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Demon Pantheros

by Lady Adellandra

Pantheros Dratianos

Pantheros Dratianos

He has been called many things: Skethn’rae, Abomination, Hao-lin, Demoncat, Kreskin.  He is Andros Cobrianos-Dratianos, once a member of the Royal Illunian family, now a Panther-kin trying to escape painful visions in the Realm of the Forgotten.

When he was ten-summers-old, he was plagued by visions.  Those visions pulled him away from his home of the Illunae in search of answers, and himself.  He manages to survive, somehow, learning he can manipulate time and space, just like his Draconian father, Lord Draconis, Emperor of the Dragon Nations.  After an experiment, he manages to speed time three years and knock himself out from the magic.

An Elder of the Panther Tribes Ni’enna Sees him in a dream and rescues him after a terrible storm.  He awakens with amnesia, which Ni’enna confirms is normal for such a magical working.  He is named “Skethn’rae”, which means “Abomination” in Panther-kin.  Ni’enna takes him in and raises him as her own, teaching him how to hone his magic and control the powers that flow in his system.  Soon, his Coming-of-Age Ceremony comes, and so does his time to leave the Tribes.  As an initiation into adulthood, Ni’enna believes he’s ready to perform his greatest feat of magic: making his first Realm Portal.

In a fit of a storm, Skethn’rae, now naming himself Pantheros for his form, opens his first Portal to the Mortal Realm.  Barely able to see to close it behind him, he loses consciousness. When he awakens, faces from his past greet him, and he’s back home in the Illunae with a lot of explaining to do.

A year later, and plenty of lessons in how to be a Prince of both his Realms, he regrets leaving the Illunae and wishes to change the past.  With help from a Trickster Goddess named Sai’brenn’a, he goes back in time; only, it’s not what he expects.  Sai’brenn’a used him to warp time in the Realms, and now he must help repair it.  Along the way, he meets a strange girl from another Realm, Alanza DeMonica, a Fallen Angel with red hair and Panther-kin heart.

Will Alanza forgive him for his past, and learn to love him as his mate?  Or will he be destined for loneliness, and doomed to roam the Inner Realms alone for the rest of his life?