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Strength of Shadows


Lady Adellandra

Derrick "Sir Karrath" Reading

The story of Sir Karrath, Champion of the Realms as he searches for the true mate who will help mend his broken soul.

Now that Dracora’s mates have been announced and she’s bound to them, where does that leave Derrick “Karrath” Reading?

Karrath needs to find his light in a world now full of despair and darkness.  He’s an Immortal, still blood-bound to Dracora.  He’s the only Immortal in a Realm of dragons and Dweller-kin who cannot shift.  Where does he truly belong?

First, he goes to Mal’estar, where he’s met by Adellandra and his children.  His almost-son Theo tells him to go to Mek’anar and talk to Adarra and Shane “Dran’a’vir”, his best friends.  He stays and trains alongside the canine Brownpatches family.  An old friend seeks council in him, Chikite “Red Wolf” Moondancer and his mate Celine.  They’ve been sent on a mission and need his detective instincts to help investigate rumors.  The rumors of a mysterious pack of Shadow Wolfs – those never seen in daylight and hunt only at night, only seen and heard in shadows.

At least, that’s what they tell him.  After talking to Shane “Dran’a’vir”, they offer to take him on a Spirit Quest deep in the dark wood just outside of Wolf’s Head.  One night on their quest, Karrath has a dream, waking to hear anguished cries from a lone wolf.  His friends both claim it’s hurt, and Chikité goes to investigate.  He returns with a half-Companion, half-Wolf female in his arms, passed out and bleeding.  Celine works her healing magic and sees the female’s broken shoulder and back leg.  Once she opens her eyes from a treatment, Karrath sees the shadowy grey in them.  They match those of the mysterious girl in his dream.

They nurse her back to health the best they can with blood and healing from Celine.  She speaks rapidly in Ancient Wolf-Speak, and only Chikité can understand.

Just who is this Mysterious Wolf-girl with the midnight black hair and eyes that remind them of shadows and mist whenever Karrath looks into them?  Once she regains her speech, Karrath learns her name: Mystique Rose, nicknamed “Mysti” by her clan – the very Clan they came to investigate.

She is also his true-mate, and has searched for him all her life.   Once they mate, they go to Mal’estar announce it.  Mysti recognizes the Lord Emperor as her Alpha and the ruler of the Shadow Wolf Packs, also known as the Phantom Wolves.