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Mystic Realms Chronology

Though time has no meaning in the Dream Realm, the years that follow are those in the Mortal Realm. Each Realm is affected by the Wars for Power, hence the chronology. All years are in C.E., Common Era. All scenes in the Mystic Realms are Italicized while the Mortal Realm are not.

The War for Province:

1692: The last four Ancient Mystic Sisters, and four Djinn-turned-Mortal Wizard brothers sought shelter from persecution in the Mortal Realm. Four Goddesses, Watcher-turned-Earth Goddess Dana, Wind Goddess Aura, Fire Goddess Hestia and Water Goddess Brianna gave them passage to the Inner Realms called the Mystic Realms. The Mystics, Enchantra, Challandra, Sybilline and Jezebel, along with the Wizards, O’Dell, Orthos, Maxwell, and the newly-titled Lord Byron embrace their new world, naming themselves the Originators.

Now, since time has no meaning, the years seem to fly. In no time, the Mystic Realms are split in two: the Province and the Dominion. Like two sides of the same coin, twins Orthos and O’Dell are opposing forces of good and evil. Thus starts the War for Province. Lord Byron wants no part of his brothers’ feud against each other and flees. Maxwell is torn in two. The four sisters are in the middle. Elder twins Enchantra and Challandra stick by O’Dell’s side. Jezebel goes to Orthos in the Dominion to be his bride. Sybilline, Jezebel’s twin, feels the amount of evil in the air and blends in Mystic Realm society by becoming a common villager of the Province. She changes her form to a Persian feline, hoping to finally live in peace.

During the War for Province, love blossoms. O’Dell is torn between Enchantra and Sybilline. Enchantra, loving and understanding, watches as O’Dell courts her sister. He sires two children with Sybilline, the first born in the Dream Realm. First, a daughter, the Secret Child named Laurynne Silver. She would be raised in the Realm of the Ancients by the Ancients themselves. Once she is betrothed to a Balinese feline, Sybilline finds she is pregnant with O’Dell’s son. Not wanting Braken Hawk to know the child isn’t his, she names him Braken Joel Hawk. Enchantra takes a chance when she sees O’Dell’s forlorn look as he watches her sister’s handfasting. She makes him finally see it was herself he loved all this time, and not Sybilline. O’Dell then sires twin girls on Enchantra, naming them Dixilynne and Dorianne. A third daughter, Sarabeth, comes into the Dream Realm smaller than her sisters. Heartbroken, Challandra joins Lord Byron in his hideaway. They have three sons and a daughter of their own, Minx, Raven, Sky and Isabella. Maxwell finds himself in love with Jezebel, choosing to join Orthos in the Dominion. Trapped by his lingering feelings of good and his love for Jezebel, Maxwell calls an Ancient spell to Banish himself to an Earthbound’s mind back in the Mortal Realm. Seeing the truth left behind by Maxwell’s Spell-Book, she’s forced to keep her love of Maxwell a secret. Though not in love, Jezebel bears two children with Orthos, Damian and Sabrina.

Sybilline and Braken Hawk raise Braken Joel to adulthood. Mystica tells her now-grown son the truth: O’Dell is his father, and he has an older sister in the Realm of the Ancients. Braken Hawk would never know the betrayal until it is nearly too late. Braken Joel leaves his home of the Feline Palace to join his sister Laurynne Silver.

  1. Once sensing danger in the future, Challandra returns to Enchantra’s side. O’Dell, Lord Guardian of the Dream Realm, sees his own death in his Sphere. Knowing his brother Orthos was again up to no good, he goes to his son, Braken Joel Hawk, telling him what the kit must do, along with what he saw. Braken Joel’s mother, Sybilline, bore a set of kits by her beau, Braken Hawk, and Joel must step in and take them far from harm’s way. Once O’Dell tells the Mystic Sisters, Enchantra and Challandra what he saw, they agree to help. To keep them from the danger to come, Enchantra sends her three young daughters Earthbound. Age-wise, Dixilynne and Dorianne would be ten, while their sister Sarabeth would be seven.
  1. When the twins are 15 and Saralee’s 12, their foster-father dies of a heart condition.

1937: At 18, the twins graduate from high school and are accepted to college. Dorianne is in accepted to Grossbeck University (Hill View), renting an apartment while she works as a secretary to boot. She meets Paul Jacobs at a nearby college, when she goes to get her degree in psychiatric medicine. Dixilynne, seeing their foster-mother close to death and their younger sister sick so often, stays to help them. She somehow manages to hold two jobs to support the family and go to Shore Point University at the same time. She works as an orderly at Shore Point Mercy General and a waitress at the University Café.

1939: When Dixilynne is 20 and Sarabeth 17 (so ill she can never go to school), their foster mother dies, making the two girls alone. Dixilynne is made to quit College to work the two jobs and help her sickly sister. Knowing her story, one of her colleagues agrees to take care of Sarabeth when Dixie herself is working. While working at the University Café, Dixilynne’s luck changes. She meets the rich Theodore Ryan (22), soon looking forward to seeing him day after day. They fall in love and begin dating. When they go out on dates, Theodore has his nurse-of-an-older-sister Ginny take care of Sarabeth. A few months after they meet, Theodore surprises her with an engagement ring. At first, she’s reluctant, still not telling him her Mystic Secret. When she does finally tell him, he’s understanding, and still wants to marry her. He buys a house just above the University campus. Dorianne, after working for two years and living on her own in an apartment in Grossbeck Falls (Hill View) while attending University, she meets the man of her dreams. Paul Jacobs is a student there as well, asking her out. At first, she declines, bitter and hurt over her sisters abandoning her. She’s the one to estrange herself from the Sisterhood, saying it hurts too many people. They date for a year, Dorianne saves up money, putting it in a fund for her children, if she has any. Paul will always be in the dark about her Magic, since she’s done things the Earthbound way for many years by herself, and nothing bad has happened yet. Sarabeth, ever-ill, is stuck with tutors at home while she earns her diploma. While her sister Dixilynne is out with Theodore, and Ginny is talking care of her, she takes a turn for the worse. Ginny sends her to the hospital, leaving her brother and his date a note telling where they are. She’s made to stay there for at least a year, scared, lonely, and hurt, making herself sicker.

1940: The Twins, 21. Sarabeth 18.
Dixilynne is happily married to her Theodore, bearing him a son, Stephen. Theodore is a top-notch investigator, working for himself. Dixilynne is happy just taking care of their son and her sister Saralee, when she’s home. She makes friends with a man named Michael McNathaniels, and the trio become detectives together. Dorianne accepts Paul Jacob’s proposal once she finds she can live happily without using Magic. They marry with him buying them a house atop Grossbeck Falls’ hill. (Remember: Hill View wasn’t named so until late in the 1960’s) “Isn’t it rich, sister, that we both have houses atop hills?” Dixilynne jokes. Dorianne doesn’t think it’s very funny.
Sarabeth is still in the hospital, with Ginny keeping tabs on her new sister-in-law.

1942: The Twins, 23, Sarabeth 20.
Dixilynne bears Theodore a pair of twins of their own, Susan Faith and Sharon Destiny. Stephen is 2. Dorianne, settled into married life, is a successful woman. She’s a secretary at a profitable company while her new husband Paul is an investment banker. They live and work together. She bears him a pair of twins of their own, Melody and Elisabeth, who will never know about their Mystic heritage. Sarabeth‘s cancer is happily in remission and she can finally go home to Dixilynne and her family, continuing her education at the local college.

1954:    The Twins, 35, Sarabeth 32 Dorianne’s twins are 12. Dixilynne and Sarabeth are busy raising both the twins Sharon and Susan (12) and Stephen (14), showing them how to harness and use the Mystic Magic. Since Saralee was always so sick, her powers have weakened.

1958:    The Twins, 39, Sarabeth 36
Dorianne’s 16-year-old daughter Melody is sick with smallpox while her other daughter Elisabeth is soon impregnated by a local boy. Through illness, Melody helps her twin deliver her set of twins, Angela and Annabelle. Dixilynne begins to have dreams and visions from Dorianne’s life. Stephen is 18, accepted to college and majoring in Bookkeeping and Accounting. Susan and Sharon are 16, each learning what they want to do after they graduate high school. Susan a Lawyer and Sharon a Veterinarian. Sarabeth’s health begins to decline again

1959: The Twins, 40, Sarabeth 37
Dorianne’s daughter Melody (17) becomes very close to her nieces before she’s bedridden. Elisabeth, (also 17) once finding her twin on her deathbed, makes the ultimate sacrifice – trade places with each other a final time. Elisabeth stays to raise her twin daughters with her mother, as their aunt Liza. Dixilynne, Sarabeth, and the family go to Melody’s funeral across the States. That very year, Susan and Sharon graduate high school.

1961:    The Twins, 42, Sarabeth 39
Dixilynne’s son Stephen graduates from college with honors, accepting a Bookkeeper job in L.A. once he moves to a small apartment there. He’s 21. His twin sisters are 19, roughing it on the Shore Point University Campus. Dorianne’s surviving daughter Elisabeth (19) moves out on her own after two years. Her granddaughters are 3. Sarabeth is sent to the hospital once again, this time would ultimately be her last. The cancer has spread to her brain.

  1. The Twins, 45, Saralee 42.
    Dixilynne’s twin daughters graduate from Shore Point University as the final Graduating class. They are now 22, with Stephen being 24. Stephen himself is approached by a very prominent businessman, the distinguished Erik Walton. The Walton family hire him to keep the family business books. Mr. Walton invites him to live at their estate. Stephen takes the chance, and is introduced to his daughter Bethany, who’s three years younger than himself (21). Their family lives in Greensboro, Illinois. Back in Shore Point, the University is shut down, due to no more funding from the city. Since Theodore’s family is rich, they buy the property, and he surprises her with the deed to it as an anniversary present. When renovating the college two months later, Theodore is hit by an I-beam, knocking him unconscious. No amount of Dixilynne’s healing power will wake him from death’s door. Despite having to put up with a using-abusing-scheming teenager, their good friend, Michael “Mick” McNathaniels helps Dixilynne get over her husband’s sudden death. Mick consoles her, helping her bring Theodore’s dream to life and soon become close. Though he has plans of his own, he helps restore the once-Shore Point University, making it anew. Dixilynne’s agency, the System, begins to train young operatives – those thrown from society and their families. The children no one want. A year later, she finds he’s cheating on her. He tells her his troubles with Christina Marshal (18) at his own agency, the Network. Christina’s pregnant with his son, Nicholas, and uses Mick for his money and information. She bribes him, but doesn’t want anything to do with the boy when he’s born. Together, Dixie and Mick raise the child, Nick. Dorianne, now alone in Hill View, flies to California for the funeral, also visiting her sister Sarabeth in the hospital. Sarabeth is in the hospital, not able to go to Theodore’s funeral. While she’s there, she meets a kind orderly named Allen Carter. Dixilynne knows his secret, but he doesn’t know theirs. His secret – he’s a married man. He falls in love with Sarabeth, never telling her the truth.

1966:    The Twins, 47, Sarabeth, 44.
Dixilynne’s daughter Susan announces she’s pregnant with her new husband David Woods’ child. Her name is Annabelle Elizabeth Woods. After Saralee dies, she’s left to raise both the baby Shannon and Mick’s son Nick (1). The two grow up as friends, though they would be leaders in rival agencies once both adults die. Sarabeth makes love to her handsome orderly, Allen Carter, who impregnates her with twins. All through the pregnancy, Sara is utterly ill, having to stay in the hospital as an inpatient. She chronicles her life in a diary, addressing her little girls, Julia Lynne and Shannon Cecilia. Once she has them, she must make a tough decision – give the elder twin up for adoption. Now that Theodore’s dead, money’s tight and Dixie can only afford to take one baby. Saralee dies a week after. Allen is there secretly. Dixilynne talks to him, telling him to keep Saralee’s diary for her, as a reminder of the betrayal. He’s hurt beyond repair, but he agrees. This is the last time Dixilynne will see either of her sisters until her own death. Dorianne returns to her sister’s side for Sarabeth’s funeral.

  1. Dixilynne and Mick fall in love, with her having his second son. In memory of her beloved Theodore, Mick agrees to give the boy the Ryan surname. Times are still tough, so Pierre Rodin Ryan is given up for adoption to a Military family. Both Shannon and Nick are still babies, and wouldn’t remember him.

The First War for Power:

1972:    Twins, 53
Dixilynne’s faced with a thing called Destiny. By now, her agency is up and running, with plenty of funding and new recruit friends for her niece Shannon. Susan adopts a very special set of twins: renaming Draconians-turned-Mystics as Ariana Moon and Aluna Star. Shannon is six, and showing signs of being nosy, inquisitive and a young snoop with her friends. Seven-year-old Nick joins her in her mini-investigations.

That same year in the Dream Realm, Orthos, now calling himself Dominionite Master, declares war.

Dixilynne, her new love Mick, niece Shannon and Mick’s son Nick live in fear. Dixilynne is forced to keep the Dream Realm battle from her small family.

The first War for Power lasts only for a short time, but in it, Orthos succeeds in killing his twin brother O’Dell. His passing brings chaos to both worlds. Enchantra is left to mourn his death, telling her still-Earthbound twin daughters the news.

Once O’Dell dies, Dixilynne has to tell Mick the truth of her Mystic heritage and her father’s death. They vow to keep it a secret from Shannon and Nick until Enchantra deems them ready.

1977: Dixilynne is made to take in another child, her own granddaughter Aluna Star. The only ones to know the truth of the Young Grand Magus’ Mystic ties are Dixilynne and Luna herself. Shannon only knows Luna as being a clairvoyant and telepathic. By that time, the System (in Theodore’s honor) is thriving, adding several recruit friends for Shannon (12) and Nick (13) to work with. Dixilynne is determined to find a way to bring her father O’Dell back. Two of those new recruits would give her the idea.

The Time Bandits were the accidental idea that Alan “Chips” Deneson and his best friend-partner Jamie Stewart came up with. They have an adventure with a pair of Epsilonian ghosts-turned-real. The two ghosts, named Alex and Gloria, were trying to catch their time-traveling killer before he could kill again.

Once the adventure was finished, Enchantra allowed them to return as Provincians in the Dream Realm. The Goddess of Time and Destiny Ocarina make Jamie, Chips and Shannon promise not to do it again.

Shannon tells her aunt after it was over, thus giving her the idea. Dixilynne need only wait until Orthos struck again to put it to use.

The Second War for Power – The First Dream Realm Crusade

1978: Twins, 59. The time has come. The First Crusades for the System. Heading her clairvoyance, Dixilynne searches to find the final new recruit for the Crusade. Shane Morehouse had just lost his parents and his home. Even though he’s only nine, Dixilynne takes him in. The Crusades begin when Shannon and most of her friends are 13. Nick is 14, being the eldest of the 1st Generation Crusaders, with Shane, now naming himself “the Shadow” being the youngest. Dixilynne and Mick bring together the best of their recruits to be the first-ever Dream Realm Crusaders. Shannon, Nick, Shadow, Chips, and Jamie are joined by three girls, Bridget Guy, Loraine Joyce, and Cindy Marshal (who happens to be Nick’s real mother’s younger cousin). Using the Time Bandit program, with permission from the Goddess Ocarina, the Dream Realm Crusaders would go back in time seven years, helping in the War for Power against Orthos and his army of Dominionite Warriors.

Orthos hadn’t counted on that, of course, but he isn’t caught unaware. He was ready for them. Stalkers and Djinn would be only two of the several creature-species to make bargains with Orthos, as they had before. Also as before, the Dwellers help the Mystics against their turned kin, the Stalkers. Knowing he had to fight in battle, Lord Byron comes out of hiding. He leaves his young son Minx in charge of his younger siblings in the Barracks. Braken Joel still watches over his twin-kit sisters, Katherine and Kitten’s Claw, safe in the Province Wood.

Since this was the time of the First War for Power, O’Dell was still alive. Dorianne is called on by her mother to help in the Dream Realm. She swallows her pride for her parents and helps out. Dixilynne used a very potent side of her Mystic Magic, the Silver Magic, to fight.

During battle, several things happened. Orthos’ Dominionites fight against O’Dell’s Companions. Though her magic was weakened, Mystica knew she was needed. Jezebel attacked her own twin once seeing her appear, though in her heart, she didn’t want to. The Djinn god Omri, under Orthos’ command, attacks the young Crusader Shadow, making him think the death of his parents was his fault. While delirious, Shadow’s hit by a poison arrow shot by a Dominionite Warrior. Dixilynne goes to his side, using the Silver Magic to heal his mind. Unconscious, Shadow is taken to a Healing Tent put up by the Dweller Apprentice Celeste and her brother Daniel. Honored by the pact she made with Dixilynne, Celeste uses a shark’s tooth that hangs around her neck to prick Shadow’s finger. She sucks the poison out of his system and into her own. Her brother Damian and the Dweller leader Ramon help her bleed it out of her pores. Replenishing herself on Daniel’s wrist, with Daniel drinking from Ramon’s, Celeste senses Shadow awakening. She doesn’t deny what he sees, and explains everything about the Dwellers he needs to know. Back in the battle, Jezebel realizes she killed her own twin sister Mystica. Orthos takes advantage of this and taunted his twin. O’Dell shifted to a Unicorn-Dragon, breathing fire at his twin. Orthos blocked the shot, redirecting the flames to his own bride, Jezebel. Before he knew it, Jezebel was laying dead beside him. Not a sound could be heard or a shot was fired from either side as they stared at the sight. Sabrina was the first to move or speak, quickly going to her mother’s side. Angry, she let loose a burst of Dragon’s Fire from both her palms. It landed in the chest of Mick McNathaniels. Nick ran to his father’s side, but it was too late. Sabrina then called a spell to Mick’s son, forcing him to relive the attack as if it were from his own hands. Laughing as if he’d won, Orthos retreated, taking the Warriors, Stalkers and Djinn with him. The Crusaders went back to their own world once seeing they couldn’t do anything more. Hundreds of Companions had died at the hands of the Dominionite Warriors. While Challandra and Enchantra were happy O’Dell survived this time, they were sad their two sisters had not.

Feeling his mother’s death, Braken Joel Hawk returned from hiding with the kits and grieves with the remaining Originators. He joins in the healing chant to the Guardian of Destiny, Mihanos. After promising on behalf of his twin, O’Dell assures that Orthos would not provoke any more senseless wars. Mystica is sent to the Realm of the Epsilon with Braken Hawk. After Jezebel is forgiven for now, she is sent back to Dark Tower with the twin kits, Katherine and Kitten’s Claw. They would be raised as cousins to her own children Damian and Sabrina. Lord Byron bids them farewell and returns to the Barracks and his children. O’Dell gives Braken Joel a task. The remaining Companions have all lost their homes to the Wars. Braken was to gather them, escorting the survivors to the Province Wood’s Underground, where they would be safe.

1983:    Twins, 64 After a long and happy life, training Shannon Cecilia to take her place, Dixilynne dies, returning home. Shannon, 18. Luna, 12. Shane, 14. Nick, 19. Those four would be the ones to mourn the most over Dixilynne Ryan’s death. Her children, Stephen, Susan, and Sharon, return to say goodbye to their loving mother. Stephen would bring his wife Bethany and two children Wesley and Rebecca. Sharon would be with her two daughters and grandchildren. Susan would bring her husband David and their remaining children, minus Luna’s elder twin, Ariana Moon. The entire family come to bury Dixilynne Ryan next to her husband Theodore. Dorianne goes to pay her respects, reminiscing how it was to grow up with her two sisters Saralee and Dixilynne when they were Earthbound, knowing nothing about the strange new world they were forced to live in.

The Second Dream Realm Crusades:

  1. Shannon Ryan is Senior Chief of the System. The Agency is thriving, thanks to all the training Dixilynne had given her before she returned to the Dream Realm. Everything seems to be perfect. That is, until her almost-sister Luna demands to tell of her dreams and visions. Luna confesses she’s a Mystic and Shannon’s cousin, telling the story of the Mystics as she knows it. Luna’s dreams told of her twin sister Ariana being held in a cage, with no hope and no magic. Shannon had to bring together a new team of Dream Realm Crusaders. According to Luna’s dreams, the new recruits would be Derrick Reading, her own twin Ariana, and later Aaron Schmidt.

For three years, The Young Guardian Trilogy comes in, along with Luna’s own side, The Shadow and the Grand Magus Saga.