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Chaos of the Light

Chaos of the Light: Destria’s Story

A Draconian Soul-Sisters Short-Story


Lady Adellandra Dratianos

Not long after the War of the Realms and reuniting with her beloved Lord Draconis, the Lady Adellandra starts to feel something within her stir.  She has always been afraid of the Dark Magic from the Ancient Mystic blood, but now, with full control over it, she wants to use it.

She’ll get her chance when an old enemy returns to haunt her in Mal’estar and the Dragon Nations.

MagDaliah, Queen of the Dark Areans, has taken over those female Dominionites left from the various battles and wars.  Lord Bane, King of the Dark Areans who fancies himself the “Nightmare King” has been defeated by Lady Guardian and the Companion Armies.  While he broods dwelling on his defeat, MagDaliah makes her move.  With Orthos’ old flame Gloriana and her two daughters Shenara and Albrath, along with her own daughters Dominatrix and Zeta, she gathers all female Dominionites and Demons that are left from Bane’s and Orthos’ rule and takes her revenge against Lady Adellandra, the very monarch that destroyed Bane, Orthos, and Crucis.

MagDaliah sends her favorite Soul-Reaper spy, Destria Modesto to take over the Lady’s body and mind.  Destria feels something within the Lady that makes her rethink her spying habits – and use the Lady’s body to turn against MagDaliah and what she calls the Fe-Minions.

Lord Draconis, the Lady’s mate, senses something ‘dark’ within his beloved Empress that’s just ‘not right’.  In order not to take it into himself, he instructs his duo’s mate, the Lady’s own duo Adarramena to go into her twin’s mind and find out for herself just what’s going on.

Adarra finds a demon-soul hiding within her sister’s mind.  Once reaching the soul, she calls for Draconis and her mate of Drakkar to help her separate it, thus returning the Lady’s mind and trapping the soul out of it.

Once in physical form, Destria confesses everything, and even tells the Lord Emperor and Lady Empress she doesn’t want anything more to do with MagDaliah.  As punishment, Destria is given the task of helping stop MagDaliah – for the moment.  To make sure Destria doesn’t do it again, and is serious about turning good, Lady Adellandra binds her with a spell to her own mind and soul.  She would not only be spied upon and watched, but in mind’s reach whenever needed.

Lord Draconis has other plans, once MagDaliah is defeated.  Since Destria doesn’t have anywhere to go, he calls on his own Soul-sib Lord Demarian in the Demon Realm and places her as his sister.