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(Kelly’s Crusaders and their first case: Details behind it J)

Early 1990’s. Hill View Police Department receives and dispatches a bomb threat coming from an old electronics factory, Pell Corp., International. The call was intercepted by then Detective Jack Durham (Now Chief), and he was sent on-scene as part of the HVPD’s Bomb Squad. Durham thought it was a false alarm. When he arrived at the scene, nothing happened — and the bomb was never found. He headed back to HQ unsuspecting of any danger and excitement that was to come. An hour later, while the employees of Pell Corp. were working, it happened. A very volatile bomb had exploded in the main boiler room, killing over 100 workers instantly, and leaving the rest critically injured. Try as they might, for over a month, the bomber was never caught or found. Since there were no witnesses to testify, the HVPD officials had no leads on the case. Therefore, making the case officially closed. A year later, the pain of Pell Corp. remains as a distant reminder of that fateful day. Who planted that bomb still remains a mystery to HVPD officials.

Early 1992: A small group of middle-school students has to do a research paper on who planted the bomb in the Pell Corp. Building. In reality, the teacher assigned them a research project on using the local newspaper, and the group just happened upon the famed articles on the case. The girl who was the group leader was so fascinated by the articles that she launched the first of her many ideas to crack the unsolved mystery of Hill View Police Department. She pulled the group together to form a kid’s detecting team, which they called the Teen Sleuths Detecting Agency. In a period of one month, the kids solved the case, completely baffling the HVPD. Its members: Kelly Reading, Bradley Allen Schmidt, Josh Stevenson, Cara Daniels, Krysti Farthay, Samantha West, and Steven Edwards. They were known as the Bomb Squad of Hill View Horizon Woods, which their classmates shortened to just the Bomb Squad.

It was because of that famous first case that they earned the nickname of the Bomb Squad. From that day forward, the nickname stuck, and the group, plus a few faces and a new name, was forever known as the Bomb Squad of Hill View.