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Dictionary of the Inner Realms: Languages

A stort, tentative list of words: In Draconian, Ancient Wolf-Speak and Illunian.  So far compiled from various Chronicles.

Dragonwolflet — young Dragonwolf child, before they are ten, both.
Note that the Wolf-Speak is very similar to the Illunae.  Kin-Clans and Races of that time period ‘borrowed’ from each other.  As of late, the original meanings are lost, but these are used most often by the Lady Adellandra and her Packs.  The Draconian is of the Empire Itself, taught to Lady Adellandra by her mate, Lord Draconis.  The Mortallan language English, is known throughout as “Northern”, though no one is sure why.  Could be because it derives from the Northern Hemisphere in the Americas?
Ancient Wolf-Speak:
é has the long a sound.
Sulheya = greeting of hello, informal
Kateea = (ka-tay-a) blessings, as in good tidings, good bye, informal
familia = family
parentada = parents
duo = twin
Matéré = mother
Pérat = father
Satil = brother
Sita = sister
Donar = son
Donan = daughter
-ra = step, female (like from another union)
-re = step, male (like from another union)
gran = grandparent, in both languages
Granpere = informal, shortened version of ‘grandfather’, granperat
Gramére = informal, shortened version of ‘grandmother’, gramatere
Blu-Sita = Blood-Sister
Sit’ca = female, cross between ‘love’ and ‘sister’ sister-love, like a female-to-female lover
Sat’co = male, cross between ‘love’ and ‘brother’, brother-love, like a male-to-male lover
Endearment or Love:
frisc = love
frisc’a’dell = lovely
frisc’a’della = lovely one, pet name, informal
frisca = pet name, ‘love’ from a male TO a female
frisco = pet name, ‘love’ from a female TO a male
E-frisc-tor = I love you, substituting pet name for ‘frisc’
fridishda = beloved
Curses: (as taught to me by Chikité Moondancer):
Shista! = Shit
Shista-ne (Shista nay) = Shithead
Kadeska! = Fuck! (also, if in a softer tone, make-love-to)
a-Kadeska! = Fucker
ma-Kadeska = Mother Fucker
donar’a’tol = Son of a Bitch
Griskhanas = (Gods)Damnit
Na’tol = Bitch
Griska = Damnit
Ashan = ass
Na’tol Ashan = Bitch Ass
Kadeska Mina/Tor = Fuck me/you
Kreskin! = derogatory curse, like a betrayer or oathbreaker, also a submissive command; mostly used as “Abomination”
mi-Khana(s) = My Gods
mi-Khaness = My Goddess
mina/mi/ma = mine/my/me
Deca = “Dee-sa” = “ten” in Ancient Wolf-Speak
Decan = “Deck-on” = “Ten years” in Ancient Wolf-Speak
Miata = forever
Ata = ever
Ayeaska = ‘whatever’
Ayea = “what?”
Pohnata = ‘however’
Pohn = ‘how?’
Pohn’a’tu = how are you?
Kiata = whoever
Kia = who
Rosata = whenever
Ross = when
Beelata = wherever
Beél = (bee-elle) = where
Kelata = (informal) = why ever
Kel = why
Datoros = you are
Da Fatos = the Fates
Merchantoa = Mercy
Bestus = Strength
Besta = Strong
Prana = Peace
Tressda = Freedom
Tress = Free
Durysha lot Prana, Durysha lot familia Huzzah, Durysha lot tress Manaya = Live for Peace, Live for a Happy Pack, and Live Free Among Many.
Motto of Mal’estar in Wolf-Speak:
Durysha lot Bestus, Durysha lot Tressda, Durysha lot Prana = (literal translation) = Live for Strength, Live for Freedom, Live for Peace
Actonius Alpha, Raytonius Manaya = Actions of One, Reactions of Many
Ayeaska da Fatos grateas, da Fatos det Natorishda on ma = ‘whatever the Fates wish, the Fates have Nothing on ME!’
“Datoros Natorishda, Datoros Kreskin! Mashdeas da Fatos kat Merchantoa da tu, KRESKIN!” = You are nothing, you are Kreskin!  May the Fates have Mercy on you, Kreskin!  ((note: a mixture of both Wolf-Speak and Draconian))
yes, even the Wolf-Packs have their numbering system.  For more than ‘deca’, all numbers 1-9 are repeated, then their respective suffix.  For multiples of ten 20-90, add deca as the suffix.  The Packs are also on a 10-month System.
0 = nona
1 = alpha                          11 = decalpha
2 = duo                            20 = duo-deca        200 = duo-decamin
3 = tresca                       30 = tresca-deca   300 = tresca-decamin
4 = dorca (dorscha)          40 = deca-dorca     400 = deca-dorcamin
5 = pel-deca                    50 = pelduo-deca    500 = pelduo-decamin
6 = sor-deca                    60 = sorduo-deca   600 = sorduo-decamin
7 = hal-deca                    70 = halduo-deca    700 = halduo-decamin
8 = al-deca                      80 = alduo-deca      800 = alduo-decamin
9 = da-deca                     90 = daduo-deca     900 = daduo-decamin
10 = deca                         100= decamin         1000= Gradeca
10,000 = bin-decamin
100,000 = triben-decamin
1,000,000 = gramillamin
kaetaa = (ka-ayt-ah) greeting of hello, informal
Mutyr = mother
Dratyr = father
Bratton = brother
Brattona = sister
Kano = son
Kana = daughter
Mutyrna = mother-in-law
Dratyrna = father-in-law
Kanota = son-in-love
Kanata = daughter-in-love
Brattonata = sister-in-love
Brattono = brother-in-love
Dra’Nie = prince-heir
Dra’Nia = princess-heir
Nikta! = “dispel” in a mixture of Draconian and Vampiric
Endearment or Love:
Lanta = beloved
la’decorte’comare = I love you
Branno = Draconian name for bodyguard that is also like a brother. Informal
Branna = Draconian name for bodyguard that is also like a sister, informal
Natorishda = “nothing”
Ki’ash’ka – Remember
Ki’ash’ka te’eina = Remember yourself.
Ki’ash’ka te’re’eina = Remember your true self
HITAKA’A! = command, “ATTENTION!” as in, stand at attention.
HAK-TIA! = command, for fighting and Sword-Dancing, “Begin!”
*Some words were borrowed from Wolf-Speak when Silver Moon was Priestess, remembered from her days as Adellandra Dratianos.
**Others were borrowed from Japanese (Eastern Countries in the Mortal Realm)
Mame – mother
Pada – father
Nato – no
*Sita = sister
*Satil = brother
Bad’ra = brother
Dan’a = daughter
Hao-Lin = Abomination
Vel’ca’mun = You’re welcome
Kresh’nae = Illunian nickname of Andros/Pantheros/Hao-Lin
Ta’vo – beloved
**Hai – used as ‘yes’ or ‘I understand’
**Hikari = Light