Intro to the Mystics and Draconians

..In a Nutshell!




Lady Adellandra Dratianos,

Author of the Chronicles of the Dragon Nations

What began as a simple saving of an Ancient’s soul turns out to be quite an exciting adventure for all involved.  Follow as the Originators of the Mystic Realms save a trio of Dragonwolves, only to give them Ancient Magic and Destinies unlike any other Ancient Mystics before or after them.

Djinn O’Dell and his three brothers, Orthos, Maxwell and Bryon were exiled from Djinn rankings, Earthbound with only their powers of High Wizardry.  Ancient Mystics Enchantra, Challandra, Jezebel and Sibylline are forced to leave their homes, for fear of being called witches and fit to burn at the stake.  The eight of them are Called on by the Lady Goddess Herself to travel to the Inner Realms to be the Originators of the Mystic Realms.

Once settling in, they make new friends across the borders into the Dragon Nations.  Lord Emperor of Mal’estar, Lord Brakkon Dratianos, his Lady Empress Locarra, who the Ancient Mystics claim is a distant relative, and their children, Princes Draconis, Drakkar and Dranus, Princesses Alexia, Dia and Dracora.  Friendships turn to Alliances while some Allies become Enemies.

Pretty soon, all Originators and the entire Empire of Mal’estar are stuck in Wars – against each other!  Shortly after the Wars for Power, the Dragon Nations are at war with the Demon Realms.  When his son Draconis takes the Throne with his own Lady Empress mate, Adellandra Dranna, there is peace.  That peace lasts for only a short time before the Hell of Visions, Dreams and Sickness threaten the lives of Lady Adellandra and her Lady Mutyrna, Locarra.  Orthos, seeing Lord Brakkon’s despair over his Lady’s strange illness, takes it into his own hands to place a spell on the prior Draconian Emperor that makes him of two minds.  O’Dell sees the destruction once caused by a Turned Brakkon – who renames himself Thorn – and wishes to help his old friend.

Calling on the Oath of Friendship he and Lord Brakkon Dratianos had made, Brakkon’s daughter  Dracora, now the Countess of Monarch’s Glenn, and her two advisors, Terrantis and Trenor, go to visit Lord O’Dell, Guardian of the Mystic Realms.  O’Dell and Enchantra, who had recently sent their only daughters Earthbound to save them from Orthos’ clutches, listen to Dracora’s plea for help.  Once hearing of Lady Adellandra’s Vision Sickness, Lady Locarra’s mysterious illness, and how Lord Brakkon is handling it all, they agree on one thing.  As if being Called once again to do Her Work, O’Dell gives Dracora a spell to become Earthbound with a handful of her People.  They would soon become the Dweller Kin-Clans of the Outer Realm.

Meanwhile, Lady Adellandra’s Vision Sickness grows too hard for her to bear, and she must do something to stop them.  Locarra, before she passes to the Summerland, instructs Adellandra to write down all Mystic Magic Spells, Rituals and Chants for future generations to learn.  With the Vision Sickness growing worse by the day, those Spells and Chants turn Dark, and the Book of the Ancient Mystics soon becomes The Book of DemonsBane.  Knowing all would be lost to the Chaos her Lord Emperor Mate and Lord Dratyrna Brakkon, she devises a plan of her own to maintain peace in her beloved Nations.  One night, while all are resting from battle, she takes her three children, Prince Kronin, Princess Locarra and Princess Locanna to the Realm of Dreams to live with her Matéré, the Alpha SheWolf of the Mountain Wolf Forest Packs.  After dropping them off and promising to return for them, she flees to the only place she finds solace – her parent’s old hutch-cave, just outside of Mal’estar.

War rages on within All the Realms of All the Worlds, and O’Dell must make a choice.  He has seen his own death in his Dream Realm’s Sphere, and must name a Successor.  Trouble was, who would be powerful enough in time to take his place?  In the heat of battle, O’Dell has a vision of his own death, seeking his Mystic Realms’ Sphere for advice.  It gives him a vision of an elder DragonWolf woman who had placed herself in a trance for so long, she was unconscious and glowing.  O’Dell instructs the knight Sir Chase Moondancer to retrieve her and bring her to him for healing.  It’s not long after that when Lord Drakkar, his mate, the Lady Adarramena, who is also unconscious, arrive in front of him, fresh from battle.  O’Dell’s lady-love of Enchantra and her twin Challandra believe the Dranna twins of Adarramena and Adellandra are worth saving, as is their younger brother Anton.  Once all three Dranna siblings are in the same room with Dracora, who was there on a Vision, Drakkar, who wouldn’t leave his mate’s side to return to battle, and the three remaining Originators of O’Dell, Enchantra and Challandra, the Mystic Sister Twins cast a powerful spell on them.  The Spell changed their images to those of Immortal Mortals, humans with special abilities and powers in their minds, hearts, and bloods.  That spell also changed their bodies.  They were no longer two-hundred plus years old by Mortallan time.  The twins of Adarramena and Adellandra were turned into young girls, and their brother Anton was a mere infant.  Enchantra goes to her Earthbound Granddaughter, Susan Woods and gives her a mission – keep them safe from harm and raise them as her own.  They would be renamed Ariana, Aluna and Antony, and would live in the Outer Realm with her and her own children of Annabelle, Kevin, Mary Ellen, Christopher and Claudia.

So begins the drama that is known as the Young Guardian Trilogy, The Spirit of Mal’estar, and Beyond!

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