am Dracora Dratianos, Princess of Mal’estar.”

Adellandra relaxed. “I have only heard stories about your great Empire.” She told me as I sat on the grass next to her. “My Dratyr is Sir Airemus Dranna, your dratyr’s Branno.”

“Sir Airemus is your Dratyr?” I asked, staring into her eyes. “I see the family resemblance.”

“I look nothing like Dratyr.” Adellandra giggled. “My duo-sita and I take after our Matéré more, being wolves.”

“I was not speaking of the outside, Adellandra.” I told her. “I can see it within you. You have your Dratyr’s strength and power.”

“What do I need of power when I can do so many other things?” Adellandra asked, staring at the lilac tree ahead. “Sure, I may be able to Feel, See, and Heal, but they are only parts of me, not the whole.”

I didn’t know what to say. She was in what I called a ‘thought-trance’; so deep within her own thoughts, she did not notice me there.

So I left.

I was able to Feel something as well from her. That young Dragonwolf whom my bratton had mated with was more than what she seemed.

The next afternoon, it was time to ready her for her Coronation Ceremony. She was going to be the new Empress of the Dragon Nations, with my bratton Draconis as our Emperor.

“Dracora,” she spoke up as she stared at our reflections in the mirror. I was braiding her hair.

“Aye, Adellandra?”

“Do you think I would make a good Empress?” She asked me.

“If you can handle my hard-headed bratton, than you will be fine.” I assured her. “I told you yesterday, you have your dratyr’s strength and power. Being Draconian, and of his bloodline, you can shift to other forms. Have you ever shifted to Dragon form before?”

Adellandra had a thoughtful look on her face. “Only when I sat at the Throne for the first time. I felt the rush of power and energy go through my body, and I shifted to a black Spirit dragon. It was exhilarating!”

“You were Accepted by the Nation and Her People.” I told her. “Why do you doubt yourself then, Brattona?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I just wondered, that is all.” She said. “I had a Vision of the ceremony, and when I saw Lady Empress’ cloak, I saw myself in it.”

“The Midnight Cloak.” I told her with a grin, tying off the braid. “Aye, I know if it well.”

“There was a name in my mind when I saw it.” Adellandra supplied, turning in her seat. “I would be called Peacekeeper. Draconis’ and my union will assure peace in the Nations for another generation or more to come.”

I hugged her, smiling. “I would certainly hope so, sita.”

She blinked. “I didn’t know you knew Wolf-Speak!”

“I know very little, thanks to your Dratyr and his lessons.” I told her. “It was fifteen summers ago when the Alpha SheWolf of your matéré’s Wolf Packs came with her here for Dratyr’s help. Since then, those Draconians who mated with Wolfkin have been living here with their small Family Packs. Though there aren’t many of you, you’re not the first, nor the last, of the Dragonwolves.”

Adellandra smiled. “Funny you should say that. I told my duo-sita not three days ago those exact words!”

We laughed. There came a knock on the door and we were ready to go.

Part Two: In the Midst of War and Chaos


Beginning of the End

I, Dracora Dratianos, am about to tell you a very interesting tale. A tale of my people, the Draconians, and how I inadvertently started a whole new race of beings called the Dweller-kin within the Mortallan Realm.

Chapter One:

The Dragon Nations: Mal’estar

It started just before my brother, Lord Draconis, Emperor of the Dragon Nations, flipped his lid. His mate, Lady Adellandra, a Dragonwolf Empress, Fore-Saw the events of what was going to be known as The Dragon’s Fall.

I heard her screams and Felt her tears from across the Castle. While her mate was deep within the Battles with the Demon Lord, Archimond, Lady Adellandra, my brattonata, was having fierce Visions. She was so busy with trying to keep them a secret from the children that she did not notice that I was watching her every move. I Felt her and was helpless to do anything about it.

One morning at breakfast, Draconis did not show up, and Adellandra and I finally had some time alone. The children were in the nursery. I watched from across the table how she picked at her food. I saw the dried blood-tears and the look in her eyes was distant.

“Are you all right, Brattona?” I asked her quietly.

Adellandra shook her head, coming out of her daze and blinking at me. “Oh, sure, sita.” She said in a voice just short of a whisper. She pasted on a smile. “I’m fine.”

“You cannot lie to me, Adellandra.” I told her. “I have watched as you suffer from the Vision-Sickness. What is so terrible that you must retreat to your own quarters at night, away from my brother? What makes you nearly ignore your children? What have you Seen that makes you cry in your sleep, and the young Prince-Heir run to me for guidance?”

Adellandra looked to her plate. “You would not believe me, even if I told you.”

I stared at her for a moment. “Does it have to do with the War at hand?” She nodded silently. I continued. “Does it have to do with Draconis?”

She looked up at me with alarm in her silver eyes. “Aye.” She choked, her eyes closing. “That it does.”

“Have you spoken to him about it?”

Adellandra shook her head. “I fear, I cannot. Not with what I See.”

I contemplated my words. “May I inquire then, what do you See?”

“It is too terrible for words, sita.” Adellandra swallowed, continuing. “I saw destruction for the entire Dragon Nations.”

“The Demon Armies?” I stood. Her silver eyes were insistent as she glared at mine. She shook her head slowly. I whispered. “What then?”

“Our Lord Draconis will go chaotic and destroy everything in his path without malice.” Adellandra remarked. She frowned and asked sarcastically. “Would you like details?”

I put my hand up. “No, thank you.”

“Soon, you will know what must be done to save our people.” Adellandra replied with a glaze to her eyes. Was it another Vision? She shook her head out of whatever it was and nodded regally. “I am working on saving our familia.”

“What are you going to do?”

“In order to save the legacy of the Dratianos line, I will have to take the children away from here.”

“The twins are not even a summer old yet!” I gasped. “The Prince is only three! Surely, there is something else you can do? This life is the only one they know of. To take them away from it would prove disastrous!”

“That may be, brattonata, but I assure you, it will save us all in the end.”

“How do you know your taking the children away will not cause the chaos to come out in Draconis?”

“I just know.” She told me. “Have you seen how your own Parentada are acting lately? Lord Brakkon is slowly Turning, at a loss to help his own mate. The Lady herself is suffering from an illness not even my own Matéré or Gramere can Heal, and we are the most powerful of the Packs! Locarra knows her days are numbered by this mysterious illness. That is why she is having me write down all she knows on the Ancient Mystic Magics. So the knowledge will be passed down the generations. The Magic will not be lost.”

I shook my head. Thoughts swam in my head and I had to sit once again to gain my composure.

In the tense silence, the maidens and servants took the chance to clear our plates. Without word, she turned on her heel and left.

I knew she was going to Mutyr’s bedside, just as her own son, Prince-Heir Kronin would see to hers.

Chapter Two:

The Realm of Dreams

That afternoon, I returned to Monarch’s Glen to meet with my Advisor, Terrantis Montiya. He and my main bodyguard Trenor Lacota met me at the doors of the Battle Room.

“What is word from Mal’estar, Countess?” Terrantis asked as I sat at the table in the middle of the room. “Anything of the war with the demons?”

I shook my head. “I am afraid it is much worse, my friends.” I then told them what transpired.

“I may know someone who can help, Countess.” Trenor said sheepishly.

“If you know, please tell me.” I supplied. “According to the Empress’ Visions and the advancement of my Lady Mother’s illness, we’ve not much time left.”

Trenor nodded, gulping. “May I suggest our Borders at the Realm of Dreams? The Lord Guardian there could help us figure how to save our people.”

“Lord Guardian of the Mystic Realms?” I asked Trenor, who nodded. “Why would he help us?”

“If I may, Countess?” Terrantis cleared his throat.

I looked to my bodyguard, who was standing at attention and staring into space. “At ease, General, and speak your mind.”

“It is in the agreement, as well as the friendship between your Lord Dratyr and Lord Guardian.” Terrantis began, hands behind his back. “The two are old friends, beginning when we helped them long ago with O’Dell’s duo, Orthos. As the Mystic Realms have been part of the Dragon Nations since the birth of Ishanar, it is Lord Guardian’s duty and pleasure to help us.”

“Where would I find Lord Guardian now?” I asked Terrantis,

“He can either be found in his Castle in the Mystic’s Kingdom or the Palace in the Province visiting with his Lady-love Mistress Enchantra.” Terrantis supplied. He smiled. “When would you like to leave?”

My Advisor knew me all too well. He knew, when it came to our people, I would do anything in my power to ensure our well-being and survival. I would also wish to do that ‘anything’ as quick as possible.

I smiled back. “Yesterday.”

With that, we were on our way to the Realm of Dreams. We flew the skies until we reached our Borders. The three of us descended to the Province Forest and the sentry guards that were posted there.

“I am the Countess Dracora Dratianos.” I told the two guards in front of me. “These are my bodyguard Trenor and Advisor Terrantis. We are seeking the Lord Guardian. Where would I find him?”

The lizard-male Guard looked at his partner, an iguana-male. They spoke in Northern, a language the Realm of Dreams was known for.

“Countess, the Lord Guardian can be found with the Mystic Sisters at their Palace.” The iguana-male responded. “I could show you the way, if you wish?”

I nodded. “Lead the way, Guard.”

“What can I do for you, Princess?” Lord Guardian announced when the four of us met up with him at the Mystic Palace. When O’Dell answered the door, the Guard left us, returning to his post.

“It is Countess now, m’Lord Guardian.” I corrected, entering with Terrantis and Trenor. “When my brother Draconis took the Throne with his Lady Empress, Adellandra, Dratyr gave me the Lands surrounding Monarch’s Glen.”

“My apologies, Countess.” O’Dell nodded. “Now, I ask again, what can I do for you?”

“Putting it bluntly, Lord Guardian, there is going to be trouble in the Nations and we may need your help.” I told him.

“Can your brother not handle it?” O’Dell asked. His own silver eyes narrowed, arms folded on his chest. “After all, is he not the Emperor?”

“That is the trouble, Lord.” I told him, explaining what Adellandra For-Saw and how the entire House was acting.

“Who sent you to me?” O’Dell asked.

Trenor bowed. “I did, m’Lord. I am the Countess’ personal bodyguard, Trenor Lacota.” He cleared his throat nervously and licked his lips. “I thought you would help us with a solution to this particular problem.”

“If what is changing Brakkon is anything like my own brother Orthos, it will not be an easy task.” O’Dell replied.

“That is why I thought, if we worked together, we could come up with something.” Trenor remarked. “M’Lord.”

“Enough, Trenor.” O’Dell put his hand up. “I am not your Lord, so you need not address me as such.”

“Aye, Sir.” Trenor replied, sitting back down.

O’Dell shook his head and laughed under his breath.

“It would be best not to argue, O’Dell.” I supplied with a grin. I cleared my own throat. “Let’s get back to business, shall we?”

“Ah, aye, very well.” O’Dell responded. “Do you have any idea why the Empress would have such a terrible case of the Vision-Sickness?”

“Do you know her background?” I asked back. “Two of your wolfkin Companions, an Alpha SheWolf of the Mountain Wolf Forest Packs and her daughter Katerina sought my Dratyr’s help fifteen summers ago. They wanted to expand their Pack structures into our Realm so they would not be totally annihilated in yours.”

“Another of my own brother’s doings, aye?” O’Dell was not impressed.

“Aye.” I continued. “Katerina was the first to meet with my Dratyr’s bodyguard Sir Airemus Dranna. They wed, and Katerina bore three dragonwolf children.”

“Let me guess, Adellandra was one of them?” O’Dell asked. I nodded. “So she has the Wolfkin powers as well as the Dragon?” I nodded again. “That makes for a very interesting mix.”

“It also makes for very potent visions and the sickness from those visions terrible.” I remarked. “So far, she has Fore-Seen many things, and they have all come true within a month.”

O’Dell paced. “I ask this again, Dracora. What is it you wish from me? There is no stopping the actions of such visions, especially those that have to deal with chaos and destruction of a nation. What could I do for you?”

“If my bratton-.” I shook my head and corrected myself. “My brother, is going to go Chaotic and destroy our Nation, I cannot just sit idly by and let him do it. I must do something to save us, even if it is a few Draconians.”

“You would be willing to do anything in your power to ensure the survival of your people?”

I nodded regally. “Of course, O’Dell. Would you not do the same for your own Companions?”

“I have, many times.” He responded softly, taking a deep breath and letting it out. “There is only one thing I can think of. Something that I myself had to do with my own daughters, to keep them safe from my brother’s clutches.”

“What did you do, O’Dell?”

Even Trenor and Terrantis held their breaths, waiting.

“I sent them Earthbound.” O’Dell turned his back on us. “Back to the Mortal Realm to live in peace, away from the Wars.”

I put a hand on his shoulder. He put his hand on mine and smiled at me, nodding.

“If that is what we have to do, so mote it be.” I supplied quietly. “Tell us what we must do and we will do it.”

O’Dell moved away from me, stopping at the window. I didn’t know what he was looking at, but the view outside was beautiful. There was a woman with black hair in a bundle tending to the garden.

I looked to my men, who were still waiting patiently. Trenor’s head was down, thinking. I Felt him, Sensing he was saddened. I figured he, too, was thinking of the Lady Empress’ words. My eyes went to my Advisor. Terrantis was staring straight ahead, arms at his sides at attention, but I knew better. He, too, was in deep thought, seriously worried about our situation.

My brother was going to go Chaotic soon, and no one knew exactly when, or what would happen. I only hoped to be able to save at least some of my people in time.

“Pardon the interruption, Countess.” I heard a female voice from ahead of me. I looked to see a tall woman with silver eyes and black-as-pitch hair. Was she the same I saw in the garden behind the Palace?

“It’s all right.” I told her. “How long were you standing there?”

“Long enough to hear your quandary.” The woman said politely, walking to O’Dell and taking his hand. A squeeze to it snapped him out of his reverie. They met eyes. “Why do you not see to your rounds, M’Lord? It will take your mind off of things for awhile.”

“Aye, you are right.” O’Dell shook his head and forced a grin. He kissed her lips quickly, nodded his farewell to us and disappeared.

The woman grinned at me. “Allow me to introduce myself.” She held her hand out to me, and I took it. “I am the Ancient Mystic Sister, Mistress Enchantra.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mistress. I am the Countess Dracora. I come from the Dragon Nations on a plea for help.” I supplied, turning to my men. “My bodyguard Trenor and Advisor Terrantis have come with me.”

At their names, they looked up and nodded.

“Pleasure is all mine, Countess.” Enchantra responded, nodding. “I have heard about you from your Father, Emperor Brakkon.”

“Good things, I hope.” I tried to smile. “We come here on business.”

“It is sad what the new Empress is Seeing in her Visions.” Enchantra replied softly. “I have heard from Lady Locarra, so I know what is going on in your Nations.”

“You heard our conversation?”

“As I said,” Enchantra supplied. “Just enough to hear your quandary.” She paced by me and spoke softly. “Dixilynne, Dorianne and Sarabeth were sent Earthbound before the beginning of the Wars for Power not long ago.”

“The names of O’Dell’s daughters?” I asked.

Enchantra supplied. “And my own.”

I blinked. “I’m sorry, Mistress.” I choked. “That must have been hard.”

“Aye, it was very hard.” Enchantra supplied. “They are now in the Outer-Realm with their new family.”

I was confused. “Outer-Realm?”

Enchantra smiled. “I am surprised those in the Dragon Nations do not know of what is known as the Mortal Realm.”

“Oh, we do, only we do not call it the Outer-Realm.” I told her.

“I see.” Enchantra kept her smile. This made me suspicious. We stared at each other. She nodded. “Come with me, Countess.

Part Three: Return of the Lady Empress


Young Guardian, The Ancient Mystic Advisor

(incorporate into Dracora’s words, and have her report to Draconis on it…have her tell me about the Lost Ones, adding in her 2cents worth)

I never thought I’d see the day when Adellandra returned to our Nations. Only, when she returned, she was someone else, and had no idea who she truly was.

I’d been in communication with O’Dell and Enchantra since the beginning, so I knew what was going on. The Wars for Power, the Companions, Dominionites, I knew it all.

What I didn’t know is who the woman titled the Young Guardian really was; I’d never met her physically, but I have heard of her.

It was when she ‘dropped’ in the Dragon Nations that I finally got the chance to meet her, and see her for who she really was.

Unfortunately she had no idea of her true-self, only of her Ancient Mystic destiny as O’Dell’s successor.

“Countess, there’s an intruder within the Glen.” One of my Guardsmen, Gerrosh supplied. “The Dweller-kin were fast on her heels.”

My eyes widened. “‘Her’?”

“Aye, Countess.” Gerrosh announced. “Before they could reach her, a large black dragon scooped her up. I’m certain it is your elder brother, Lord Emperor. He seemed awfully protective over her.”

I gasped. If Draconis had returned to the Nations, and knew about the intruder, I had to seek him. I’d have to deal with him later. Right now, onto more important matters. “Where is she now?”

“Being held in our dungeons, Countess.” Gerrosh said. “Did you wish me to bring her to you?”

I shook my head. “Nay, that will not be necessary, Gerrosh. If the intruder is who I think she is, she will figure a way out, and come to me on her own. Thank you, Gerrosh. You are excused.”

With a tight nod, he was gone.

I stood by my Throne and closed my eyes. Using my Sight, I Searched for her within the Castle.

I Sensed her right outside the doors to the Main Hall, which was where I was smiling, waiting. “Come out of the shadows and into the light. Introduce yourself.”

Slowly, she walked up to me. She had the same red-blonde hair that she had so long ago, but she was in an Immortal form. She was timid when she told me. “I am a Dreamer, lost in this world. Can you tell me how to get back?”

“To know of Dreamers is to know of the Realm of Dreams.” I pointed out. I searched her silver-blue eyes. In this form, she didn’t look a day over fifteen. “Dreamers themselves do not know their status amongst the many Realms of Companions and creatures. They believe their adventures as mere dreams.” I paused and said softly, smiling. “Now, tell me who you are, Little One or prepare to die in this Realm.”

I saw she was scared, just by the way she cowered from my dark eyes. “I am called Ariana Moon that is all. I come from the Outer-Realm.”

“Have you special abilities that allow you to travel through the vast Realms of All the Worlds?”

Ariana Moon nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

I sighed. “I feared as much. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dracora, Countess of the Dragon Nations.”

There was recognition in her eyes and voice as she asked. “The Realm of Dragons?”

So she knew of the Nations. I nodded, might as well test her knowledge of it. “Aye. This Realm houses the undead at rest as well as the Draconian People.”

“Undead, as in vampires?”

“You would call us Vampire, aye.” I stared, patiently waiting and watching her every move. So she thought of the Undead as vampires. How quaint?

After a moment, I turned to the two Guards that were standing behind the Throne, awaiting my orders. “Leave us.”

“Aye, Countess.” They chorused, and left.

She let out a breath.

Time to show her not all was what it seemed. I walked over to her and smiled. “Do you fear me?”

She nodded.

“You need not fear me, Little One.” I purred gently. “I will not Feed unless I have need.”

She held her throat. “Let’s hope you don’t have need anytime soon.” Ariana Moon supplied, then cleared her throat. “Please, Countess, can you tell me how to get back to the Realm of Dreams? I must –.”

I took a guess at her next words. Staring at her strange-colored eyes, I knew right away who she was. Too bad she did not.

“Return and patrol, is that it?” I smiled. “Patrol? Just what does a Young One like you need to patrol?”

I Felt her using her own Sensors on me, and I let her.

“I am the Young Guardian of the Realm of Dreams.” Young Guardian stood tall and proud. “I help Dreamers with their nightmares and fears. I am also a Dream Realm Crusader, one of many chosen by Lord Guardian himself to make sure Dreamers are safe when they sleep.”

This young one couldn’t be who she said she was. I was skeptic. “Young Guardian. Never heard of you.”

“Have you heard of Lord Guardian?”

“Of course,” I nodded. “We have had dealings with O’Dell in the past. He and his three brothers were once the most powerful of Djinn. O’Dell was always destined for greatness. So was his brother Orthos.” I supplied. “Instead of working together with the four Ancient Mystics, they started fighting.”

“You were there when they Originated the Realm of Dreams?” She asked, incredulous.

“The Realm of Dreams is part of the Dragon Nations, and those in it are my people as well.” I said. “That includes the Originators.”

I wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “Come, Young Guardian.” I used her title for the first time. Somehow, ‘Ariana Moon’ did not sound right for the Lady Empress. “Walk with me to the Dining Hall, the feast is upon us.”

I walked with her to the Dining Hall.

“If you’re a vampire, don’t you only drink blood?” She asked curiously.

I shook my head. “Pure myth. We can eat normal foods, just like you.” I supplied. “What else do you know of us?”

“You can be destroyed by a stake to the heart, or a beheading.”

I smiled and said simply. “So can you.”

“Fair enough.” Young Guardian said. “What about this? You drain your victims of their blood and their lives.”

“Yes, and no.” I supplied. “We drink, but only from those we feel we can trust. Most of us only Feed from our own kind, and we do not drain our victims of their life-giving fluid.”

“Oh.” She said.

I had an idea. I needed time to get to know her, and the present delegations were perfect. I also needed a chance to get to my brother, Draconis, and see what was going on, exactly.

“You wish to go home to the Realm of Dreams?” I asked her, stopping us in front of a grand door. She nodded. “Help me and I will help you. Show me you are who and what you say you are.”

She thought for a moment. “I’m listening.”

“I am in the middle of delegations between the Nations and the Mortallan Realm.” I told her simply. “Be my Advisor during the delegations.”

Young Guardian bit her lip. “How long will it take?”

“That would be up to you, Young Guardian.” I smiled, opening the doors for us. “For now, the Feast awaits.”

Chapter One:

King Yorn and His Hunters

Chapter Two:

Confrontation at Mal’estar


I was a delegate for both sides, an advisor who used and relied on my Gift of Empathy to sense true intentions. I used Telepathy to warn either the Countess or the Mortallan King, Yorn of any foul play the other may be planning.

One night, I awoke in my quarters. I felt something wet on my neck. There were a few drops of blood on the pillow and I had a faint coppery taste in my mouth.

Once I dressed, I confronted Dracora. “You Fed from me!” She merely blinked. “Without my consent or knowledge.”

Why did that sentence sound familiar?

“I Fed, aye, I admit that.” Dracora supplied without emotion. “I also replenished you.”

“May I ask why?” I demanded, frustrated.

“I suffered from the Hunger.” Dracora pointed out. “So, I Fed, and I made certain you were replenished. You will see in time that what I did was a blessing, rather than a curse.”

“Lord Guardian’s not going to be happy about this, once he Senses what you’ve done.” I told her, folding my arms.

“I would think not.” Dracora supplied, again without emotion. I was beginning to hate when she did that. “I will tell him, though.”

“When you feel like it, I take it?” I sneered.

Dracora merely smiled. “Do you not need to be returning? I am sure you are sorely missed.”

Damn her for changing the subject!

“Show me how to get back to the Realm of Dreams, as you promised.” I demanded. “Delegations are over, the two of you made a pairing of it and my services as an advisor are no longer required.”

Dracora grinned, nodding. She knew something. Why wasn’t she telling?

She had a Guard named Trenor show me the way to the Borderline of the Dragon Nations and my own Realm of Dreams. He told me the only way I could get through the Firewall, short of flying over it was to pass through a magic-made doorway. I thanked him, stepping through the doorway and back to the Realm of Dreams.

I returned to the Outer-Realm with quite a headache and a memory of myself with a dragon, more specifically, the dragon I’d seen my first day in the Dragon Nations.

I also returned to my loving partner and boyfriend Derrick at the System. He told me that I’d been sleeping for most of the day. How could that have been possible? I knew the Dream Realm knew of no time, but how could what went on in the Dragon Nations happen in several hours? Hadn’t I slept in the quarters in Dracora’s castle? Hadn’t it felt like a month of delegations with Yorn? I didn’t understand it, but I had other things on my mind so I couldn’t think of it anymore.