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The Forgotten One

The Forgotten One

A Draconian Soul-Sisters short-story


Lady Adellandra Dratianos

A female vampire, young at heart, mind and newly-Reborn, has lost her memory.  She wakes up to find herself in the arms of a Demon Prince who names himself Dominick.  Dominick teases her with the scent of his blood, taunting her with it, yet not letting her Feed.  After tiring with her, both sexually and physically, he comes up with a plan to get his revenge on the Lord Draconis and his mate Lady Adellandra.  His father Lord Bane was destroyed and vanquished by the Realmbound Ancient couple and their All-Realm Crusaders team.

Dominick places a spell on the girl and sends her to the Dragon Nations to seduce Lord Draconis, distracting him from his Lady.  Dominick then goes for the Lady; but she’s too smart for him, just as her mate is too smart to be seduced so easily.

Draconis releases the vampire girl he names Ke’arre from the spell and senses her intense need to Feed.  Knowing how, he severs the link Dominick had with her, allowing her to finally become her own soul.

The Lady knows something must be done about Ke’arre, so they bond her mind, body and soul to Lady Adellandra in hopes of regaining some of her own sense of self and memories.