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Duo-Sita: Adarra’s Story


Lord Drakkar and Lady Adarramena have their hands full with their own children. Adarra’s Ancient Mystic Children Caleb, Meredith and Logan welcome a Draconian Princess, Harmony. This is Adarramena’s own story, as told to her duo-brattona, Lady Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, Head-Chronicler of the Realms.



Dragonwolf of the Nations

    This is my story, so listen up.

    My name, in truth, is Adarramena Mout’ella Dranna and I’m a Dragonwolf of the Dragon Nations. You’ve heard my duo-brattona Adellandra’s story, so now, it’s my turn.

    A lot of things have happened to me in the past millennia or three. From being a Lady Princess of Mal’estar just behind my duo-brattona, to being blooded an Ancient Mystic, and back again, it’s all been quite a trip.

    I guess I should start at the beginning.

    I was just a pup of five summers when we, my sita and I, got our wings. Before that, we were just normal, ordinary Companion Wolves of the Mountain Wolf Forest Packs in the Realm of Dreams. The Realm of Dreams borders the Dragon Nations at what they named the Province Wood. We had yet to take after our fire-dragon father, Sir Airemus.

I awoke that morning from a strange dream, and so did Adellandra.

“Matéré!” We both cried to her, searching the hutch-cave for her. We found her in the kitchen making breakfast in her Companion form. That is, she was half-wolf, half-immortal.

Katerina Mout’ella turned to greet us with hugs, looking us in the eyes. “My dears, whatever are the matters with you?”

“I had a bad dream, and it felt so real!” Adellandra cried. “I dreamed we could fly, just like Dratyr!”

“Ah, dearhearts, but you can!” Matéré supplied with a laugh. “I do believe it is time for you to learn how to shift your wings. For that, I send you to your Dratyr. When he returns from duty, he will show you how to grow your dragon’s wings and fly.”

“Yay!” Adellandra and I cried, jumping up and down. We shifted from our own Companion forms to full wolf before racing outside to play.


Our Dratyr, Sir Airemus Dranna of the Royal Guard of Mal’estar, came home early that day.

“I hear you two are having flying dreams.” Dratyr grinned, hugging us.

“Aye, Dratyr,” I told him. “It felt so real. Can we really fly like you?”

Dratyr nodded. “That you can Adarramena.” He supplied. “It is almost the same as with your wolf-forms. You can shift from Companion to full-wolf, aye?”

We nodded.

“What was the main lesson your Matéré taught you about shifting?”

“Practice, practice, practice.” We chorused.

I was bored with practicing. After only a few tries, I could shift from Companion to full-wolf form. It took Adellandra a while to learn the patience. Once we could both shift, we raced to see how long it would take for either of us to lose concentration. I always won. Would it be the same with the dragon’s wings?

“Aye, practice.” Dratyr ruffled our hair. Adellandra giggled. “To start, imagine yourselves with dragon’s wings like mine.”