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Book of the Chronicles’ Terms

Collected from the Chronicles of the Realms


Head-Chronicler of the Realms,

Lady Adellandra Dranna Dratianos

Taken from the Following Chronicles:

Young Guardian Saga

Mystic Circle Saga

Mystic Magic Saga

All Other Mystic Sagas

Dream Realm Chronicles

Dweller-kin Chronicles

System-Network Chronicles

Crusader Mysteries

Spirit of Mal’estar Trilogy

and All Other Chronicles

written By

Lady Adellandra Dranna Dratianos


Adella DragonStar

Sulheya! Kateea! Greetings! Brightest Blessings! Merry Meet!

In other words, “Hello!”

In All the Realms of All the Worlds, there are certain terms, words, languages, dialects, and such that shape the Realm itself. In the Dream Realm Chronicles, and all those written by myself, I have established certain rules, words and the like for each World. This set of written terms and explanations of All the Realms of All the Worlds should hopefully shed light on the many vast worlds of words, languages, words, tones and such from the Chronicles combined.

For Example, in All the Realms I have traveled to, the Mortal Realm, the one we as humans, or mortals, live in now, is called many things. The Outer-Realm, the Mortallan Realm, Realm of Mortals, Human World, and so on. The Companions of the Realm of Dreams, meaning, those animal-human hybrid shapeshifter beings living in the Realm of Dreams, call the Mortal Realm the Outer-Realm, as their own is part of the Inner-Realms. Now, being the Lady Guardian of the Realms, ‘head Guardian’ of all the different Companions and Creatures of the Realm of Dreams, it is my job to keep track of all Mortals who Dream, which I call Dreamers. Creatures, by the way, are the actual animal-beasts of the Realm of Dreams unable to shift their shapes.

There are different “Kinds” of Terms included here. Titles, Realms, Places within the Realms, Kinds as in conscious, thinking beings, Peoples, Military Army Terms, Language, Specific Terms for Specific Realm-kinds, slang for each Realms, Magickal Terms, and so on. I don’t know how many are actually going to be until I gather them all together and see for myself. I had started a Term-Words sheet for the Mystics and Chronicles but it is so far jaded I have to start again. In starting over, I am starting at the beginning of The Young Guardian Saga: #1: Welcome to Your Destiny!, where it all began more than twelve years ago.

Time flies when you’re not paying any attention, now doesn’t it?

Speaking of Time, since it’s not a Term, and it’s about the Realm of Dreams itself, I’ll have to explain a little about the passing of Time in that Realm.

Time is an iffy thing. Time means nothing and it is everything. The Passing of time in the Realm of Dreams is the future-present-past of the Mortal Realm, since they are so thinly connected by the Veil between them. To tell a Past-being of the Future could change their future, so there are certain rules to go by when it comes to Time. That’s why I said it means nothing and everything.

Side-note: If you don’t believe in Magick, or know what it is, you shouldn’t be reading this Book. I’m not going to spend the time explaining what Magick is or is not, or what Witchcraft and Paganism is or is not. This Book is for Terms having to do with All the Realms of All the Worlds, according to my Chronicles of them. If you know nothing at all about Magick, don’t try to understand this Book.

Now, on with the Book of Ancient Mystic Terms.

From: Young Guardian Saga #1: Welcome to Your Destiny!

As I said, we begin at the Beginning. I won’t Outline as I did before, just scan through, tap out the word/term/etc and attempt to explain it. Notice I said attempt? Some things are universal, no matter what Realm you’re from or in. Others are not so easy to explain.

Names of the Mystics and their Families, no matter where they came from or live, are found elsewhere, so I won’t repeat myself by putting who they are, here. Only few main members, those that are mentioned with Titles, are given.

The very first word we come to is Mystic. A Mystic is a magickal person, not unlike a pagan or witch of this Realm. The Mortal Realm has adopted our word of “Mystic” but not our meaning.

  1. Mystic:
    Magickal person with unique powers and the abilities to use those powers in both the Realms of Dreams and Mortals. One with the Magicks of the Ancients. Mystics have five distinct powers at birth: known as Premonition, Telepathy, Empathy, Telekinesis and Clairvoyance. Some even have Three More that develop as their other magics do: known as Photographic Memory, Shapeshifting (in the Realm of Dreams only), and Healing. The “Family” of Mystics we know is known as Ancient Mystics.
  2. The Ancients:
    Gods and Goddesses “Havenbound”, Bound to the Havens, with All Magicks of All the Realms of All the Worlds, as They Created them.
  3. Ancient Mystics:
    Daughters and Sons of the Gods and Goddesses, “Realmbound”, bound to all Realms but the Mortallan, with All Magicks of All Realms of All the Worlds. Four Original Ancient Mystics we know of are Enchantra, Challandra, Mystica and Jezebel. During the Wars for Power, Enchantra sent her three young daughters “Earthbound.” Their children are also known as Ancient Mystics.
  4. Wizard:
    Different meanings. One, as the Son of the Earthbound Mystic, called Mystic Wizard. Two, as the Old Ways’ term for a dabbler in Magickal Arts, either male or female. Three, as in an Exiled Djinn High-Council member, such as O’Dell and his three brothers. Four, as in a Title or occupation. Either can be a female or male.
  5. Mortal:
    people in the Mortallan Realm with no powers, also known as Earthbounds.
  6. Immortal:
    people with power, non-Mortals. Of these kinds and not limited to, are Ancient Mystics, Dweller-kin, Draconians, Companions, and Mystics.
  7. Originated:
    past-tense of Originate, Created, Began, or Started. In this case, Originated means the eight Originators brought order to the otherwise-chaotic Mystic Realms, starting with the Realm of Dreams, developing its many lands.
  8. Originators:
    of the Mystic Realms, Djinn-turned-Wizard Lords O’Dell, Orthos, Maxwell (Soon-to-be named Maximaniac), and Byron with Ancient Mystic Sisters Enchantra, Challandra, Mystica and Jezebel. The Mystic Realms include: Realms of Dreams, Epsilon, Abyss, Unknown, Forgotten Ones, Ancients, and Gammas. The Mystic Realms are part of the Dragon Nations.
  9. Guardian (of the Realms):
    Lord or Lady who is in charge of those who dwell or live in All the Realms of All the Worlds, such as Mortals or Immortals. There are different kinds of Guardians as well, but mostly, in the Chronicles, Lord or Lady Guardian are mentioned. It’s their job to watch over all those in the Realms, mostly the Dreamers of the Mortal Realm, keeping the peace as their Monarch.
  10. Dream Realm’s Sphere:
    Two sets of Jewels of the Province, as they were once called, created by the Originators for the different Magics in the Mystic Realms. The Light Crystals consist of Ruby for Fire and Dragon Magic, Emerald for Earth and Unicorn Magic, Yellow Topaz for Air/Winds and Hawk Magic, Amethyst for Spirit and Companion Magic, and Sapphire for Waters and Mermagic. The Darker Crystals of the Elements are in the Dominionite Crystals five segments. The Link Crystal, an Onyx, is known as the Black-as-Night Crystal. Put together, only the Originators and two Ancient Mystics, named Grand Magus and Lady Guardian, can control its awesome yet also destructive power.
  11. Dominionite Master: Master of the Realm of the Dominion, name of Orthos.
  12. Dominion:
    before it was destroyed in the Crusades, it was the “evil” part of the Realm of Dreams. Known as the Dominionite Realm, Realm of the Dominion and the Dominion.
  13. Dominionite: demons of the Dominion, Orthos’ and Damian’s followers.
  14. Dominionite Warrior Army:
    Clan of fighting zombies led by Damian and Sabrina. No mind or magic of their own, once fooled years ago by false promises made by them. Minds are too warped to notice as Sabrina was training them to kill whoever got in their way. They fight against all forces of ‘good’, such as the Mystics and Originators, but mostly Dreamers. They used to be Companions, but were stolen from their families, their own magic stolen and used against them. Once they had their magic stolen away, they had no minds of their own or choice to become Warriors.
  15. Provinces and Kingdoms:
    Cities within the Realm of Dreams. The Mystic Kingdom is a Kingdom while the Provinces are different forested villages. Known as the ‘good’ part of the Realm of Dreams, as the Dominion
    is the ‘evil.’

  16. Wars for Power:
    There were two. In the first, O’Dell died by his brother’s hand, as he first saw in his Vision. In the second, his Earthbound daughter Dixilynne and granddaughter Shannon formed the first Dream Realm Crusader team to go back in time with the “Time Bandit” program and change it. In it to fight on O’Dell’s side were not only the Companion Armies but also Dwellers and the Crusaders from the Outer Realm. Both Mystic Sister twins Jezebel and Mystica died in the Wars, but were brought back by their sisters and Mystica’s Companion mate of Braken Hawk. The Hawks were sent to the Realm of the Epsilon while Jezebel, to pay for her misdeeds, was sent back to the Realm of the Unknown to await Orthos once he is Exiled with Sabrina and Damian.
  17. Banished: to cast oneself out of the Inner-Realms to the Outer Realm using the Banishment Spell. First one known to Call this spell and do it was Lord Maximaniac of the Grey Area’s Shady Kingdom. He Banished himself to an Earthbound‘s body for the love of Jezebel. Second to use it was Master Orthos on his twin-Balinese nieces, Katherine and Kitten’s Claw Hawk. Katherine was Banished to Young Guardian Ariana Louise while Kitten’s Claw was to Ariana’s twin sister Aluna Lynne.
  18. Dark Tower:
    Castle of the Dominion, before it was destroyed in the Crusades.
  19. Companion:
    animal-immortal hybrids capable of shifting their shapes to their different species and breeds. Their counterparts, Creatures, cannot shift their shapes and are the animal-beasts in the Realms.
  20. Mystic Palace: In the Mystic Province Wood, the “Palace of the Mystic Sisters”, Enchantra and Challandra. The elder twins lived there for the longest time, until Challandra reunited with Lord Byron and went to the Mystic’s Kingdom, and Enchantra and O’Dell moved to his Castle. Behind the Palace are the Five Elemental Towers, that control and monitor the usage of the Realms’ magics. The doorbell rings the chime of Tchaikovsky’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Always a target for attack.
  21. Mystic Mirror: In the Palace is the “Mystic Mirror Room”, which holds a mirror that doubles as both a “Looking-Glass” (To Look over the Realms and Family), and a portal to whatever Realm the reflection shows. The Mystic Mirror was forged by Mystica herself in the Wars for Power before she ‘died’. Lord Guardian O’Dell used it to ‘See’ the future to come, and the destruction Orthos would cause.
  22. Empathy:
    a basic power of a Mystic or Ancient Mystic. The Ability to “Feel” emotions of other people, known as ‘sensing’. An advanced form of this is Sensing the Feelings and Emotions of people you don’t know in the future or past. Young Guardian (I, myself) use it daily to help others. I sense the problem and think of a solution. I also use the Empathy in many other Healing ways, such as in Dream-Healing. Other basic powers or use of those basic powers won’t be given, as Empathy is highly misunderstood. The others are known, but not believed.
  23. Dream Realm:
    The Main Realm where these Chronicles take place, also in some cases known as the Realm of Dreams. One of the Seven Mystic Realms. Other Realms are Abyss, Ancients, Epsilon, Forgotten, Gammas, Unknown. Places within it are Grey Area, Dark Area, Shady Kingdom, Mystic Kingdom, Mystic Province, Underground, Canine Valley, Feline Village, Mountain Wolf Forest, Wolf’s Peak, and so on (But those are prominent). At first, I am Young Guardian of it, and my daughter Kelly is the Enchanted Child.
  24. Dream Locket:
    a silver-chained locket necklace which holds a dream-catcher’s webbing. In the webbing is a Unicorn’s head with an opalescent jewel below the horn. It gives Ancient Mystics and the Dream Realm Crusaders (anyone who wears it) the power to travel to the Dream Realm with the Dream Chant.
  25. Dream Chant:
    used with or without the Dream Locket to go to the Realm of Dreams. Chant: “Moy Yam, Tor Ham Day, Take me Away. My Heart, my Soul, and All I seem, Take me Now to the Realm of Dreams”. Earthbound Mystics have found variations of this main chant work just as well.
  26. Sulheya:
    Ancient Wolf-Speak word for “Greetings”. Wolf uses this to say hello to Katherine the first time.
  27. Stargazer Castle:
    As Wolf says, his Companion surname is Stargazer, the Castle is deeply nestled within the Canine Valley’s Wood. He used to live there with his parents and brothers until he was Claimed by Damian (the Merchant) to be a part of the Warrior Army. The Canine Valley is just one place of many hundreds in the Realm of Dreams itself, part of the Mystic’s Province.
  28. The Dominionite Merchant:
    Name: Orthos’ son Damian. Leader of the Warrior Armies with his sister, the Maiden Sabrina.
  29. Parentada: Ancient Wolf-Speak word for “Parents”.
  30. Dreamer:
    one that travels to the Realm of Dreams in their Sleep, usually Mortals are also called Dreamers. There are Mystic Dreamers as well, before they earn a title. Dreamers don’t remember their adventures there, but Mystic Dreamers do. To Mortal Dreamers, their adventures are just that – dreams. Those called Young Dreamers are children of the Mortallan Realm.
  31. Garden:
    The Borderline ‘garden’ area between the Province and Dominion, later known as the Practice Fields. Lush greenery, vast yarding to run and play, etc. The main place of escape for those Dominionites with minds and hearts of their own, to get away from the Army’s strict training regimen. I met Katherine there on my own escapes from the Orphanage growing up.
  32. Witches Grove: A place in the Dominion where images and visions are brought to life and used against you, if you’re not careful. Very potent area for practicing magic.
  33. Outer Realm: Mortallan Realm, Realm of Mortals, the name given to the main Realm “Outside” of All the Realms of All the Worlds. Dreamers travel to the Dream Realm from the Realm of Mortals.
  34. Young Guardian: of the Dream Realm. Lord Guardian’s successor, named Ariana Louise (my title before I took Lady Guardian status). Duties include helping Dreamers with their nightmares and fears, patrolling All Realms of All the Worlds and leading Crusader teams.
  35. Enchanted Child:
    of the Dream Realm. Young Guardian’s daughter Kelina Erin who’s the one to meet and greet new Young Dreamers at night. When I took my Lady Guardian title, she changed her own to the Enchantress, seeming how she wasn’t a ‘child’ any longer, taking over my ‘Young Guardian’ duties.
  36. Dream Realm Crusaders: those chosen by Lord Guardian to “Crusade” through the Dream Realm and fight his brother Orthos and the Dominionite Warriors. So far, there are three separate teams. Known leaders of these teams are Shannon Ryan and her Earthly Protector Nick McNathaniels, myself and my ex-Protector Derrick Reading, and my daughter Kelly and her Earthly Protector Bradley Allen. The Companion-Crusaders, Companions who have “Crusaded” to the Outer-Realm, are Braken Joel Hawk with Nikita White-Snow, Katherine Hawk with Wolf Stargazer, and Destiny Grey with Tiger White-Snow. Combined with Dream Realm and Companion-Crusaders, we number the hundreds, and still we grow.
  37. Dream Girl”: Derrick Reading, my now-ex Earthly Protector’s name for me, before he knew who I was. He’d been dreaming about me all his life, reaching out to him in hope and love, when either of us needed the other, we’d only dream. I’d heal his inner wounds as he would help heal mine.