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Clan of the Fire Dragon Warriors

Sir Airemus Dranna wasn’t always a Sir, nor was he always a Branno to the Lord Emperor of the Dragon Nations, Lord Brakkon.

He was first a member of the Fire Dragon Warrior Clan. Airemus Dranna, whose surname means “Dragon Moon,” was a very special member of the clan. He was the prince, and next in line to lead it. As King Artimis and Queen Amalia’s only living son, once his older brother Tanius died in battle long ago, Airemus wanted more than just leadership and palace life. He wanted to meet the Lord Emperor and the Prince-Heir Brakkon Dratianos. He wanted to be a part of the Emperor’s Army.

After promising his son would take his place as the next in line for leadership in the Clan, Artimis and Amalia agree to let him go his own way once he is of-age. Sad to see him go, the King is proud to find his son fighting for what he believes in.

Once the Dragon’s Fall comes and goes, Airemus, now Sir Airemus with a mate and children, must make a decision. Give up his Branno for death and destruction, or follow in his footsteps? In the meantime, Airemus finds his son Anton has been rescued from Battle. Being ever silent, he watches as the Ancient Mystics take him away to play a part in what they call Destiny.

Airemus is reminded of the promise he made to his father Artimis. His son would take his place as the next in line in the Clan. How could that happen if the Ancient Mystics already had their hands on him?

Without his mate, children or home, Sir Airemus is forced to join the Lord Guardian’s Province Army and wait until what O’Dell calls Destiny returns his family to the Inner Realms.

In the middle of the Wars for Power, he finds out the Clan is all but destroyed by the one who names himself the Dominionite Master.

What will Airemus do to get his Clan back, as well as his family and home of the Dragon Nations?


“Do you know what you have done, Lord Guardian of the Mystic Realms?” Airemus was appalled as he stepped out of the shadows outside of the Mystic Palace.

“I have saved them from destruction, fire dragon.”

“You stole them away for your selfish purposes.” Airemus was peeved, but kept his cool.

“I saved them.” Lord Guardian O’Dell eyed him for a moment. “Who are you to care about three mere children of the Nations?”

“They are not mere children of the Nations. They are my children, and I am their Dratyr, Sir Airemus Dranna.” Sir Airemus said. “I know what you call Destiny. It should be kept within your own Realms and out of the Nations.”

“So you do not wish to see your children live beyond the Emperor’s Chaos?”

Airemus kept his scowl. “If you had children, you would know full well my answer.”

O’Dell turned away. “Oh but I do have children. Three daughters in fact.” He told Airemus. “I had to lose them in the Outer Realm to save them from harm my brother was planning for them.”

Airemus’ frown softened and he looked down. His shoulders relaxed and his eyes looked away. “O’Dell, I am sorry.” He sputtered. “Do they still live?”

O’Dell nodded, turning back to meet Airemus’ eyes. “Dixilynne and her mate are deep in battle with Orthos’ Dominionites.”

“Orthos!” Airemus growled. “He lured Thorn out of Brakkon and threatened my Branno’s life!”

“I know full well what he has done, Sir Airemus.” O’Dell supplied. “He is my…duo…after all.” He used the Draconian word for “twin,” to see if it would make Airemus think.

It worked. He was able to continue. “That is why your younger daughter Adarramena, now named Aluna Star, will be raised by Dixilynne.”

“What of the others?” Airemus asked. “Adellandra and my son Anton?”

“Adellandra, the Empress?” O’Dell asked, and Airemus nodded. “She will have a rough life in training as my successor.”

“You have need of a successor?” Airemus asked. “Are things in your Realms so dire you need to secure your station?”

O’Dell closed his eyes and nodded. “As for your son, Anton, my granddaughter Susan will raise him, in peace and love as one of her own.” He met the dragon’s eyes once more. “Antony will know nothing of war or battles, else it would trigger memories he would not be able to comprehend.”

“He will see the Nations once more, along with his birthright as Prince of the Fire Warriors?” Airemus’ voice was quiet.

“He will.” O’Dell assured.

Airemus thought for a moment and bowed. “I apologize, my Lord. I was under the impression you wished to use my children for your selfish purposes.”

“I am not your Lord, Sir Airemus.” O’Dell’s voice was gentle. “I am a mere Guardian of the Mystic Realms trying to keep peace for the future in the face of war and destruction. Rest assured they are safe in the Outer Realm, far away from the perils of war and death that surrounds your lands.”

“The Nations are not my lands; they belonged to Lord Emperor Draconis and his father Lord Brakkon.” Sir Airemus told him. “With a Chaotic Draconis destroying his own father, my Branno, I have nowhere to go. I wanted to take my son to the Fire Dragon Warrior Clans, where he will take his rightful place.”

“Are you not the prince of those clans, Sir Airemus?”

Airemus blinked, amazed he knew. “I was, but when I was of-age I joined the Prince-Heir Brakkon’s Draconian Army.”

“Where is your mate, the Wolfkin Katarina Mout’ella?”

“She left when Brakkon’s Lady was laid to rest.” Airemus blinked again, shocked. “How do you know so much about us?”

O’Dell merely grinned. “Let us just say your Branno has been reincarnated as a Companion. He came to me when he arrived, telling me everything.” O’Dell replied. “We are close friends.”

“Do you know where he is now?”

“He is one of my Generals, disguised as a Balinese feline.”

Airemus stood at attention. “May I join your Army as well?”

O’Dell thought for a moment, watching the Fire Dragon in front of him. If Sir Airemus was the man Brakkon had told him about, he would only benefit by taking him on. Perhaps he would be able to bring Braken Hawk out of his depression?

“Not as a dragon, no,” O’Dell told him simply. “Should you shift to another Companion-like form, I will allow it.”

A Companion-like form? What form would be appropriate for a Fire Dragon Warrior wishing to blend in with a Realm full of non-dragons?

“Would the form of a Serpentine suffice, Lord Guardian O’Dell of the Mystic Realms?” Airemus grinned, his body shifting in shape. The dragon’s wings disappeared into his body and his head contorted to thinner cobra-like features.

O’Dell grinned and nodded. “Welcome to the Mystic Realm of Dreams, Sir Airemus Dranna. Let me show you to the Province’s Army Barracks.”