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Short Take: Lord O’Dell’s Story

Lord O’Dell’s Story

Lord O'Dell of the Mystic Realms

There has been many a time where my assistance to Other Realms has helped change them for the better of All Realms of All the Worlds.

I remember when I first met the God of Death and Rebirth, Lord Brakkon.  I remember when I first intervened in his life, not only as a fellow Lord of the Realms, with himself being Lord Emperor of the Dragon Nations at the time, but as his Lord Guardian in the Realm of Dreams.

I remember when his daughter Dracora Dratianos, then-Princess of Mal’estar and Countess of Monarch’s Glen, came to me with two of her best vassals, begging and pleading for me to help her save her people from her Emperor-Brother’s Chaos.  He had taken his father’s own Chaos, which named itself ‘Thorn’, and destroyed it.  Lord Emperor Draconis, Brakkon’s fellow God and Realmbound son, once learning his own mate of Lady Empress Adellandra had left him, taking their three young dragonlet children with them, went Chaotic, destroying all those around him.

I also remember during that War, which was soon known as the “Dragon’s Fall,” Draconis’ sister Dracora and twin brother Drakkar coming to me for help.  Drakkar appeared in the Mystic Palace, fresh from battle with his own mate of Lady Adellandra’s twin sister Adarramena passed out in his arms.  Dracora had visited on an impulse that had to do with her Brattonata, sister-in-love Lady Adellandra and her whereabouts.

The moment I laid eyes on the Lady Empress, who had been found in her own family’s old hutch-cave not far from Mal’estar, I knew something was oddly familiar about her.

When Brakkon, who was renamed Braken Hawk, told me who she was, I knew I had to intervene.  She was the Lady Goddess, SilverMoon, the very Pillar of Light.  Adellandra was more than just another Realmbound Goddess.  No, she was something more.  The Lady Adellandra was more than even her twin sister Adarramena.  She was special, and had to be saved.

My own lady-love of Enchantra, along with her twin Challandra and myself held hands and blooded the twins and their younger brother Anton, who was also brought to us fresh from battle, as Ancient Mystics.  Their once-Dragonwolf forms changed to Immortals, mere human-forms, and the new blood replaced the old.  Their memory of the Dragon Nations and their involvement in that Realm was erased.  In their place, the three were shifted to Young Ones and their once-powerful Draconian Magick pushed back to the alcoves of their minds.

I summoned my granddaughter Susan Woods, to take them to safety.  She renamed them and promised to keep them from harm at all times.  The Empress, she had renamed Ariana Moon.  Adarramena was renamed Aluna Star and their younger brother, who was an infant, was renamed Antony Gregory.

When Prince Drakkar saw his loving mate as an Immortal child, I could see the hurt in his eyes.  I Felt for him, but could do nothing.  I knew his heart was broken, as was the bond between himself and his mate.

Once he disappeared with a broken heart, his sister Dracora stayed to ask questions.  Only one softly escaped from her mouth as she stared at the spot the Lady Adellandra had disappeared from.

“What do you have planned for them, O’Dell?”  Dracora asked.

I thought for a moment before speaking.

“Just as your destiny has brought you to us in the past, so will it return them in the future.”  I had supplied.  “In time, one of them will be the most powerful Wizard of the line.  One will be the most gifted of Mages, and the other?  Well, they will be my successor.”

In time, my predictions of them had come true.  Those predictions came at an awful time for the entire Mystic Realms.   My own twin of Orthos had put us all through hell during what was later known as the Wars for Power and the Crusades.

Antony never knew the taste of blood during a battle, of which I was grateful.  He grew up with Susan and her family, learning his special Wizard’s powers on his own.  Being a Draconian child-turned-Ancient Mystic, he was powerful in his own right.  He became the most powerful Wizard of the Earthbound Mystic lines.  He was even more powerful than our daughters Dixilynne, Dorianne and Sarabeth.

Aluna Star grew up with Dixilynne as her granddaughter.  She was always ahead of her own cousin Shannon Ryan when it came to learning her magic and abilities.  I gave her the title of Grand Magus, since she was always wanting to learn more of her abilities.  She learned all she could of all types of world magicks, even becoming a Pagan.  Aluna, nicknamed Luna, soon became obsessed with her magick studies and research.

This left Ariana Moon.  Though it was sad that we had to separate the twins, even from each other, Ariana Moon surprised us all.  I watched her from afar as she grew up in orphanages and foster homes.  She learned her own Mystic Magic with the help of two siblings, orphans Aaron Theodore and Amethyst Theresa.  In time, I gave her the title of Young Guardian, and she grew to be my successor.

All three Draconian children exceeded my expectations and remained loyal to the Realms and the Originators.

Years have passed, those children grew up and reunited with those in the Dragon Nations.  Ariana reunited with her Emperor mate Draconis shortly after she became Lady Guardian.  The two became the new Lord and Lady Guardians of the Realms, uniting the Dragon Nations with the Mystic Realms once again.

Peace was assured once again in the Inner Realms, and I could not have been more proud of my successor and her mate.