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Mystic and Dweller Prophesy


Long ago, the Destinies of two women were cast by the Ancient Mystics. One would flee the country in search of a better life. The other would grow up not knowing who she was. In 1958, Annabelle Jacobs-Pritchard and her twin Angela are born. Fourteen years later in 1972, Ariana “Adellandra” Woods and her twin Luna “Adarramena” are born. Both are the granddaughters of an Earthbound sister, and each have a separate, yet intertwining destiny.

In 1976, Annabelle moves to Europe for a soul-search. She changes her name, her face, her life to start over. While she’s lost in Romania, Annabelle is caught by a group of underground vampires. Back in the states a year later, Adellandra and her twin are separated by a Mystic Spell. The Forgetfulness Spell would make her forget her previous life, save for the special abilities she has to learn.

Each fall in love in their own times and places to the men that would change their lives forever.

Annabelle, now called Bella Jacobi, meets and marries the Dweller leader Ramon Martiya. Adellandra, now the Young Guardian of the Dream Realm, marries her Imaginary Romeo-turned-Reality when she finds her twin sister once again in California.

The years fly and there is peace for both women.

That is, until Destiny kicks in once again, bringing together two powerful races for one ultimate prophesy.


The Prophecy

“Adellandra will be the one to help unite all races of mythical and magical beings in hopes of destroying the evil Stalkers have placed in Dreamers’ minds.”

The Protector is now Lord Guardian Draconis, NOT Derrick, as the Shadow’s name is now Changed to Lord Drakkar, Draconis’ twin brother.



Chapter One:

The Mystics and the Prophesy


The Mystics and the Dwellers usually had nothing to do with each other, besides the occasional help the Dwellers gave in the Dream Realm. Long ago, Lord O’Dell, then Lord Guardian of the Realms had permitted the Dwellers to live in the Dragon Nations when they Rested in the Outer-Realm. Other than that, the Mystics and the Dwellers stayed far away from each other.

The Countess Dracora, who ruled her part of the Dragon Nations as Lord O’Dell once ruled the Dream Realm itself, had something brought to her attention. Her own blood-brother Shem Starchaser had seen it for himself. The Prophesy from long ago was to come to pass.

Four Ancient Mystics: the Lady Guardian, the Lord Guardian Draconis, the Grand Magus and the Lord Drakkar would bring together all Dweller kin-Clans against a powerful foe.

The old Stalker leader Crucis was destroyed in the War of the Realms, and his protégé Balor was plenty peeved. Balor had already proved himself a more evil opponent than Crucis had ever been, attacking all kin-Clans around the world. Ramon, leader to all the kin-Clans and Crucis’ son, was at the end of his rope. More of his kin were being destroyed by Balor’s Stalkers and he could do nothing to stop it.

One Resting, he’d had enough. Ramon sought out the Countess Dracora in the Dragon Nations for help. It was the second plea for help she’d had in dealing with Balor, so she told Ramon to gather the Ancient Mystic known as Lady Guardian of the Realms. Ramon agreed, searching for the woman he’d met and worked with years ago in the War of the Realms.


Unknowingly, Ramon took Lady Guardian from her consort’s side and her patrols.

Why me, Ramon?” Lady Guardian had asked, once he explained what was going on.

Ramon supplied. “You are part of our prophecy.”

What prophesy, and why haven’t I heard of it before?”

It’s a prophecy only the kin-Clans know about, but it involves four Ancient Mystics.” Ramon told her. “Lord Guardian Draconis, Lord Drakkar, Grand Magus and yourself as Lady Guardian.”

Why would Mystics be in a prophecy only the kin-Clans know about?” Lady Guardian was suspicious. “Wouldn’t we know about it, too?”

Ramon grinned. “I’m telling you now, aren’t I?

I give up.” Lady Guardian groaned. “I know better than to tempt fate.” She sighed. “Tell me what I have to do.”

Come to Romania, in our world, and find me.” Ramon told her. “Follow your Empathy, for I’ll keep my mind open to you.”

Shall I bring the others along?” Lady Guardian asked.

Nay, only yourself for now.”

You know Lord Draconis won’t be too happy about this.” Lady Guardian told him. “You know his temper.”

I also know how to handle a Draconian’s temper.” Ramon grinned. He took her hand and kissed it. “The Rising is here. I will meet you in Romania three days from now.”

Three days from now.” Lady Guardian announced. “Right.”

With that, he disappeared, and she was whisked back to her patrols.


Lord Guardian of the Realms and Emperor of the Dragon Nations Draconis Vilinos Dratianos was not impressed with what his sister Dracora had to report.

What is this about Adellandra meeting Ramon Martiya in the Outer-Realm?” Draconis frowned at his sister.

She, along with yourself and your twins, are part of the Dweller-kin Prophesy.” The Countess of Monarch’s Glen supplied. “Sheman confided in me a fortnight ago.”

The one you call blood-brother?” Draconis asked. Dracora nodded. “The Watcher-kin you told me about some time ago?”

Aye, bratton.” Dracora supplied. “He told me of the troubles he and the Clans have been having lately with Stalkers. He feels the Prophesy must be fulfilled, and soon.”

Why us four?”

You are Ancient Mystics as well as Draconians.” Dracora told him.

As are you.”

Dracora huffed. “Draconis, listen to me!” She cried. “You are to unite all kin-Clans together as one in hopes of Destroying all remaining Stalkers. The Dweller Clans must unite as one; and only with the Prophesy will it ever come to pass.”

Why am I not allowed to travel with my mate to meet with Ramon?” Draconis asked her.

For now, it is for her to learn more about them.”

Are the Dweller kin-Clans only our Draconians, Earthbound?”

Dracora nodded. “Aye, and nay. What had begun as mere Draconians flourished as what those in the Outer-Realm call ‘vampire covens’. Their abilities were heightened and most had forgotten how to shift, period. That was only the beginning.”

Draconis sighed. “Noted, sita.”

Dracora blinked, then smiled, nodding. “Ah, so you are embracing our Wolf-kin side?”

It would seem that way, aye.” Draconis supplied. “Will I join her soon, or is this another thing for Adellandra to do on her own?”

You will join her soon enough, my Lord Bratton.” Dracora smiled. “For now, we are left to wait.”

With a nod and a bow of her head, Dracora, Countess of the Dragon Nations’ Monarch’s Glen disappeared in a mist of colored smoke. This left Draconis staring at the spot she left behind, silently grumbling, growling at the thought of his mate in the presence of another male he had yet to meet.


Adellandra returned to the Library at Mal’estar after her patrols, searching through the many Chronicles of the Dweller-kins she’d collected and written.

Matéré?” Her young son Theodore asked. “What are you searching for?”

Lady Adellandra Dratianos turned to see her son there, fresh from his training. “Sulheya Donar.” She smiled at him. “I’m just readying myself for the Crusade to the Outer-Realm, that’s all.”

Theodore looked at the book in her hands. “Watcher Chronology?”

One of the kin-Clans of Dwellers.”

Why are you reading up on the Dwellers?” Theodore asked. “Do you have business with Ramon and the Clans?”

Adellandra nodded. “Aye, that I do.” She sighed and told her what Ramon explained.

Dratyr going to be with you this time?”

Adellandra shook her head. “Draconis is part of it, aye, but he is not going to be with me at first; though I have no idea why it’s so bloody important for me to go alone. Ramon knows how one of us cannot be without the other for long periods of time. He himself can’t be away from his mate, Bella.”

Perhaps that’s why?” Theodore asked. With a kiss to her cheek, he said. “Have fun, Matéré. I want to hear all about it when you return.”

Thanks, Theo.”


Three days later, she was ready and left the Inner-Realms of the Dragon Nations and Dreams for the Outer-Realm of Mortals.

“Careful, Adellandra.” Draconis purred in her ear as he held her, kissing her goodbye.

“Always, m’love.” Adellandra supplied. “I will be in contact through our Link, so you can keep a Listening ear and a Watchful eye on me.”

She held her Dream Amulet and shifted her form to her Immortal-Lady Guardian self, complete with hooded black cloak. She called the Outer-Realm Spell in her mind and disappeared from his arms and sight.

Draconis heaved a sigh and headed back to the Practice Grounds for another impromptu session with his Branno, Dranus and the Armsmaster Sir Airemus Dranna. Something told him he was going to need it.


Chapter Two:

Adellandra and the Dwellers


Lady Guardian known as Lady Adellandra Dranna Dratianos found herself in a forest near the Mountain Region of the Mortallan Realm. She wore her Fighter’s Gear as the Lady Guardian Immortal.

Adellandra sighed, hoping she knew what she was doing by helping Ramon and the kin-Clans. Her thoughts went back to Ramon’s plea for help and the prophesy she was involved in. Was she in over her head dealing with something that had nothing to do with the Mystics, or Dreamers, or even being the Akasha? After all, it was a plea for help, but from the Dweller kin-Clans? Why couldn’t they handle it themselves? How was she, the Lady Guardian of the Realms, going to do what the Dweller prophesy told her she had to?

The Dwellers usually kept to themselves, hiding in the Dragon Nations when they Rested at sunrise. The only reason she knew anything about them at all was because the kin-Clans had helped the Mystics and Companion Army win the War of the Realms more than seventeen years ago. She had helped Ramon, leader to all the kin-Clans, destroy his father Crucis, the leader of the rivaling Stalkers, a band of what Ramon called his “Turned” kin.

Since then, the only few Dwellers she really knew about were Aaron’s wife Sierra, Sierra’s younger brother Sean, Sierra’s aunt, Darlene “Red Shawl” Bennington and her family. That was just in this world. In the Dream Realm, she knew of Celeste Moondancer and her Bondmate, the Companion Apprentice-kin Chase, and their children, Chikité “Red Wolf” Moondancer, Red-Wolf’s Bondmate Celine Stargazer, his sister Cherokee and her Bondmate Toriam Stargazer, Celine’s uncle. Besides them, Adellandra Dratianos barely knew anything about the Dweller kin-Clans.

Adellandra followed her Empathy, keeping the cloak wrapped around her. She sensed several Dweller-kin nearby, hiding in the shadows, waiting for prey to Feed upon.

Using Telepathy, she called out in her mind. I am the Mystic Realm’s Lady Guardian, a powerful Ancient Mystic searching for the leader of all kin-Clans, Ramon Martiya.

You come a long way, Lady Guardian. She heard a male voice echo in her mind. With her outer-ears, she heard a rustle in the dark wood, and a Dweller-kin came out of the shadows. His eyes were blood-lust red, and she could feel the Hunger in him.

“Find some other mortal to Feed on, Dweller.” Adellandra announced, trying her best to keep her dignity in her fright. She uncovered her head, letting this Dweller-kin male see her face.

The Dweller-kin showed his fangs, his red eyes glowing. “No, I believe you will do nicely.”

She was frozen in fright as he moved.

Back off her, Calcite! They both heard Ramon’s voice in their minds.

The one Ramon called Calcite receded his fangs, his blood-lust red eyes turning back to their normal Dweller-kin black as he stepped back.

“Alas, it will not be.” He bowed to Adellandra, finally noticing her for who she was, and not just another ‘snack.’ “My deepest apologies, Lady Guardian. Had I known –”

“You did know, Calcite.” Ramon came out of hiding and nodded his greeting to them. Ramon and Adellandra exchanged identical grins. “She just told you. Can you not believe the mind-speak of a Mystic, least of all this particular one?”

“It is hard to tell, Blood-brother.” Calcite supplied. “Mortals are such liars.”

“Not Mystics, and never mind-to-mind.” Adellandra pointed out. “By the way, I’m not the Lady Guardian here. I’m Adellandra Dratianos.”

“Lady Adellandra, Empress of the Dragon Nations?” Calcite asked. She nodded. Calcite took her hand and kissed it as Ramon had in the Dream Realm. “My apologies, M’Lady. Pleasure to meet you, madam.”

“Enough, Blood-brother.” Ramon supplied with a sigh. “She’s here on business.”

Calcite released her hand and looked to Ramon. Balor?

Ramon nodded.

“Very well.” Calcite announced, changing to mist and leaving them.

“First order of business is to make you one of us.” Ramon supplied lightly, as if commenting on the weather.

“One of you?” Adellandra asked. “I don’t think that’s necessary, Ramon.”

“I’m afraid it is.” Ramon said. “That was part of the prophesy I didn’t tell you about.”

She folded her arms, waiting.

“You see, the four of you must become Dweller-kin in order to fulfill it.”

“Ramon!” Adellandra cried. “In a way, I already am a Dweller-kin, thanks to Dracora’s brother and my mate, Lord Draconis.”

“You must have the blood of an Elder-kin, not just the Draconian.”

For her benefit, he walked the beaten trails, with her following behind him.

“I have often wondered. How old are you, Lady Guardian?” Ramon asked with a smile in his voice.

He always had been anxious to know. When they fought in the Dream Realm together, she looked like a teenager, and acted like an elder adult. It was hard to tell.

“My true age has been lost and forgotten, for I have gone through many incarnations. For the sake of this incarnation and argument, I will say this. My youngest Ancient Mystic son is now nineteen in this Realm, and I was twenty-six when I had him.” Adellandra said. “You do the math.”

“Ah, a mere forty-five.” Ramon nodded. “May I complement you on your youthful beauty? You look not a day over twenty.”

Adellandra smiled. “Why, thank you, Ramon. Now I ask the same of you. How old do you claim to be?”

“How old do I look?” Ramon smiled.

“The same as you did in the War of the Realms; mid-thirties.” Adellandra said. “I know better than that. I can sense you’re an old soul, but I can’t pinpoint the age.”

“Don’t try.” Ramon said. “Let’s just say I’m a century older than the Founding of North America.” They continued walking. “My Bondmate is much younger than I. She also happens to be a Mystic.”

Adellandra was intrigued. “Really? Ancient or Earthbound Mystic?”

Now Ramon was surprised. “You know the difference?”

“I know more than I should about all Mystics.” Adellandra said. “Let’s just say I’ve made it my life’s work, being the Lady Guardian and all. Now which is she?”

“You would call her Earthbound.” Ramon supplied. “Her name before meeting me was Annabelle Jacobs-Pritchard.”

Adellandra gasped. “One of the Unknowns! She’d have to be in her fifties or sixties by now, wouldn’t she?”

“In truth, Bella is fifty-nine.” Ramon supplied. “She looks and sometimes acts as she did the day we Bonded. Eighteen.”

“Lucky her.”

“Nay, lucky Mystics.” Ramon said. “They, and I suppose you, are like Dwellers in only one way until we Turn you.”

“What’s that?”

“In this Realm, you tend to age gracefully.” Ramon smiled.

Adellandra was more relaxed around Ramon now that he was making idle conversation.

Before long, they made it to the hideaway, where Adellandra finally met Ramon’s Mystic Bondmate, Bella. According to her studies, the woman in front of her wasn’t supposed to be alive. The family history states she drowned on her way to Italy years ago. True to Ramon’s word, Bella didn’t look a day over nineteen, just as Adellandra did.

“I can’t believe it. Annabelle Jacobs-Pritchard, daughter of Elizabeth Jacobs and her Earthly Protector Randolf Pritchard.” Adellandra breathed. “How have you kept yourself off Mystic radar for so long?”

“Call me Bella.” Bella laughed. “I’ve been a Dweller-kin for years, that’s how.”

“Not even your own twin Angela could sense you, could she?” Adellandra asked, amazed. “Color me impressed.”

Ramon was glaring at the women. “Catch up on family history later, ladies. She’s here on business.”

“Aye, captain.” Bella teased, kissing him. She waved goodbye, misted into the air and disappeared.

Ramon took her to meet two Elder-kin siblings of his, both Healers, Hematite and Emerald.

Emerald was the first to notice her, bowing to Adellandra’s feet. “A pleasure to meet you in our world at last, Lady Guardian.” She rose. “Or should I call you Adellandra?”

“Adellandra’s just fine, Emerald.” Adellandra supplied, remembering the powerful Jewel Elder who helped Heal the wounded back in the Dream Realm. “How are you?”

“Well enough, to be expected.” Emerald said. “More than I can say for the Dream Realm.”

“Than you know what’s going on there, I suppose?”

“Celeste keeps me informed.” Emerald said.

“Dreamers have stopped dreaming.” Adellandra told her sadly. “Today’s Dreamers are too hyped up on power, money, lust, and control. They fear their inner selves and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”

“Yet another part of the prophesy.” Ramon said.

“Another part you just happened to keep from me?” Adellandra asked. She looked to all three of them. Ramon was looking innocent, Emerald was smiling at his feigned innocence and Hematite just stood beside her, watching the scene. “Do you happen to know what the actual prophesy says? All of it?”

“Later, I promise.” Hematite said, eyeing her neck.

Adellandra could feel him breathing down her neck, and covered it with a hand.

“No need to be alarmed, Adellandra.” Hematite grinned at her. “I won’t bite.” His eyes flashed teasingly. “Hard.”

Adellandra looked to Ramon, but kept her hand on her neck. “I take it he’s the one you believed would turn me into a Dweller-kin?”

“Who better?” Hematite supplied. “You and I are both powerful Healers, each in our own ways. Who better than I to make you a Bloodbound Sister?”

“Bloodbound?” Adellandra asked. “What’s that, or shouldn’t I ask?”

“Where you exchange blood.” Ramon explained. “It’s how you become one of us.”

Adellandra’s hand went to her neck. “You’re not going to bite me, are you?”

“How else?” Hematite teased with a straight face.

“Not there, if that’s what you’re thinking.” Emerald replied. “On the inner-wrist.” She took hold of Adellandra’s right wrist and saw a scar already there, touching it. “Who?”

Adellandra tore it away. “Years ago, with Aaron and Aimee Schmidt. They were the only ones to stand by me throughout my life, so I bound us together. I gave them a little of my powers so they could learn to escape like I did.”

“How noble of you.” Emerald replied softly.


“Shall we begin?” Hematite took Adellandra’s hand, turning it over to touch her inner-wrist and finger the scar that was already there.

Sensing Hematite’s true intentions, Draconis, deep in his mate’s mind, mentally nodded. I will be watching that one closely.

As will I, my love. She sent back.

Hematite was waiting patiently, seeing she was staring into space. He knew the look of a Listening. “Do I have your mate’s permission and trust?”

She looked back up at him and nodded, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes.

At her nod, Hematite bent his neck to bite and sent to her mind. I promise, it will only hurt a little. Brace yourself.

Adellandra silently gasped. Somehow, the action was more painful in this Realm than it would have been in her own. She made a mental note to ask about that later. She focused on a bright light in front of her, wondering what it was.

Do you see the healing light? Hematite’s voice echoed in her head.

Yes, she replied softly, both aloud and in her own mind. What does that mean?

You will be fine.

With a lick to her wrist to close the wound, he looked up. “Now, your turn.”

He slashed a small cut on his arm, just enough to draw blood.

All the Dweller kin around her watched as her own fangs shot out of her mouth and she Fed from his wrist. Not only did it give her the sweet coppery taste of his blood, her tongue closed the wound automatically.

“You are no stranger of our ways, are you?” Emerald asked with a smile. “I should have known, being who and what you are.”

“Of course, Emerald.” Adellandra licked her lips, her fangs receding in her mouth. She turned to Hematite. “Does this mean I’m one of you?”

“You are Bloodbound to me, yes.” Hematite supplied. “You are not my Bondmate, for your heart and soul belong to another. This is a simple Binding, only enough to bind us together in blood-ties. You will be able to see through my eyes as I will be able to see through yours.”

Adellandra couldn’t believe it.

“You will get used to it in time.” Emerald replied. “It’s hard on the body at first, but you’re the Lady Guardian. Strong and resourceful.”

“Yeah, right. I wish I didn’t have such a wonderful reputation.” Adellandra groaned. She felt dizzy and fainted in Hematite’s arms.

“Take her to the Caverns and heal her there.” Ramon announced.

“No need to tell me, brother.” Hematite announced.


Chapter Three

Amber’s Explanation


I told you to be careful, frisca. Draconis teased in her mind.

Oh, shut up, Draconis. I just took too much at once, that’s all. Adellandra announced, then left her mate’s side.

Bella was there when she awoke.

Adellandra held her head as she tried to sit up. She turned to see Bella sitting over her, holding a mug in her hands.

“Here, drink this.” Bella whispered. “Hematite gave it to me to give to you.”

Adellandra took the mug and looked inside it. “What is it?”

“A mixture to help with the Change.” Bella supplied. “How are you feeling now?”

Adellandra felt like hell. “My body burns all over. It’s like the fire inside me is growing.”

“As it should.” Bella supplied, watching her drink the concoction. “As a Mystic, your powers are growing, too. Empathy, Telepathy, Premonition, every one of them will get stronger.” Bella looked to her lap and continued softly. “So will the Hunger for blood.”


“I don’t know how to explain it to you, cousin.” Bella replied. “You’ll have cravings we call the Hunger. At times, it can be intense if one of us isn’t with you.”

“In other words, I’ll want to drink blood.”

“You’ll have to.” Bella said.

There was an awkward silence between the two women while Adellandra drank the mixture.

“I have a splitting headache now.” Adellandra announced, holding her head. “I’ve Fed before, from Draconis, and never had this much of a headache. Can you explain it?”

“Only vaguely.” Bella said. “You are from the Inner Realms, correct?” Adellandra nodded. “You use more energy in this Realm than you do in your own. It has something to do with the barriers between them.”

“That’s enough, Bella.” Came a soft female voice from behind the women. “Let a Dweller explain our world to her. You may leave us alone.”

“Certainly, Amber.” Bella replied, standing. She took the empty mug from Adellandra, leaving the two of them alone.

Like her name, Amber had red hair and dark eyes. She looked in her mid-thirties, but those who knew her knew she was centuries old.

“I am Amber, the eldest of the Elder-kin siblings.” Amber announced. “Did you like the brew my brother made for you?”

“Yes, it was wonderful. It made me feel a lot better.” Adellandra replied. “My insides don’t hurt as much as they did before. What was it?”

“His blood.” Amber said simply. “Among other things.”

“I knew I sensed something familiar about the mixture.” Adellandra supplied.

“As only a Blood-sister can.” Amber pointed out. “Welcome to the kin-Clans, Adellandra. In this Realm, you will now be immortal.”

“Immortality is overrated.” Adellandra supplied. “I’ve lived forever already. Now this?”

“We need you, Lady Adellandra. Our kin-Clans have been dwindling” Amber said. “So far, in this century alone, over two thousand of us have died in senseless wars.”

“Just like those of the Dream Realm that killed many Companions.”

“Yes, exactly. We helped in those Wars, paying back a debt owed to its Lord, O’Dell.” Amber supplied. “Going on, of us left, five thousand are Dwellers, one hundred or so more are Stalkers, another five hundred are Drifters and the rest are Watchers. Since we met Bella, Dweller numbers have doubled.”

“When did you meet her?”

“It was years ago, long after the Wars in the Dream Realm.” Amber replied. “We helped O’Dell with the Wars while he had one of his men, Chase Moondancer raise Ramon. That is a story for the Moondancers to tell.”

“A story I know all too well.” Adellandra replied. “Celeste herself told me. Once Chase raised Ramon, and Celeste had fallen for him, O’Dell allowed the Moondancers to live in both worlds.”

Amber smiled, laughing lightly. “I guess you do know the story well.”

“Well, I am the Lady Guardian.” Adellandra said. “I have to know these things. What kin-Clan is Celeste from?”

“She and Daniel are of the kin-Clan we call Apprentices.” Amber said. “They used to be the last two of their Clan, but recently we found two of their siblings still lived. Their parents and other siblings were killed in the World Wars, or have long been in hiding.”

“That’s awful.” Adellandra breathed. She looked at her hands. “Amber? Will I always have to Feed to live in this Realm?”

“No, thank goodness. Only as a healing supplement; we found out with Bella.” Amber said. “We also found out the marvelous things Mystics can do with our Dweller powers. They lead normal lives, what you would call normal, that is. They can be alert during the midnight hours as we are when normally they would Rest. I believe it will be different with you, for you’re trained to be alert at all times anyway.”

“How different?” Adellandra asked. “I don’t have to avoid the sun, do I?”

“Not at all.” Amber assured her. “The only thing that will change are your Mystic powers, and the control over them. You’re beginning to feel your hard-earned, delicate control over your powers slipping from you now, aren’t you?”

Adellandra nodded.

“You’ll have to learn how to control them, just as you had growing up.” Amber told her. “Only, it will be harder. I believe you’ll learn fast.”

“I don’t know about that.” Adellandra said. “I was physically and emotionally punished for the things I did growing up. I didn’t know any better then, but I wanted to learn how to control myself. O’Dell taught me when I escaped and the twins helped me when I was awake.”

“Now, Bella will teach you how to control them, as an Elder-kin. Hematite will teach you of the Hunger and anything else having to do with being his Blood-sister.” Amber supplied. “For now, rest. You are weary and the Change is a difficult one.”

Adellandra smiled, then frowned when she thought of home.

“Lord Draconis will be fine, and so will you, once you Rest.” Amber supplied.

“How did you know I was thinking of him?”

Amber winked. “You’re projecting.”

“I thought I had a mental block on that?”

“You did, but once you exchanged with Hematite, that block was gone. Now, you have to learn to block once again.” Amber said. “Like I said, Adellandra. Rest. It will make the change that much easier.”

“I’m not tired.”

“Than I will put you to sleep.” Amber replied softly. When Adellandra stared at her in wonder, Amber smiled. “One of the perks to being Dweller-kin. You can urge someone’s mind to be at ease enough to put them to sleep.”

“Amazing.” Adellandra breathed. “That’s okay. I can call the Dream Chant and be asleep in no time.”

“No.” Amber responded adamantly.

“No? Why no?” Adellandra was confused.

“You have long trained your mind to think in one way. You must now train it to think another.” Amber said. “It will be hard, but you cannot let your dream-self separate from you. Understand, Adellandra?”

Adellandra nodded, laying down once again.

Amber placed both her hands on either side of Adellandra’s temples. “Close your eyes and concentrate on nothingness. Let your mind become black and void of all thought.”

“That’s impossible with my mate always there.” Adellandra grinned, but obeyed.

When she was sure her charge was doing just that, Amber whispered a spell in her own language that put Adellandra to sleep.

“Pleasant dreams, Lady Guardian of the Realms.” Amber whispered, rising. “You will need your strength for the Change.”

She left, closing the door behind her.


Chapter Four:

The Change


Adellandra woke up with the biggest headache of her life. She could hear and feel everyone’s thoughts and feelings, and it hurt her head. Curled up, she cried out for the pain to stop.

Draconis! Where are you?

I am with you, as always my love.

Adellandra screamed again and Draconis Felt it from across the Realms.

Hold on. I’ll be there soon.

She started to cry. Why is this pain unending? Why do I feel so helpless? This is worse than my childhood!

“Adellandra, what is the matter?” A female voice called out to her, sitting on the bed.

“Everything hurts.” Adellandra whispered, not bothering to see who spoke. “Help me, please.”

“The Change is fierce, I know, but you will survive it.” The speaker told her. “Bella went through it as well, and it almost killed her.”

“Just – help me.” Adellandra pleaded. “Please, take away the pain.”

Adellandra was silent, rocking herself on the bed.

The speaker, Celeste Moondancer, thought of one thing to do. “I am going to put you to sleep. It will ease the pain, I promise you.”

“Oh, Gods, it hurts so much, Celeste.” Adellandra whispered. “Take it all away. The pain, the visions, the feelings and thoughts. It’s all too much for me. I feel so overwhelmed.”

“I know, Adellandra, I know.” Celeste pet her hair, hoping to ease some of the thoughts going through Adellandra’s head. “Empty your mind of all thoughts and focus on the void. I will do the rest, and will teach you later.”

“Anything, just do it.” Adellandra begged. “Please.”

Celeste did the same as Amber before her. She chanted in the Ancient’s language to put her to sleep. As she rose, she sensed someone behind her. “Sulheya, Lord Draconis.”

“Celeste Moondancer. Funny seeing you here.” Draconis said softly from the doorway. “How is she?”

“The Change is fierce but she will be fine, soon.”

“If Hematite hurt her, I will destroy him.” He whispered, being careful not to disturb Adellandra’s sleep. She looked so peaceful resting now. It was torture for him to watch her in so much pain.

Celeste turned to meet his near-black eyes. “Lord Draconis, it is for the Prophesy.”

“A Prophesy that neither of us have heard of before.” Draconis supplied. “Why must she be blood-sister to Hematite?”

“I am surprised you know our terms.” Celeste said. She led him out of the room before speaking again. “All will be explained to both of you once she Rises. Do you know why she is in so much pain now?”

“Explain.” Draconis folded his arms and waited patiently.

“There is a difference between what you call the Inner-Realms of the Dragon Nations and this one.” Celeste supplied. “You use energies faster here than in your Realm. Her body must adjust to the new blood in her system. Just as she bonded the Unicorn and Amethyst to her, giving them part of her power, Hematite did the same. She has to adjust to the new extent of Dweller power in her blood.”

“So she carries more powers?” Draconis asked.

“That, and she is an Elder-kin now.” Celeste explained.

“Will she Rise soon?”

“You know as well as I how long it takes an Immortal Earthbound body to Heal from something like this.” Celeste said. “We must first wait until the Change is over.”

“How long will that take?” Draconis asked.

“If she keeps rising like this, it will take two days. If not, only overnight.” Celeste explained. “It is all up to her.”

He went back in the room and sat beside the bed. Placing a hand on her forehead and one in her own, he closed his eyes and began to Heal her, accelerating the Changing process.


Draconis caught Celeste once again the next day as he finished the healing session.

“Do you need to Feed, Lord Draconis?” Celeste asked.

“I already have from Hematite, thank you, Celeste.” Draconis supplied. “Do you know anything about this prophesy?”

“Of course, it’s common knowledge.” Celeste replied. “It is said that she and three others, yourself included, will unite all races of mythical and magical beings in hopes of destroying the evil Stalkers have placed in Dreamers’ minds.” Celeste replied.

“Not only will they do this, they will change the very essence of Dweller so we can once again live like Mortals, above the earth and in the sunlight.” Came another voice. They turned to see Celeste’s kin-brother Daniel and his Bondmate Simone.

“It has already started with my mother.” Simone replied. “Daniel says it has been many centuries since Dwellers were one.”

“I’ve heard the same from Dracora.” Draconis supplied. “I will do what I can to help fulfill it.”

“You have already started, Lord Draconis.” Simone told him.

“Please, if you are an Ancient Mystic, you are my family.” Draconis said. “Call me Draconis. How did your mother start it?”

“Ramon fell in love with Bella.” Celeste replied. “From that love came Simone and her brother Stefan. Each of them have four blood-kin ties in them. Dweller, Ancient Mystic, Watcher and Mortal.”

“Certainly you understand the concepts?” Simone asked Draconis.

“Of course I do.” Draconis grinned. “I myself have Draconian, Ancient Mystic, Wolfkin, Cobra and Immortal blood-kin ties.”

“I thought I was complicated!” Simone laughed.

“Let me introduce myself properly then, Simone.” Draconis started.


Meanwhile, his mate Lady Adellandra finished listening to Bella’s story.

“Amazing.” Adellandra breathed. “And all this time, no one knew.”

“Somehow, when I turned seventeen and graduated from high school, everything changed. According to Mother, I wasn’t as flighty as I used to be. I was acting more like Angie, all serious and thoughtful. That’s because I felt so alone.”

“How can you feel alone with your sister and brother around?”

Bella shrugged. “It’s said a man can be alone amongst a roomful of people.”

“I felt the same sometimes.” Adellandra said. “Growing up in the orphanage, I found out I had certain abilities that my twin friends didn’t. I was learning to control them, with their help, but it wasn’t the same. They couldn’t empathize with me. They could just keep it between us, that’s all.”

“Is that why you gave them your powers?”

“A taste of them, that’s all. I didn’t know at the time what that little blood-pact of ours would do.” Adellandra remarked. “Onto other things, what happened when you finally met Ramon, face-to-face?”

“I’ll start when I had the urge to go underground.” Bella started. “I awoke after the shipwreck with a splitting headache, and a task. I had washed ashore on some remote place, which I found was a beach in Italy. Upon waking, I found myself in a bed, fully dressed and warm again. I was in a dark room of a local pub. The man that was attending me called himself Chase, and he told me what happened. A friend of his saw me on the beach and brought me to the pub. He took care of me, watching me for a week before I woke.”

“Chase?” Adellandra whispered.

Bella nodded. “Chase Moondancer, I believe.”

“The mountain wolf Companion Chase Moondancer? The same Chase that took care of Ramon when he was young? Celeste’s Bondmate?”

“You know him?”

“Of course I know him. I helped his son Chikité rescue them from the Province Underground.” Adellandra supplied. “That was years ago. Then what happened?”

“I stayed with him throughout, paying for his hospitality by waiting tables.” Bella replied. “He knew of my unique abilities and even trained me in the control of them.”


“Not so wonderful when I started having nightmares.”

“What were they about?”

“A man, calling for me in his mind. He needed help only I could give him.” Bella remarked. “I followed the visions of the place I saw him in, hoping to get a clue to his identity. I ended up in an underground bar, surrounded by people with no feelings or emotions. I felt lost and confused, almost to the point of insanity. Anyway, two of them sent messages to each other in their minds, only I could hear every word. The moment they stepped up to me with fake smiles, hoping to relax me, I was hooked in their eyes. I couldn’t turn away for the life of me. One moment, I was staring into their eyes, the next, I was out cold. I woke up in a dungeon, with a feeling of being drugged somehow. That’s when the man in my dreams came to me. He spoke in Romanian, but I understood.”

“Let me guess, the Romanian was Ramon?” Adellandra grinned.

“You got it.” Bella replied. “At first, I was plagued by him. I couldn’t get him off my mind. Every time he came to see me, he would be mean and cruel.”

“That’s how Draconis was before he warmed up to me.”

“Ramon never warmed up. Not until…”

“Until what?”

“Not until I forced him to see me for who I was, instead of some spy.”

The tone of Bella’s voice indicated something else was on her mind. She continued. “It took a month of torture to get Ramon to talk to me at all. When he did, we sort of clicked and fell in love. He smiled more, and the smile was sincere. I could sense it, and he told me he could feel the love we had for one another. He had emotions again, after centuries of turning them off. It turns out he was the one to rescue me from that shore. He took me to the pub and told Chase to take care of me.”

“Why did he think you were a spy if he did that?”

“He wasn’t used to anyone catching his eye. He was destining himself to live in loneliness and suffer for the rest of eternity, or at least until the Stalkers were totally destroyed and he could have Daniel take his place.” Bella replied. “Ramon was confused by me.”

“I was not.”

They hadn’t heard Ramon come in the room with a smile on his face. He kissed Bella on the lips, almost making Adellandra blush until Draconis came up behind her and did the same thing.

“You were, and you know it.” Bella teased. “He knows I’m right, but doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Sounds like someone else I know.” Adellandra teased back, holding Draconis tighter. “Well, gentlemen, what have you learned?”

“This prophesy was foretold ages ago, before the Ancients themselves knew what to do with it.” Draconis remarked. “It would seem that every Dweller has it programmed in their very souls to follow it.”

“That is correct.” Ramon supplied. “I have researched the Dweller clans for many centuries. My son Stefan is learning the very intricacies of being Dweller-kin.”

“Now, it is our turn to fulfill the prophesy.” Adellandra remarked. She and Draconis thought the same thing. What are we in for now?


Chapter Five

Surprise on the Hunt


“Are you ready for the Hunt?” Celeste asked Adellandra two days later. She was fully Healed, thanks to Draconis and Hematite’s concoctions.


“Your initiation of sorts into the world of the Dweller-kin.” Celeste supplied. “You will hunt live prey and Feed on its life-giving fluid.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to hunt like a Dweller.” Adellandra said. “I’ve too kind a heart.”

“Think of yourself as a wild animal, scrounging in the wilderness, hunting for prey. She has cubs in the den, and must feed them, as well as her mate and self. Now do you have a kind heart?” Celeste said. Adellandra didn’t answer and Celeste’s voice was soft. “You may not like the idea of blood and gore, violence and war, but those means are what keep my kin alive.”

“I’ve long forgiven myself for the countless Dominionites I’ve destroyed over the years.” Adellandra said. “Violence and war are another ends for making peace. It’s unavoidable. No, I don’t have a problem with that.”

“What is the problem then, Adellandra?”

Adellandra looked thoughtful, “I don’t like to kill anything that the Gods themselves put on this earth. It’s just not in me.”

“The Dweller blood will change that.” Celeste stood, taking the mug and leaving. “Pleasant Journeys, Adellandra.”


At dusk, Adellandra and Draconis were ready to go. Draconis was stronger, Adellandra could Feel it. He had a serious, bestial look in his eyes. She could have sworn she saw another being inside him. She watched as Diamond showed Draconis the various weapons he collected, trained with and used, both physical and the ones in his body and mind.

“His is adjusting well to your Change.” Came Calcite’s voice from behind her. She was packing her weaponry in her pack, gearing up for the hunt.

“He has a strong will, being he’s the Emperor of the Dragon Nations and all that.” Adellandra told him, stuffing her daggers in her boots, sheaths first. “He’s also my mate.” She stood, gathering her pack. “He must be strong.”

“As well he is.” Calcite told her.

“Since he arrived, and told me he Fed from Hematite, he’s been different.” Adellandra said. She reached in her bag for a cloth to clean her sword.

“How so?”

“More determined, less like the man I mated many years ago.”

Calcite could do nothing but smile. Calcite’s Watcher-mate Julianna came up to them.

“Does he love you any less?” Julianna asked.

“If anything, he loves me more, thinking first in protecting me.”

“As any Bondmate.” Julianna said. “Calcite, see to Draconis. I need to speak with her for a moment.”

“Certainly, darling.” With a kiss, Calcite was gone.

“You need not worry about your lover.” Julianna supplied. “His Draconian and Immortal instincts will combine to make a powerful being in him.”

“I never worry about Draconis, unless I can sense him in danger or pain.” Adellandra supplied. “What I’m worried about is my first hunt.”

“The first hunt was torture for Bella, too.” Julianna said. “The only way to get over it is to do it, quickly and quietly as possible.”

“Will I have to kill?”

“Havens, no.” Julianna had an astonished look on her face. “You hunt to survive. When you do, you take their knowledge along with their blood. If you do kill, even accidently, you will turn, and you will be lost to all.”

Adellandra looked again to her husband, who smiled when he met her eyes. “I only hope his instincts never force him to kill. I don’t want to lose him.”

Julianna pet her on the shoulder. “Have faith in your Bondmate. I will see you after the hunt.”

“Aren’t you going, too?”

“Watchers never hunt or fight, especially the females.” Julianna shook her head. “The only Watcher I know who hunts is my brother Firestorm. That is because Ramon’s father abandoned his Bondmate, my twin Margaretta. With every hunt, comes another opportunity to destroy the Stalkers.”

Without another word, she disappeared. In her place was Draconis.

“Ready to rock and roll?” He grinned, bestial yellow eyes aglow. Adellandra wondered about those eyes.

She nodded, strapping the pack in place. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“We’ll be joining Diamond’s party in the lower-east side hunting grounds.” Draconis told her, handing her a map. “That’s where the prey is the most unaware.”

“What will we be hunting?” Adellandra asked, looking over her map. Once committing it to memory, she handed it back to him.

As he took it, there was a vision that flashed in her mind.


To Draconis, her eyes turned black. She wasn’t looking at him, only at a vision in her head. She’d done this many times before, but never like this. This time, he could feel her heart beating in her chest.

“Oh, Gods.” Adellandra whispered. She took his arm. “‘Darra.”

“She’s here?” Draconis whispered back.

Adellandra nodded. “The hunt. She’s going to crash the hunt.”

“How does she even know you’re here?”

“How do you think?” Adellandra cried. She shook her head out of the trance. “She’s going to get herself killed.”

“You know we won’t let that happen.” Draconis supplied. “Let’s go. They’re leaving without us. Diamond did say to keep close.”

As they walked to their group, which consisted of five Dweller males, Diamond, Calcite, Daniel, Garnet, and Kunzite, Adellandra’s mind went through the usual negative thoughts. Every battle she had, whether it be with Dominionites, demons, monsters, pretenders or whatnot, she thought of how many times she would fail. With every battle won, she felt a little better, but the feelings of failure were still there. It was an internal conflict every time.

“This hunting thing is easy for you. You’re a born killer, but me, I’m just me.”

“You’ve hunted things before in the Realms.” Draconis said, grasping one of her hands. “Think of it as another threat to your kin.”

“I guess so.” Adellandra said. She looked ahead and Draconis followed her gaze.

There was Diamond and Garnet, waiting for them.

“We are the next to go, Adellandra.” Diamond told her. “Lord Draconis, do you think you are ready for the hunt?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Draconis nodded. “It’s her I’m worried about.”

“She is a strong soul,” Garnet winked at her. “She will survive.”

“Glad you think so, because I don’t.” Adellandra said. “Well, if it has to be done, so mote it be.”

Garnet smiled. “You speak like a Watcher.”

And they were off.

“Where will we be hunting?” Adellandra asked Diamond, careful not to let on she had Adarramena on her mind.

“The encampment near Raven’s Falls.” Diamond told her. “The falls are named after a Dweller Elder, Ravenwood. He used to be very fond of my brothers and sisters. Stories say I was his favorite.”

“Why was it named after him?”

“This is where he was destroyed.” Diamond never looked at her.

Adellandra’s head began to hurt, so she rubbed her temples.

“Does something trouble you, Adellandra?”

She shook her head. “Just a Mystic’s headache.”

“One all Dwellers in the area know about.” Daniel came up behind them. “Diamond.”


“Do you not sense something in the area, Mystic?” Daniel continued. “Something amiss?”

Adellandra and Draconis met eyes. His said, ‘no, don’t tell,’ and hers wanted his help.

Diamond noticed this exchange between them. He couldn’t read their minds, as he should have been able to. It was as if she was blocking the Dwellers from her mind-path.

“Adellandra?” Daniel had to tap her shoulder to get her attention. He and Diamond exchanged looks. “Your headache is getting worse?”

She couldn’t keep it from him. “Yes. Is there an active volcano in the area?”

“A few miles from Raven’s Falls.” Diamond replied. “What are you thinking?”

“Is it to the north, straight ahead?” Adellandra pointed as she asked. Fridishda, hold my hand. I’m feeling faint.

Draconis came at her call. “What is it?”

“I can feel her near the volcano.”

“Who?” Diamond demanded. “Is one of our females lost?”

“No, not one of yours.” Draconis said. “Ours.”

“Mystic or mortal?”

“Mystic.” Draconis supplied. “It’s her sister, Adarramena.”

“What is she doing here?” Daniel remarked, showing his fangs slightly.

“She’s come to battle with us.” Adellandra said, walking ahead of the men. “Against who, I don’t know. All I know is that she’s here, and she’s going to kill herself if she’s not careful.”

“Battle. This is just a hunt, not a battle.” Daniel remarked.

“Regardless, her sister is going to be in danger, perhaps by one of you.” Draconis remarked, growling lowly and showing his own fangs. “I’ve known Adarramena for many years. The sisters are inseparable. If one is in danger in any way, shape, or form, the other will be at her side.”

“How noble.” Diamond supplied, eyeing Draconis before turning to Adellandra. “Turn off your Mystic sensors and open your mind to the Dweller. Then, tell me what you see and hear.”

Adellandra shook her head. “I can’t just turn them off. They’re a part of me as the nose on my face.”

“She is right, brother.” Daniel surmised. “Bella wasn’t strong when she came to us. This one is the Lady Guardian. Without her Mystic powers, she is deaf and dumb, like any mortal. Do not force her to forget who and what she is.”

“I am not forcing her, Daniel.” Diamond supplied. “I am merely showing her a different way to search an area.” He turned back to her. “Do you know how to shift?”

Adellandra and Draconis smiled at each other and shifted their forms to wolves. Diamond was an owl, Garnet was a raven, Calcite was a wildcat, Daniel was a weasel and Kunzite was a ruddy wolf.

Draconis followed the array of animals on the hunt, his open mind searching for enemies and prey. Suffice to say, Adellandra tried not to lose herself in the form. Draconis tried to keep up with the group, with Kunzite lagging behind with him. Adellandra followed Calcite, mind to mind.

Run with the pack, Blood-sister. Calcite’s mind-voice growled. Know what it is to be a wolf.

The wind in her fur, earth beneath her pads, the scents in her nose and the visions before her startled her but also fascinated her. Through this, she didn’t lose sight of her main goal, to find her sister before the Dwellers did. They may hurt her, or worse, kill her.

Call to me, sister. Adellandra sent to her twin, howling to the winds. In your mind, call to me. You’re not safe here.

Adellandra? Where are you?

The call was enough for Adellandra to pinpoint where her sister was. The pack of various animals found Adarramena surrounded by three Dweller males.

“Please, let me go.” Adarramena begged, scared. She touched her Dream Pentacle, giving her some courage.

“You are Stalker, disguising yourself as the Lady Guardian.” One of them growled. “Why would we do such a thing?”

“Because I’m not Lady Guardian.” Adarramena said. “And I’m also not a Stalker. If you know where she is, tell me.”

Draconis, surrounded by the Dwellers and Adellandra, spoke up when he shifted back to Immortal form. “‘Darra, relax.” He turned to the males that surrounded her and growled. “Leave her be, she’s with us.”

“Who are you to order us around, mortal?”

“I am no Mortal. I am Lord Draconis Dratianos, Lord Guardian of the Realms.” Draconis replied, showing his fangs and yellow eyes aglow. “I am Lady Guardian’s mate. I order you to leave the woman be.”

“So, you want your fill of her, do you?” The male that held her sneered.

It was then the group decided to shift to human forms.

“Do as he says, Firestorm.” Calcite remarked.

The one named Firestorm saw the two identical faces and hissed. “Two of you!” He backed off.

“We’re twins.” Adellandra said. “Meet Adarramena Dratianos. You remember the Grand Magus, don’t you, from the War of the Realms? Your own blood-sister Adarra?”

Firestorm’s red eyes faded, returning to deep black. His fangs disappeared, as did his sharp claws. “Adarra, I do apologize. I did not know it was you.”

Adarramena relaxed and stood straight. “A lot has changed in nearly twenty years, Blood-Brother.”

The twins moved closer to each other, and Adellandra noticed the marks on her sister’s neck.

Looking at Firestorm, she summed what happened. “What have you done?”

“I merely Fed.”

“How much?”

“Not much. She has many defenses.”

“Of course I do. I’m an Ancient Mystic.”

Diamond gasped. “She is like Bella?”

“We’re Bella’s cousins.” Adellandra supplied. She turned to Firestorm. “You started the job, now finish it. Heal her. Strengthen her Bond to you.”

“I cannot.”

“Do it, Firestorm.” Diamond supplied. “As an Elder, I order you to do it.”

Firestorm, red hair and all, slit his wrist with a nail.

“In order for you to Heal from the wound, you must Feed.” Adellandra explained.

“Feed from him, are you kidding?” Adarramena cried. “Never! What would Drakkar say?”

“You must.” Adellandra said. “Believe me, you’ll feel a lot better once it’s all over. Look at me; I feel fine.”

“Two reasons.” Adarramena challenged.

“Your life, for one. You’ll be immortal.” Adellandra said. “And two, more power. Your powers are heightened by Dweller blood.”

Draconis supplied. “Imagine how much magic you’ll have then?”

Firestorm and Adarramena stared at each other before she bent her head to drink.

“Drink, Youngling.” Firestorm panted. “Feel the blood giving you life.”

He bent his head to her neck, drinking hers as she drank his. He licked the wound to seal it and had her do the same.

Adellandra watched her sister with interest. “Well, how do you feel?”

Adarramena shook her head. Her sister caught her when she fell.

“Move away from her, Firestorm. Please. Let me deal with her.” She turned to Diamond. “I’m going to take her back to the cavern, so Celeste and Bella can explain everything.”

As they left, Adarramena asked. “Who’s Bella?”

Adellandra smiled. “You’ll see.”

Arm around her twin, she walked away. “See you after the hunt.”

Draconis kissed Adellandra on the lips and took Adarramena’s hand for a moment. “The Change will do you good.”

Adarramena smiled, letting Adellandra lead her away.

She took Adarramena to the healing chambers, where they found Celeste waiting for them.

“Celeste Moondancer!” Adarramena cried happily, hugging the woman. “What are you doing here?”

“This is my home.” Celeste replied. “When the night comes.”

Adarramena and Celeste lay her on a bed.

“You live with Chase in the Dream Realm.” Adarramena said.

“Only when it is dawn here.” Celeste remarked.

“I’ll get Bella. She’ll be able to explain the more intricacies of being a Mystic-Dweller more than I could.” Adellandra remarked. “You’re in good hands. Let her do her job.”

Adarramena nodded, for she knew Celeste was a powerful healer in the Dream Realm. That could only mean more in the Outer Realm. She closed her eyes and slept.


Chapter Six


“How dare you turn my sister!” Adellandra cried to Firestorm when he walked in from the hunt two weeks later. He led his group. “You don’t know what kind of power you just gave her!”

“If she would not have impersonated you, I would not have had the chance.” Firestorm argued. “As it is, she is turned. Watcher-kin, but turned.”

“My sister has always been fascinated about all kinds of magic. She’s a proclaimed Ancient Mystic Pagan, thanks to our friends in this Realm. Why would you seek to destroy her by giving her immortality here?”

“She is part of the prophecy as well, and you know it.” Firestorm supplied.

“That stupid prophesy!” Adellandra cried. “I was turned into an Elder-kin in the name of that thing.”

“No thanks to Hematite.”

“On Ramon’s orders.”

“That explains it.”

“It explains nothing.” Adellandra huffed. “Listen, Firestorm. I don’t care if you are a Watcher. You are now permanently bound to my sister, which means you’re bound to me as well.”

“Of course.”

“Was that your intent?”

“My intent was to feed. She happened to be there.”

“What do you think she was doing there?” Adellandra asked him. “She’s alone in a country she knows nothing about, wandering in the forest, following her intuition. Did you think she was there for your Feeding pleasure?”

“She was there. That is all I say.” Firestorm turned away.

“Freeze!” Adellandra froze him with a word. “We’re not finished, yet.”

“You unleash the ruthless of demons by using your powers against me.” Firestorm growled. By surprise, he was unfrozen and facing her.

“I’m not afraid of you.” Adellandra replied.

“Maybe not, but you may well be afraid of what I might become.” He supplied, teeth baring.

She stepped back.

“Do you want to know the reason they call me Dragon?”

“Let me guess, is it because of your name?” Adellandra taunted.

He laughed. “Close but not enough.” He growled, staring into her silver eyes. “No, I don’t think you can handle it.”

Adellandra grinned. “Try me.”

He stepped back, yellow eyes glowing red, body shifting his shape. There was a blur of red and black light surrounding him while he shifted. When he was finished, he was a large red dragon.

“Now do you see?” Firestorm said simply. “For me to change, I must be angry.”

She shifted as well, to her black-Spirit Dragon form. Firestorm was amazed and shifted back to his Dweller form.

“I did not know you could shift like that!” Firestorm cried.

“As my sita said, a lot of things have changed in nearly twenty years of this Realm’s time.” Adellandra supplied. Sighing and relaxing, she too shifted back to her Immortal form. “I meant no harm, Firestorm, you know that. I just worry for my sister, that’s all.”

“As did I in the beginning.” Firestorm supplied. “As when she used her new power to take control over the Dream Realm’s Sphere.”

“You knew about that?”

“Aye, we all Knew.” Firestorm supplied. “It effected Bella so much, she and Ramon rose too soon. It also effected Simone, Stefan, and Simon’s then-unborn son Gabriel.”

“I knew it effected all Ancient Mystics, for it effected me, even as I rested.” Adellandra replied. “That spell she cast connected all Ancient Mystics of All the Lines, both Earthbound and Realmbound to the two of us.”

Firestorm nodded.

Adellandra smiled at him now. “We might as well be civil about it. What’s done is done and there’s no turning back.”

“For once, I agree.”

“So, shall we see how’s she’s doing? It’s been two weeks of hell for her, and I’m beginning to worry.” Adellandra replied. “She’s never been out of it this long before. Do you think she’s turned Stalker?”

“You say she is power-hungry?”

“In a matter of speaking, yes.” Adellandra replied. “She wants a better understanding of all kinds of magics. She’ll learn anything she can get her hands on. Anything that’ll give her an advantage over our enemies.”

“Even you?”

Adellandra stared at him, sighing. “Yes, even over me. Let’s go.”

Firestorm grinned, eyes glowing yellow. He changed form to a small red dragon, growling. “Race you.”

“You’re on.” Adellandra changed to a cheetah and was on her way.

When they arrived, they saw Adarramena sitting up in bed and smiling. Draconis was sitting beside her bed, talking to her. Bella and Celeste were there, with Chase, Daniel, Ramon, Stefan and Simone.

In her cheetah form, she leapt on the bed, nuzzling Adarramena’s cheek before settling beside her. Firestorm changed his form in order to fit in the room. He was a human male again, standing over the bed.

“How do you feel, Youngling?” He asked.

“Fine.” Adarramena said. She pointed to the cheetah. “Is this a friend of yours?”

Adellandra laughed in her form, but it sounded strange to Adarramena’s ears.

“Look into the eyes.” Firestorm replied.

Adarramena and the cheetah Adellandra met eyes. “Adellandra?”

The cheetah nodded her head, then shifted back to Adellandra the human. “Surprise.” She said as they hugged.

“Have Ramon and Bella explained everything to you?” Firestorm asked.

“They all have, and I’m grateful.”

“Firestorm, I’ll need you for the potion.” He heard Hematite’s voice behind him.

He left the group.

“Well, how do you feel?”

“Strange, like some new force is inside my body.” Adarramena supplied. “Is this how you felt?”

“We’ll talk later about me, and even Draconis, if he wishes to divulge it.” Adellandra teased her, winking at her husband. “For now, learn all you can, and make friends with Firestorm. He’ll be able to hear you and feel you, almost like Drakkar.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re only Bloodbound to him, like Adellandra is to Hematite.” Bella said. “That means, you’ll be able to hear his thoughts, feel his emotions, bear his powers, and even see through his eyes now.”

“This is all too much.” Adarramena held her head.

“Imagine how Drakkar will react when you tell him.” Draconis said.

“Absolutely not! I can’t tell him I’m a Dweller.” Adarramena was shocked.

“Your mate and my bratton is made of stronger stuff than that.” Draconis said.

“Yeah. You may be surprised.” Adellandra replied.

“I know I was when I met Celeste.” Chase said.

“Lord Drakkar is a strong man, to have you as his mate.” Daniel supplied. “Do not think him so weak to not take to your Dweller-ties very well. He will understand.”

“We’ll worry about Drakkar when the time comes, which should be soon.” Adellandra sighed. “Listen, sita, get your rest and obey the Elder twins, okay? Do whatever they say, because they know best.”

“What about you guys?”

“What about us?”

“I mean, what am I doing here?” Adarramena asked. “I had a premonition before I came to leave Drakkar behind and travel here. It was only when I got to Romania the visions became more intense.”

“Well, you know what they say about Mystics and their visions.” Adellandra laughed. “If a Mystic has a vision, he or she must do everything in their power to follow through with it.”

“It’s like the Hunger.” Bella tried to explain. “A Mystic must find out why they had the vision and do something about it in order for it to go away. Just like any Dweller suffering from the Hunger must do anything to get blood. It’s a part of our souls.”

“Quite understandable.” Chase winked. “Come, let us leave the three of them alone. It is too crowded in here and I am ready to see Cherokee at rest.”

The party left Adellandra, Adarramena and Draconis behind. They discussed Adarramena’s turning Dweller until Jasper and Hematite came in with a mug. It was the same potion Hematite had made for Adellandra, only it had Firestorm’s blood in it to aide healing. Adarramena became sleepy after a while, so Adellandra and Draconis left her. They returned to their room knowing their lives just got interesting.


Chapter Seven

Return to the Dragon Nations


The three of them headed back to the Dragon Nations shortly after Adarramena Rested. Adarramena decided to return ahead of them, but Hematite caught up with the couple before they left. “Blood-Sister, I do believe your mate and I have something to tell you.”

Adellandra looked to Draconis. “I figured as much.”

“I have done some research on these Dweller kin-Clans.” Draconis supplied. “It would seem that their old King Shem’s parentadas were just a couple of our own Draconians, Earthbound to fight in the Wars.”

“I knew about Sheman and his connection to Dracora.” Adellandra supplied.

“Which would make us, the Earthbound Dweller kin-Clans, your Draconians.” Hematite supplied. “That would also make all of us under your rule.”

“That does not mean they can do whatever they wish.” Draconis announced. “I have already spoken to Ramon, and he will be reporting all goings-on to us on a regular basis. Both the Lady and myself will be keeping to the kin-Clans’ agreement made with O’Dell. They will continue to do as they had for centuries, returning to the Nations at Rest.”

“I agree, my love.” Adellandra supplied. “Now, is there something you’re each not telling me?”

Hematite and Draconis looked to each other and both smiled at her.

“I call the Jewel Elder-healer my blood-brother.” Draconis said. “When I first arrived, and finished healing you, he offered his blood. In return, he Fed from me.”

Adellandra nodded, smiling. “That’s good. I take it you trust him now?”

Draconis grinned. “I would not have Fed or offered mine own if I hadn’t.” He supplied. “If we are part of his prophesy and each Elder-kin as he calls us, would the first step not be trust?”

Adellandra laughed. “I guess so.” She said and turned to Hematite. “We need to return to Mal’estar and the Realms, so I bid you pleasant journeys.”

“A most pleasant of journeys to you both as well, blood-siblings.” Hematite remarked, nodding.

Lord and Lady Guardian of the Realms disappeared on a Chant and returned to their beloved home of Mal’estar in the Dragon Nations.