Special Excerpt: The Ballad of Spirit and Shadows!

The Ancient Mystics would tell their children tales of the Goddess of Spirit and her beloved God of Shadows.  This is their Ballad based on those very tales!

The Ballad of Spirit and Shadows

From the Ancient Mystic Gods so Fair

Came a balanced love so pure of a pair

One from the Light, Silver and Bright

One from the Darkness, Chaos and Night

Theirs was the Love of Purest Desires

Theirs was the Balance of Life and Fires

She was Spirit, a Being of the Light

He was Shadows, a Being of the Night

Each yearned for something different and then

Within her the Darkness, within him a Friend

They came together, a Love so Pure

Within the Light and the Night they Endure

Passion’s Fires from Dragon’s Flame

Each calling the other’s names

“Spirit, my Love,” He exclaimed unto she,

The Bright and Silver one so Free, “I love you

With thine own heart, my soul, my love, we will never part”

“Shadows, dearest,” She purred to her Night, “I love you

As well, for you are my all, for throws of love with you did I Fall”

“A love like ours will never be forsaken,” She said,

“Nor from each other our souls will be taken”

And so they were for centuries above

With the Ancient Mystics Gods did they love

But with each passing gone their brethren were covetous

And green-eyed with jealousy of something they couldn’t muss

One day the Mighty Origin of Fates did appear

And tore their Souls from each other dear

“Shadows my dearest heart so true,

fear not” Spirit supplied. “For I am always with you.

Think of me in darkest hours,

Think of me in your darkest of powers,

and I Will be there instantly, for they will soon see,

The Gods themselves will never separate you from me!”

They were Realmbound then, in two separate worlds

He a Draconian and she a Dragonwolf girl

They eventually found each other again,

Realmbound, for Darkness needed his Friend

Realmbound, for Spirit needed her Mate

For completion and Balance they did partake

Once the Gods above they did see,

They were not happy they were not free

Once more did The Origin of Fates step in

Brought Visions to the girl, took away her friend

Separated and made to suffer in remorse

She thought the hell of it was her fault, of course

As for Shadows, he was strong, but the Chaos was stronger

And War of the Dragon Nations did rage on longer

Without the Love that had been his heart and soul

There was no more peace, there was no more control

The Ancient Mystic Brethren Gods, they felt compunction

What had they done, with their jealous action?

How could they have been so wrong, in being green-eyed all along?

They should have been happy for Shadows and Spirit

For they had found love where no one else would hear it.

In order to rectify their jealous misdeed, they told all to take heed

For one day, the two would find each other again

and the Chaos of Shadows will be with the Light of his Loverfriend

It did not take long for the Ancient Mystics Gods plan

To come to fruition, for Fates to take hand.

To bring back the Silver Light of Spirit to He

Who once let the Destruction and Chaos Run Free

To bring back the Darkness of Night to She

Who was swept away by the Fates for her to see

Once a Dragonwolf now a Mystic girl

Stuck now in three different worlds

The Once-Djinn High Lord O’Dell intervened

The Mystic girl was more than what she seemed.

He made her his successor as Young Guardian

And Trained her with magics so she could return once again

She was soon given Goddess Status again

She was the Goddess of Spirit, a helping hand of a friend

Taught of the Special Magics within her soul

Taught to tame the Wildness and within it, Control

On a chance meeting with the Dragon’s Emperor

She happened to Feel something in her heart and soul stir

A whisper of a beat so wild and untamed, who was this

Male to make her feel this way, what was his name?

A Simple kiss opened up her eyes, for something Wonderful, it became quite a surprise

She was his Spirit, and the Dragon’s Fire awoke

He was the Shadows, wrapped in a Darkness cloak

The two were one once more, as their souls were balance

Hers was the Love unlike any other, and he was in a trance

She could no longer be with anyone but Him, her heart desired

The Chaos, the Darkness, of His Dragon’s Fire within

He could no longer love anyone but her, his soul reawakened

To the Love, the Light, the Spirit she’d partaken

A Final decree to their Brethren they cried

No one would come between them would live if they tried

No one will live to see the light of day

That sought to take their mate away

From that day forward, the Gods and the Fates would Feel

How true of a love Spirit and Shadows had, for it was real

The Truest of Loves, of heart, Soul and Desire,

Of Honor and Spirit and Balance in the Dragon’s Fire

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