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The Dwellers: The Beast Emerges (excerpt)

Chapter Three:

The Beast Emerges

From the shadows, she watched her Stalker brother destroyed by Ramon. Turning to mist, she flew the air until she landed near a secret spot. She waited until a couple passed her by in the darkness before returning to mortal form. Quickly, she opened the heavy wooden door and slipped inside the building.

“Lord Crucis,” she huffed once finding him. The leader of the Stalkers was dining on another hapless victim of his fame.

He looked up from his dinner, wiping the blood from his lips before shouting. “What is it, Francesca?”

Francesca stepped back, cowering away from him. “Bad news, my Lord.”

Crucis dropped his victim to the cold floor. Rolling his head on his shoulders, he stepped over the now-decaying body before facing her. “You know how I hate bad news.”

“It’s about Dram.” She sputtered. “He’s – he’s…”


Francesca relaxed, but only a little. “Yes.”

“Who ordered it?”

“The Dark Son.” Francesca supplied. “Dram attacked the wolf-man, but Ramon sensed it. Being the two are blood-bound, Ramon could do no less than to answer to the elder’s cries for help.”

“What of the wolf-man?”

“He disappeared after Ramon healed him.” Francesca said.

“How is it you live while your brother is destroyed?” Crucis asked. “Have you a heart after so long?”

“No, Lord.” Francesca replied. “I only hid in shadows, hoping to be the one to bring the Dark Son to justice.”

Crucis smiled. “Very well. What else have you to report?”

“He has sent the males of every Dweller race in finding us.” She supplied.

“Were you followed?”

“Not to my knowledge, sire.”

Crucis turned his back on her, secretly seething. “Go hunt, Francesca. Let me deal with the boy.”

“It would seem the boy is a man, and more than ready to take your challenge.”

“It would seem so, yes.” Crucis turned back to her. “Go, before I lose my temper, and you your blackened heart.”

With a nod, Francesca disappeared in a cloud of mist.