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Kra’tath’s Tale

Kra’tath’s Tale

A Draconian Heritage Short-Story


Lady Adellandra Dratianos

Sabrina’s Lover-mate Cyrix hasn’t always been a low-level Fire-Demon.  He also hasn’t always been a Dominionite Warrior, following with her Army.  Before his parents died, he remembers being a Fire-Dragon Clan Guardian who was seeking out the right to his Guardian-name.

He also remembers the devastation that led to their deaths; the Dominionite Master Orthos had taken over the Clans and destroyed everything in his path, just for the fun of it.  He barely got out of the Dragon Nations with his life, and a scar that would stay with him as a reminder.

Alone and afraid, angry and determined, he fled the Dragon Nations in his Immortal form to get his revenge on the Master.  He was met in the Dominion’s Garden by a gentle feline Companion.  Near death, she healed him and helped him gain his strength back.

It’s not long before he disguises himself as a Dominionite Fire-demon, waiting for the opportunity to exact his revenge.  Deep in battle, he begins to fall in love with the vilest female creature ever known to the Dream Realm – Orthos’ daughter Sabrina.  Before too long, he’s swept up in the Wars for Power and battles against Orthos’ brother, Lord Guardian O’Dell and the Ancient Mystic Sisters.  He soon forgets he was ever a Fire-Dragon Clan Guardian.

Before what is now known as the War of the Realms, it is Sabrina that sees what’s she’s done in her past has been wrong, and wishes to turn good.  Cyrix goes along for the ride, ready to teach her the beauty and magic he saw in her the first day they met.

It’s not long after they win the war that he’s summoned by the Countess Dracora in Monarch’s Glen.  She has need of his and Sabrina’s assistance in training new recruits.  Throughout, he Feels her staring at him and sums up the courage to talk to her.  That’s when she tells him a story: When she was Earthbound as Shylee, she Bonded herself in blood to a Watcher-kin Dweller named Sheman Starchaser.  Before he mated with the Ancient Mystic Bathsheba, Sheman and she make love; Cyrix was the result.  Dracora shares her memories as Shylee with him, confirming her words.  He begins to remember his real name, Kra’tath Starchaser, and questions come to his mind.

Will Dracora be able to answer, or will he have to find them on his own?