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Of Sable and Ash


Sable “Starchaser” Schmidt followed wherever her twin Zander and older stepbrother Theo led. Usually. When her parents, Aaron “Unicorn” and Sierra “Airmed” renewed their Bonding in front of the Dweller kin-Clan leader Ramon Martiya, she and her brothers tagged along for the ride.

She bored quickly and wandered off on her own. She found a peaceful little nook where a waterfall met the river. On a whim, and seeing no one was around, she used her Watcher-kin powers to melt her clothes away, jumping into the river for a quick skinny-dip.

She knew it was dangerous to go anywhere without one of her brothers to guide her, especially in a place neither of them knew very well. Like all grown girls, she was defiant, and wanted to have fun. Besides, she often thought to herself, she had her powers to guide her. She’d be fine.

Sable swam in the warm water, reveling in her own independence when she heard someone trying to hide in the trees. She sensed it was another Dweller-kin, but she had never met this one before. Wading in the water, she looked to where she sensed the Dweller-kin.

“Come out, whoever you are.” She said aloud.

“I would rather watch from a distance, if you don’t mind.” The voice was male, echoing off the rocks by the river’s edge.

“Well, I do mind.” Sable stood, quickly drying and dressing herself using her powers. “I don’t like peeping Tom’s, so you might as well give up and come on out.”

Whoever the Dweller-kin was came out of the trees to greet her. She made the mistake of meeting his eyes and was hooked. Something happened inside her, like an ache beginning to heal.

He took her hand, kissing it. “Madam, I do apologize for my rudeness. I am Ashton, Mystic Dweller-kin son of Apprentice-kin Daniel and Mystic Dweller-kin Simone.”

She was stunned by his dark eyes and warm hand. “I am –.”

“Ah, let me guess.” Ashton grinned, searching her eyes. “A different kind of Mystic, I see.” Sable’s eyes narrowed, but he wasn’t finished. “Your parents wouldn’t happen to be the Unicorn and Airmed, would they? Brother Theodore, better known as the Young Unicorn, and twin brother Zander?”

Slowly, she nodded her head. “How did you know?”

He winked. “Zander squealed.” He said. “Actually, he sent me after you.”

Sable groaned, finding the strength to turn away from Ashton. “I should have known my twin had something to do with it.” She huffed. “I can’t go anywhere without my brothers hanging around, or asking strangers to keep an eye on me. They know very well I can take care of myself.”

Ashton laughed.

Sable turned on him. “Just what is so funny?”

“He didn’t send me to keep an eye on you.” Ashton laughed. “He sent me to find you. The festivities are to begin soon. Zander just didn’t want you to miss them, that’s all.”

Sable frowned. “Yeah, right.”

Ashton held his hand out. “Come with me, Sable. Please.”

Sable knew as soon as her hand was in his, something was up. He pulled her in his arms and quickly kissed her lips. She wanted to fight it, but couldn’t. He was too strong, and handsome. She could only relax, and kiss him back.

From in their minds, each heard three words.

Earthly Protector and Bondmate.

Sable was startled out of the kiss, pulling away and staring at him. “Did you–?”

“Hear that, yes.” Ashton was shocked as well. “Say it, no.”

“If those words ring true, than –” Sable began, staring at his eyes this time. So dark and mysterious.

“We are meant to be together, I guess.” Ashton supplied with a shrug. “Come, let us tell your brothers.”

Sable was still struck by his handsome eyes. She nodded, and Ashton laughed.


When they returned, Zander and Theodore were there waiting.

Theodore smiled at them, nodding his greeting while Zander frowned, folding his arms.

“I told you to retrieve her, not romance her.” Zander growled.

“Oh, relax, Zander.” Theodore supplied. “Can’t you see, they are in love!”

Sable blushed. “You knew didn’t you?”

Theodore grinned. “Don’t I always? Come, sita, our perat awaits.”

Zander continued to growl under his breath, glaring and watching Ashton with disdain.

Theodore nudged him. Knock it off, brother.

He seeks to harm her and I will not let that happen. Zander sent back on their mind-path.

Neither will I. Theodore announced.

Stop bickering, you two. Came Sable’s voice to them both. I can take care of myself, thank you. I don’t need you two constantly on my back.

We only seek to watch out for you, sister. Zander supplied simply.

Sable stopped in her tracks and turned to glare at her twin. “Stop it, Zander. I’m not a child any longer so butt out!”

With that, she misted and rushed away. Zander growled and misted himself, racing after her. This left Theodore and Ashton together.

“What was that all about?” Ashton asked.

“It is complicated.” Theodore replied softly. “You know they are twins, so naturally Alexander is protective over Sable.” He shook his head. “I am afraid it will take a lot of work on both your parts to convince him you are Bondmates.”

“He thinks I’ll do something against her will?” Ashton asked. “That is an impossibility, Theodore.”

“I know it is; and so does she, to a certain extent, but he does not believe so.” Theodore supplied, holding his head. “I am afraid I must return to the Dragon Nations. Matere is Calling to me in my mind. I wish you a fond fare-thee-well, Ashton.”

“I will never understand you, Theodore.” Ashton shook his head and laughed.

Before using Stealth to return to the Dragon Nations through the portal, Theodore grinned. “It is best for you not to try. Kaetaa, my friend.”


Ashton continued to the festivities, finding Sable speaking with her Watcher-kin Sun-dancer mother, Airmed Starchaser. Airmed noticed him and smiled, nodding. Once her mother pointed him out, Sable turned to him and smiled as well. Airmed left them alone.