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The Beginnings: The Watchers (in-short)

The Watchers

It all began with three best friends. Each from different backgrounds, each with secret pasts. It was long ago, back where time first began. Hidden in a long-forgotten land in an ever-changing world, there were three different races. The Dwellers, who would later be known as vampire-like hunters that rose with the night. The Ancient Mystics, a breed of magick-workers who would almost be wiped out of existence. The Watchers, known Ancients who, like the Mystics, could work great magick, but, like the Dwellers, were forced into the dark of night.

There were three individuals who, despite their different races, befriended one another, becoming like Kin. From the Dweller kin-Clans came a Jewel-Elder named Diamond. From the Watchers came Shem Starchaser. From the Ancient Mystics came Shiva. (For, at that time, Mystics were mortals with Ancient powers, and not just the four sisters we know today)

Shem Starchaser’s parents were destroyed in a war, Watchers against Dwellers. Since they were Queen and King of all Dweller kin-Clans, Shem was the Prince, and now the new King. But he would not become King until he found a suitable mate. His heart yearned for a mate to share eternity and monarchy. With only Diamond to Hunt with, he found her.

Diamond was fourth in a set of ten Jewel Siblings, the eldest-known Dweller kin-Clan. His friend Shem Starchaser was the last of his Watcher-kin Clan. That is, until the near-brothers Hunted (in that time, Watchers indeed Hunted with the Dweller kin-Clans) past a magickal barrier and met a powerful Ancient Mystic mortal named Shiva. Instantly, the Bond between them was strong. Shem claimed Shiva as his Bondmate before the Beltane’s night was over.

Diamond was jealous of the union. On they went for a year of nights, until Beltane came upon them once again. Diamond went alone this time, past the magickal barrier to find a mate of his own. Two Ancient Mystics, best friends from birth, welcomed him to the celebration. The mortal woman Carlotta Dragonsinger met his eye, and he was in love.

Carlotta was heart-torn. She had met a man the previous year, named Calum Bennington. She wasn’t able to keep the truth hidden from Diamond, and told him about Calum. Not caring who watched, Carlotta kissed Diamond, sending him back where he came from before she could hurt him more. On this note, she sought the advice of her Coven-brother best friend William Catz.

William assured her he would talk to Diamond. William caught the Dweller before he could flee through the barrier and set him a special task. If he still loved her, come back the following Beltane and claim her.

Diamond didn’t know what to think or do as he returned to his land and the kin-Clans. For the next year, he thought of Carlotta’s departing kiss. How much passion she’d put into it! How much love she had for him, scarcely knowing him at all. He spent the rest of the year in the cool Earth, waiting for Beltane to arrive so he could claim his Bondmate as his near-brother had claimed his two years before.

Years flew for the Ancient Mystics, and Carlotta, thinking her dear Diamond was dead, went on with her life. Always the flame in her heart for Diamond, she married Calum Bennington and mothered three sons. Each year, she joined the Beltane celebrations, hoping of all hopes Diamond would return to her. William was the only one who knew the object of her obsessions. Calum was oblivious she was in love with a man she barely knew. She told her sons stories of the Dwellers that Diamond had told her. She called to him in her mind often, hoping he would answer one day.

Ten years went by, and Diamond finally rose from his deep rest. It was Beltane once again. When he went through the barrier, he felt the change in the air. Diamond found Carlotta had grown older, but still yearned for him as he did for her. Her Coven-brother best friend William Catz took Diamond aside to tell him a delicate truth. Carlotta was already married, with three sons. Diamond was crushed, but his heart still beat for her.

Alone, away from the Beltane Celebration, he gave her a choice. If she truly cared for him as she said, she would come with him through the barrier and be claimed as his Bondmate. The sunrise was hours away that night when she made her choice. Leaving her sons and husband behind to grieve for her, she went with her loving Bondmate Diamond.

Once Shem claimed Shiva as his Bonded, he brought her past the barrier to introduce her to the kin-Clans. The Watcher-Clans didn’t take too well to the mortal Shiva as the Queen of all Dweller kin-Clans. They treated her with cruelty until Shem spoke up. The Jewel-Elders, Diamond’s siblings, sided with Shem, and protected them from scorn. Before too long, they had children, Princes and Princesses. The Watcher-Clans learned to accept the children of Shem and Shiva as their own, at least until they were grown.

Though Shiva loved Shem dearly, she missed the daylight, and slowly went mad. Once her children were grown, Shiva began a descent for the worse. She went off on her own one night, closing her mind to all. Not realizing what she was doing, she came across and attacked an Apprentice-Dweller male named Neptune, destroying him before she could destroy herself. Her mind was at odds as she slowly realized what she did. She ran to Shem and told him what she had done. He agreed to keep her insanity a secret for as long as it could be kept.

It didn’t take long for the Jewel-Elders to find out what happened. The Apprentice-Dweller sister Celeste tells the oldest Jewel sibling, Amber. Amber gathers the eldest of all kin-Clans, Dweller to Apprentice and beyond, seeking a punishment for such a heinous crime. In the end, both Shem and Shiva are Exiled. They are now Drifters, cast off into the world past the barrier. It would be centuries before they would be heard from again.

As for the Dweller kin-Clans, they now had no King or Queen. The Jewel-Elders had to make a decision. The kin-Clans needed a leader, for times were tough and were about to get tougher. Their kin were turning, and the males were forced to Hunt and destroy those they now called Stalkers. There was hope, however. A new leader had been born from the lustful, bewitched union of Shem and Shiva’s daughter Dana and an orphan Dweller Crucis. This new leader had powers unlike any of his kin-Clan members. Ramon Martiya was the Dark Son, able to live in daylight with no need for rest. He was only a child, however, still too young to lead the kin-Clans against the Stalkers.

….but that is yet another story to tell.