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When Chaos Runs Rampant

Kaos, Scar, Thorn, Destria, and Sai’brenn’a


Lady Adellandra

Long ago, before time began for the Inner Realms, there was Kaos. Kaos is a chaotic god, taking physical form many times to wreak havoc. Jealous of the Love his Creator, Draconai had for his A’isha, he plots to destroy them in any way he can.

First, he spreads a rumor in the Havens that their Creators think nothing of their minor God Creations. Draconai’s brother-creator Brakkon stands up for them, but not even he can stop Kaos once his plan takes form. The three Pillars: Draconai, A’isha and Brakkon are Realmbound by their Creations, separating them. Kaos is pleased, for the moment.

He is livid to learn the Lovers found each other once again, in the forms of Dragons in the Dragon Nations, which was built around the Fifth Pillar Ishanar. Once overhearing Draconai’s darkness builds within his relambound form, Kaos has another plan: use it against him. In a dream one night, Kaos takes Draconai’s mind and body, thus starting his realmbound revenge.

Soon, he Makes his own chaos in Brakkon’s mind, naming him Thorn, Draconis’ mind as Kaos, Drakkar’s mind as Scar, and even in A’isha’s Realmbound mind, naming her Destria. Kaos has his hand in more than just one Realmbound Ancient, seeking destruction, not only of the Lovers but the entire Inner Realms.

This is the story of a certain God named Kaos, his life, destruction by Draconai and resurrection by the Trickster Goddess, Sai’brenn’a. From the Havens to The Inner Realms to The Oblivion and back; Kaos is one God that will never Die.

The Story of Spirit and Shadows

The Story of Spirit and Shadows

A Draconian Ancients Love Short-Story


Lady Adellandra Dratianos

Their story is told to all Ancient Mystic children.  The Mystic’s Goddess of Spirit and God of Shadows are well-known, and feared.  The message handed down from one Mystic to the next would be “Ne’er cross an Ancient.” Several lessons can be learned from “The Ballad of Spirit and Shadows,” most of all, those of love, honor, and the strength of a bond so tight, none, not even the Ancients themselves, can dare to interfere.

This is the story behind the “Ballad.”

The Ancients were jealous of the love and loyalty Draconai had for his A’isha.  They were the Creators, but even Creators can be brought down.  Draconai-named-Darkness and A’isha-named-Light were two of the Four Pillars of Existence.  A lesser-God succeeded in convincing his Brethren to combine their powers and permanently separate them, ravaging them Realmbound to the Inner Realms of All the Worlds.

Another cruel twist of fate reveals itself in the Pillar of Death-and-Rebirth, Brakkon.  He feels the unfairness the Ancients have been treating the Pillars, and hears what happened to Draconai and A’isha.  Brakkon sends himself Realmbound, only to find Draconai – now named Draconis – is his Realmbound son!

The Fourth Pillar, Brigid-Named-Life is cursed to roam the Havens, watching over the other three Realmbound Pillars.  She decides to get a hand in fate and destiny when she finds A’isha in her first Realmbound form – that of a DragonWolf named Adellandra Mout’ella Dranna, her father being Lord Emperor Brakkon’s own Branno Sir Airemus.

The Ancients find out about her ‘meddling’ and mess with the Pillars’ lives.  War breaks out, Adellandra is separated from her beloved Draconis, and Brakkon is Destroyed by his own son when he Turns into “Thorn.”  Brigit is exiled as a lesser-Goddess of the Ancient Mystics, which gives her an idea once she finds out where her Sister Pillar disappeared.  She goes to the Lord Guardian O’Dell and tells him of a special trio of DragonWolves on the brink of death that must be saved for Destiny.

The story from there is well-known, for the Ancient Mystics find their Goddess of Spirit and God of Shadows in Adellandra and Draconis.


The Ballad of Spirit and Shadows

From the Ancient Mystic Gods so Fair
Came a balanced love so pure of a pair
One from the Light, Silver and Bright
One from the Darkness, Chaos and Night
Theirs was the Love of Purest Desires
Theirs was the Balance of Life and Fires
She was Spirit, a Being of the Light
He was Shadows, a Being of the Night
Each yearned for something different and then
Within her the Darkness, within him a Friend
They came together, a Love so Pure
Within the Light and the Night they Endure
Passion’s Fires from Dragon’s Flame
Each calling the other’s names
“Spirit, my Love,” He exclaimed unto she,
The Bright and Silver one so Free, “I love you
With thine own heart, my soul, my love, we will never part”
“Shadows, dearest,” She purred to her Night, “I love you
As well, for you are my all, for throws of love with you did I Fall”
“A love like ours will never be forsaken,” She said,
“Nor from each other our souls will be taken”
And so they were for centuries above
With the Ancient Mystics Gods did they love
But with each passing gone their brethren were covetous
And green-eyed with jealousy of something they couldn’t muss
One day the Mighty Origin of Fates did appear
And tore their Souls from each other dear
“Shadows my dearest heart so true,
fear not” Spirit supplied. “For I am always with you.
Think of me in darkest hours,
Think of me in your darkest of powers,
and I Will be there instantly, for they will soon see,
The Gods themselves will never separate you from me!”
They were Realmbound then, in two separate worlds
He a Draconian and she a Dragonwolf girl
They eventually found each other again,
Realmbound, for Darkness needed his Friend
Realmbound, for Spirit needed her Mate
For completion and Balance they did partake
Once the Gods above they did see,
They were not happy they were not free
Once more did The Origin of Fates step in
Brought Visions to the girl, took away her friend
Separated and made to suffer in remorse
She thought the hell of it was her fault, of course
As for Shadows, he was strong, but the Chaos was stronger
And War of the Dragon Nations did rage on longer
Without the Love that had been his heart and soul
There was no more peace, there was no more control
The Ancient Mystic Brethren Gods, they felt compunction
What had they done, with their jealous action?
How could they have been so wrong, in being green-eyed all along?
They should have been happy for Shadows and Spirit
For they had found love where no one else would hear it.
In order to rectify their jealous misdeed, they told all to take heed
For one day, the two would find each other again
and the Chaos of Shadows will be with the Light of his Loverfriend
It did not take long for the Ancient Mystics Gods plan
To come to fruition, for Fates to take hand.
To bring back the Silver Light of Spirit to He
Who once let the Destruction and Chaos Run Free
To bring back the Darkness of Night to She
Who was swept away by the Fates for her to see
Once a Dragonwolf now a Mystic girl
Stuck now in three different worlds
The Once-Djinn High Lord O’Dell intervened
The Mystic girl was more than what she seemed.
He made her his successor as Young Guardian
And Trained her with magics so she could return once again
She was soon given Goddess Status again
She was the Goddess of Spirit, a helping hand of a friend
Taught of the Special Magics within her soul
Taught to tame the Wildness and within it, Control
On a chance meeting with the Dragon’s Emperor
She happened to Feel something in her heart and soul stir
A whisper of a beat so wild and untamed, who was this
Male to make her feel this way, what was his name?
A Simple kiss opened up her eyes, for something
Wonderful, it became quite a surprise
She was his Spirit, and the Dragon’s Fire awoke
He was the Shadows, wrapped in a Darkness cloak
The two were one once more, as their souls were balance
Hers was the Love unlike any other, and he was in a trance
She could no longer be with anyone but Him, her heart desired
The Chaos, the Darkness, of His Dragon’s Fire within
He could no longer love anyone but her, his soul reawakened
To the Love, the Light, the Spirit she’d partaken
A Final decree to their Brethren they cried
No one would come between them would live if they tried
No one will live to see the light of day
That sought to take their mate away
From that day forward, the Gods and the Fates would Feel
How true of a love Spirit and Shadows had, for it was real
The Truest of Loves, of heart, Soul and Desire,
Of Honor and Spirit and Balance in the Dragon’s Fire

The Forgotten One

The Forgotten One

A Draconian Soul-Sisters short-story


Lady Adellandra Dratianos

A female vampire, young at heart, mind and newly-Reborn, has lost her memory.  She wakes up to find herself in the arms of a Demon Prince who names himself Dominick.  Dominick teases her with the scent of his blood, taunting her with it, yet not letting her Feed.  After tiring with her, both sexually and physically, he comes up with a plan to get his revenge on the Lord Draconis and his mate Lady Adellandra.  His father Lord Bane was destroyed and vanquished by the Realmbound Ancient couple and their All-Realm Crusaders team.

Dominick places a spell on the girl and sends her to the Dragon Nations to seduce Lord Draconis, distracting him from his Lady.  Dominick then goes for the Lady; but she’s too smart for him, just as her mate is too smart to be seduced so easily.

Draconis releases the vampire girl he names Ke’arre from the spell and senses her intense need to Feed.  Knowing how, he severs the link Dominick had with her, allowing her to finally become her own soul.

The Lady knows something must be done about Ke’arre, so they bond her mind, body and soul to Lady Adellandra in hopes of regaining some of her own sense of self and memories.

Kra’tath’s Tale

Kra’tath’s Tale

A Draconian Heritage Short-Story


Lady Adellandra Dratianos

Sabrina’s Lover-mate Cyrix hasn’t always been a low-level Fire-Demon.  He also hasn’t always been a Dominionite Warrior, following with her Army.  Before his parents died, he remembers being a Fire-Dragon Clan Guardian who was seeking out the right to his Guardian-name.

He also remembers the devastation that led to their deaths; the Dominionite Master Orthos had taken over the Clans and destroyed everything in his path, just for the fun of it.  He barely got out of the Dragon Nations with his life, and a scar that would stay with him as a reminder.

Alone and afraid, angry and determined, he fled the Dragon Nations in his Immortal form to get his revenge on the Master.  He was met in the Dominion’s Garden by a gentle feline Companion.  Near death, she healed him and helped him gain his strength back.

It’s not long before he disguises himself as a Dominionite Fire-demon, waiting for the opportunity to exact his revenge.  Deep in battle, he begins to fall in love with the vilest female creature ever known to the Dream Realm – Orthos’ daughter Sabrina.  Before too long, he’s swept up in the Wars for Power and battles against Orthos’ brother, Lord Guardian O’Dell and the Ancient Mystic Sisters.  He soon forgets he was ever a Fire-Dragon Clan Guardian.

Before what is now known as the War of the Realms, it is Sabrina that sees what’s she’s done in her past has been wrong, and wishes to turn good.  Cyrix goes along for the ride, ready to teach her the beauty and magic he saw in her the first day they met.

It’s not long after they win the war that he’s summoned by the Countess Dracora in Monarch’s Glen.  She has need of his and Sabrina’s assistance in training new recruits.  Throughout, he Feels her staring at him and sums up the courage to talk to her.  That’s when she tells him a story: When she was Earthbound as Shylee, she Bonded herself in blood to a Watcher-kin Dweller named Sheman Starchaser.  Before he mated with the Ancient Mystic Bathsheba, Sheman and she make love; Cyrix was the result.  Dracora shares her memories as Shylee with him, confirming her words.  He begins to remember his real name, Kra’tath Starchaser, and questions come to his mind.

Will Dracora be able to answer, or will he have to find them on his own?

In the Lion’s Den

In the Lion’s Den

A Draconian Love short-story


Lady Adellandra Dratianos

The Dragon Emperor’s son Tristan Dratianos is well old enough and wise enough to take over his birthright of the Borderlands.  There’s only one problem.  Someone’s already in the Lion’s Throne.

Leona Leonhardt has been the Baroness of the Borderlands for generations, as her mother and grandmother before her.  According to the stories that have been passed down for hundreds of years of her family’s history, the Leonhardts were always in charge of the Lion’s Throne.  She intends to pass it down to her children when she dies.  Or, at least, she would if she had any children.  She wasn’t even mated, and has been sorely lonely.  The only other person left to keep her company is her older brother Casper.

Tristan and his father Draconis go to the Borderlands to look into Tristan’s mother Marion’s past, and to seize the Lion’s Throne.  They’re thwarted by Leona herself, who claims he’s trespassing, calling them both liars.

Leona comes up with a plan; find out the truth behind the lies and see who really owns the Lion’s Throne.  She intends to show him she’s the true ruler of Borderlands and run him out of the Realm.  The only trouble lies within her heart, for she’s fallen for the DragonCat son of the Dragon Nation’s Emperor.  Does Tristan feel the same?

Chaos of the Light

Chaos of the Light: Destria’s Story

A Draconian Soul-Sisters Short-Story


Lady Adellandra Dratianos

Not long after the War of the Realms and reuniting with her beloved Lord Draconis, the Lady Adellandra starts to feel something within her stir.  She has always been afraid of the Dark Magic from the Ancient Mystic blood, but now, with full control over it, she wants to use it.

She’ll get her chance when an old enemy returns to haunt her in Mal’estar and the Dragon Nations.

MagDaliah, Queen of the Dark Areans, has taken over those female Dominionites left from the various battles and wars.  Lord Bane, King of the Dark Areans who fancies himself the “Nightmare King” has been defeated by Lady Guardian and the Companion Armies.  While he broods dwelling on his defeat, MagDaliah makes her move.  With Orthos’ old flame Gloriana and her two daughters Shenara and Albrath, along with her own daughters Dominatrix and Zeta, she gathers all female Dominionites and Demons that are left from Bane’s and Orthos’ rule and takes her revenge against Lady Adellandra, the very monarch that destroyed Bane, Orthos, and Crucis.

MagDaliah sends her favorite Soul-Reaper spy, Destria Modesto to take over the Lady’s body and mind.  Destria feels something within the Lady that makes her rethink her spying habits – and use the Lady’s body to turn against MagDaliah and what she calls the Fe-Minions.

Lord Draconis, the Lady’s mate, senses something ‘dark’ within his beloved Empress that’s just ‘not right’.  In order not to take it into himself, he instructs his duo’s mate, the Lady’s own duo Adarramena to go into her twin’s mind and find out for herself just what’s going on.

Adarra finds a demon-soul hiding within her sister’s mind.  Once reaching the soul, she calls for Draconis and her mate of Drakkar to help her separate it, thus returning the Lady’s mind and trapping the soul out of it.

Once in physical form, Destria confesses everything, and even tells the Lord Emperor and Lady Empress she doesn’t want anything more to do with MagDaliah.  As punishment, Destria is given the task of helping stop MagDaliah – for the moment.  To make sure Destria doesn’t do it again, and is serious about turning good, Lady Adellandra binds her with a spell to her own mind and soul.  She would not only be spied upon and watched, but in mind’s reach whenever needed.

Lord Draconis has other plans, once MagDaliah is defeated.  Since Destria doesn’t have anywhere to go, he calls on his own Soul-sib Lord Demarian in the Demon Realm and places her as his sister.

Free Spirit DragonWolf

Free Spirit DragonWolf


Lady Adellandra

Tanian Dratianos has a hard life.  He’s the Prince-Heir to Mek’anar, son of Lord Drakkar and Lady Adarramena, twin-cousin to the Prince-Heir of Mal’estar Kronin Dratianos, and destined to be Lord of the DragonWolf Kingdoms.  Worst of all, he’s gentle, kind and wants nothing to do with his Royal duties.  He and his sister Anya are often stuck together when their parents are off in Mal’estar, or fighting in some battle for the Empire, so he must play brother and babysitter.

Lord Drakkar has had enough of Tanian’s soft-hearted ways, and forces him into a physical relationship with a maid of the House, hoping it would make him a man.  When it turns out she is pregnant with his son, Drakkar makes him take charge.  Caius is beloved by both his sets of grandparents and the experience seems to satisfy the Lord of Mek’anar.

That is; until his Lady and her twin, the Empress of Mal’estar, start having visions of hellfire to come.  Adarramena Sees for herself what’s in the future as her twin Adellandra suffers from the Vision-sickness.  Fearing for their lives, yet knowing she must fight, Adarramena sends her children to the DragonWolf Kingdoms.  Her twin soon disappears with her three children, to only she-knows-where.

On the way to the DragonWolf Kingdoms, Tanian and Anya are attacked, and separated. He finds shelter during a storm, waiting until it’s over to search for his sister.  Many things, and many years, pass along the way.

Another storm when he searches northeast of Mal’estar reveals his destiny: The DragonWolf Kingdoms of Da’esigil, and the remains of the Central Kingdom.  He faints from exhaustion, fighting to stay awake long enough to reach it.  When he awakens, he’s in an infirmary bed; being looked after by a gorgeous Grey DragonWolf named Lady Eonaleth.  The Queen of the Eastern Kingdom binds his wounds and stitches his deep scars, using healing magic to ease the pain.  As he spends more time with her, he finds himself in love.

Will the Lady Eonaleth love him back when he tells her his painful past?

Strength of Shadows


Lady Adellandra

Derrick "Sir Karrath" Reading

The story of Sir Karrath, Champion of the Realms as he searches for the true mate who will help mend his broken soul.

Now that Dracora’s mates have been announced and she’s bound to them, where does that leave Derrick “Karrath” Reading?

Karrath needs to find his light in a world now full of despair and darkness.  He’s an Immortal, still blood-bound to Dracora.  He’s the only Immortal in a Realm of dragons and Dweller-kin who cannot shift.  Where does he truly belong?

First, he goes to Mal’estar, where he’s met by Adellandra and his children.  His almost-son Theo tells him to go to Mek’anar and talk to Adarra and Shane “Dran’a’vir”, his best friends.  He stays and trains alongside the canine Brownpatches family.  An old friend seeks council in him, Chikite “Red Wolf” Moondancer and his mate Celine.  They’ve been sent on a mission and need his detective instincts to help investigate rumors.  The rumors of a mysterious pack of Shadow Wolfs – those never seen in daylight and hunt only at night, only seen and heard in shadows.

At least, that’s what they tell him.  After talking to Shane “Dran’a’vir”, they offer to take him on a Spirit Quest deep in the dark wood just outside of Wolf’s Head.  One night on their quest, Karrath has a dream, waking to hear anguished cries from a lone wolf.  His friends both claim it’s hurt, and Chikité goes to investigate.  He returns with a half-Companion, half-Wolf female in his arms, passed out and bleeding.  Celine works her healing magic and sees the female’s broken shoulder and back leg.  Once she opens her eyes from a treatment, Karrath sees the shadowy grey in them.  They match those of the mysterious girl in his dream.

They nurse her back to health the best they can with blood and healing from Celine.  She speaks rapidly in Ancient Wolf-Speak, and only Chikité can understand.

Just who is this Mysterious Wolf-girl with the midnight black hair and eyes that remind them of shadows and mist whenever Karrath looks into them?  Once she regains her speech, Karrath learns her name: Mystique Rose, nicknamed “Mysti” by her clan – the very Clan they came to investigate.

She is also his true-mate, and has searched for him all her life.   Once they mate, they go to Mal’estar announce it.  Mysti recognizes the Lord Emperor as her Alpha and the ruler of the Shadow Wolf Packs, also known as the Phantom Wolves.

Demon Pantheros

by Lady Adellandra

Pantheros Dratianos

Pantheros Dratianos

He has been called many things: Skethn’rae, Abomination, Hao-lin, Demoncat, Kreskin.  He is Andros Cobrianos-Dratianos, once a member of the Royal Illunian family, now a Panther-kin trying to escape painful visions in the Realm of the Forgotten.

When he was ten-summers-old, he was plagued by visions.  Those visions pulled him away from his home of the Illunae in search of answers, and himself.  He manages to survive, somehow, learning he can manipulate time and space, just like his Draconian father, Lord Draconis, Emperor of the Dragon Nations.  After an experiment, he manages to speed time three years and knock himself out from the magic.

An Elder of the Panther Tribes Ni’enna Sees him in a dream and rescues him after a terrible storm.  He awakens with amnesia, which Ni’enna confirms is normal for such a magical working.  He is named “Skethn’rae”, which means “Abomination” in Panther-kin.  Ni’enna takes him in and raises him as her own, teaching him how to hone his magic and control the powers that flow in his system.  Soon, his Coming-of-Age Ceremony comes, and so does his time to leave the Tribes.  As an initiation into adulthood, Ni’enna believes he’s ready to perform his greatest feat of magic: making his first Realm Portal.

In a fit of a storm, Skethn’rae, now naming himself Pantheros for his form, opens his first Portal to the Mortal Realm.  Barely able to see to close it behind him, he loses consciousness. When he awakens, faces from his past greet him, and he’s back home in the Illunae with a lot of explaining to do.

A year later, and plenty of lessons in how to be a Prince of both his Realms, he regrets leaving the Illunae and wishes to change the past.  With help from a Trickster Goddess named Sai’brenn’a, he goes back in time; only, it’s not what he expects.  Sai’brenn’a used him to warp time in the Realms, and now he must help repair it.  Along the way, he meets a strange girl from another Realm, Alanza DeMonica, a Fallen Angel with red hair and Panther-kin heart.

Will Alanza forgive him for his past, and learn to love him as his mate?  Or will he be destined for loneliness, and doomed to roam the Inner Realms alone for the rest of his life?

Juliet’s Romeo:

A Draconian Love Story



Lady Adellandra Dratianos,

Author of the Dream Realm Chronicles


Juliet Grey has been lonely lately. Being the Mistress Caretaker of the Dratianos Estate, she takes care of the younger children when the Lord and Lady are off being themselves in the Inner Realms. She sees the love between each of her friends and wonders: will there ever be someone who truly loves her? With most of the children already grown and on their own, she ponders her life outside the Estate, and her future.

Lady Adellandra is the only one who sees and understands her depression. In an effort to help, she and Juliet cast a powerful love spell to the Ancients. A few nights later, Juliet begins to see a tall chocolate-brown haired man with golden eyes in her dreams. She keeps those dreams to herself, hoping to one day figure them out. Could her dream man be real?

Meanwhile, a long-lost relative of Lord Draconis wishes back into the family. It’s a hard decision once Drasious Demoura shows up in Mal’estar, pleading forgiveness from Draconis. To show his loyalty and faithfulness to the family, Lord Draconis gives Drasious a challenge: stay in the Outer-Realm on his own without causing any magical trouble.

Pretty soon after being chastised for his past by his Lord Stepbrother, he begins to have visions of a dark-haired woman with grey eyes. What will happen when a rebel Royal stepbrother finds his visionary woman in the young grey-eyed Caretaker?


Chapter One:

The Young Juliet


Juliet Grey sat by the Dratianos’ pool, watching the younger children play. She happened to glance up and see Lady Adellandra’s daughter Kelly snuggling up to her new husband of Bradley Allen Waters from across the yard.

She sighed, surveying the yard. Next door, she could see Amethyst Archer playing with her baby daughter Grace, adopted daughter Angel and her loving husband Scott. Juliet knew Amethyst’s twin Aaron would be resting during the day with his mate of Airmed Starchaser, leaving their twins in her care.

She saw her charges playing with magic balls of light in the pool and shivered.

Even after all these years, I can’t get used to that. She thought to herself. Heck, most of the kids know how to work their Mystic magic with no problems, even keeping it secret from the outside world. I just wish I could relax around it.

“Guys, you know better!” She cried to them, shaking her head.

The younger twins of Sable and Alexander “Zander” Starchaser looked to her and apologized in unison. “Sorry, Juliet.”

She could hear their muffled giggles from her spot and smiled. Their older stepbrother Theodore had his feet dangling in the pool while his lover had his arms crossed over the edge, wanting him to join in.

Even Theo found his love, at last. She thought to herself with a grin. Lord knows he needed it, after finding he was fey.

She looked down to her sketchbook, and the blank page. The vision and inspiration popped into her mind so fast, she couldn’t draw it quickly enough. When she was sure it was finished and perfect, she looked at it closely.

It was the face of a man. He had dark hair and golden eyes with a mischievous smile pasted on his face. She didn’t know who it was, or where the inspiration came from. All she knew is he was perfect. She could literally stare at those golden eyes forever, her heart doing flips as her eyes met his.

Who was this man, and why did his face suddenly appear in her mind?

Without wanting to dwell on it, she closed the sketchbook and put it away, along with the pen she was using to draw him.

Besides, she thought. I have my duties. I don’t have time for pondering dream men.

Juliet looked up to see the pool was deserted. She panicked, worried where the children were. She jumped when a hand clasped her shoulder.

Spinning around, she sighed in relief when she found the familiar face of Aimee Archer smiling at her.

“Sorry. Did I startle you?” Aimee asked, her green eyes showing concern as she pulled her hand away.

“Just a little, yeah.” Juliet remarked softly. She stood. “I was wondering where the twins went.”

“They saw me and rushed over.” Aimee smiled. “You must have been in some trance not to hear or see them, Juliet. Are you okay?”

Juliet nodded, hiding a blush. She took her sketchbook from the table beside her. “I’m fine. Just thinking hard, I guess.”

Aimee led her back into the house through the back screen door. “May I ask what about?”

“I’m not entirely sure yet.” Juliet remarked. She sat on the couch, fingering her sketchbook.

“Was it something you drew?” Aimee noticed her attention was more to the sketchbook than the conversation. “May I see it?”

Should she let Aimee see it? After all, it was her dream man, and Aimee herself had the Mystic’s gift of Empathy.

Maybe she can tell me what it means? Juliet pondered, handing her the sketchbook. “Page three. I just thought about him and drew his face. I’m not even sure who it is, yet.”

Aimee stared at the picture for a moment, silent in thought. “He has a kind of magical quality to him, doesn’t he?”

How was Aimee able to tell that just by looking at it? Juliet denied it, shaking her head. “I don’t know. It was in my mind and I had to draw it. I don’t know why.”

“Well, he looks kind of magical.” Aimee handed the book back to her. “Reminds me of Drake in a way, don’t you think?”

Juliet peered at the page again. “Now that I think about it, they have the same facial structure. The drawing’s eyes do bear an uncanny resemblance to him.” She shut the book again and looked up. “I don’t know. It’s just a drawing.”

“Like Hades, it is!” Aimee remarked. “You forget who and what you’re talking to. I’m a Mystic, too, remember? I See things differently than other Mortals do. When pictures just appear in our minds, urging us to do something about them, we know to pay attention.”

Juliet looked to her lap, biting her lip. She had forgotten that. Thanks to a blood-pact between the Three Musketeers years ago, she was, by blood-rite, an Ancient Mystic. Aimee had their ‘Gifts’ of Unicorn Magic; able to See, Feel, and Sense things others would not. She was a brilliant healer, even more so when Aaron helped her.

Seeing the look on Juliet’s face, Aimee sat and hugged her. “The truth will come in time, Juliet. You’ll see. Everything will fall into place and all questions will have answers when you’re ready to receive them.”

Juliet looked at her, confused.

Aimee just grinned. “All it takes is time.” She stood. “Speaking of time, I’ve got to head back home. I’m teaching Scott how to cook for a Dweller-kin. Wish me luck!”

Juliet grinned. “Luck!”

With that statement, she headed to each of the children’s rooms, checking up on them.

The Reading twins, who were visiting from college, were in their room, relaxing. She peeked through the doorway and saw Andrew deep into his studies, practicing chants under his breath while his brother Mark Antony was cleaning and sharpening his sword.

She went to the next room and saw Melody practicing her own type of magic, Mystic Music. She was using her singing voice to conjure a glowing ball of yellow energy to her hands. Juliet was still amazed at the girl’s amazing song-voice. For the first six years of her life, she couldn’t speak, as her namesake of Melody Crawford was still living. Now that Melody was eighteen, she was of age, and could learn anything her heart contented.

Melody Reading looked up and smiled. “Sulheya, Juliet! Want to see what I learned from my Sita Ravena?”

Juliet smiled, walking into the room and sitting on the bed across from her.

“Sure.” She supplied. “Ravena taught you more of your musical magic?”

“Only what she knew.” Melody replied. She made the yellow ball of energy dissipate. “Mutyr taught me more.”

“Mutyr is Draconian for mother, right?” Juliet asked.

“You’re learning!”

“Kind of hard not to learn with everyone around here speaking both Draconian and Wolf-Speak,” Juliet smiled. “So, let’s see what you learned.”

Melody looked at her suspiciously. “Are you sure?”

“I have to get used to it sometime, don’t I? It might as well be on my terms.” Juliet announced with a grin and a shrug. “Well? Show me!”

“Okay!” Melody sat up excitedly and placed her palms up. “Put your palms on mine, close your eyes and relax.”

Juliet nodded, gulping. She placed her palms face-down on Melody’s and watched as the girl’s eyes closed. She could feel warmth coming from those hands, a kind of warmth that forced her eyes closed and the thought of love enter her mind.

As Melody began to sing under her breath, Juliet’s mind came up with a vision.


The golden-eyed young man in her sketchbook had come to life!

He was the same height as her, and his chocolate-brown hair was neatly combed around his ears. With a grin and a low bow, he took the hand of her visionary self and led her to the middle of a ballroom to dance.

“Pray tell me, kind sir.” She said softly. “What is the name of my gentleman caller?”

The man just smiled, a twinkle sparkling in his eye. His voice was kind, yet strong. “You will learn in time.”

At that, he kissed her hand and disappeared.


Her eyes opened from the vision to find Melody was staring at her. Her heart was pounding, unsure of what to make of the vision. Melody stared in amazement at the Caretaker’s reaction to her use of Mystic Magic.

“Are you okay, Juliet?” Melody asked.

Juliet stood, still in a daze. She nodded, turning and leaving the room in silence.

How did the girl know about her Dream Man? How did she make him come to life?

Not wanting to ponder the answers anymore, she headed to the kitchen to start dinner.


Chapter Two:

A Royal Rebel


Drasious Demoura stared down at the Marketplace from his tree-top hiding spot. It was bustling with people, selling and buying their wares. He used his magic to make himself invisible as he jumped down in the form of a large wolf.

Nothing excites me anymore. He thought to himself as he padded toward a castle ahead of him. How I wish to be a part of it, so I can cause some trouble!

He laughed, barking. If only I was welcome in Mal’estar. Draconis wouldn’t believe I was still alive after Father banished me.

He didn’t banish me, per se, he banished who I was: Trasious.

Drasious shook his head and shifted back to his Immortal Draconian-Lycan form in front of Mal’estar’s gates. He made himself visible and quietly whispered, “Boo” to the two Draconian Guards.

Though dumbfounded, they noticed him after a moment and crossed their spears together as a barrier.

Their combined confused looks made Drasious smile.

“Halt! Who goes there?”

“Lord Drasious Demoura of the Lycan Throne.” He supplied, hoping the little compulsion he used on their minds would help them believe the lie. “I’m here to see my brother, Lord Prince Draconis Dratianos.”

The Guard on his left laughed. “Where have you been, Lord Drasious Demoura of the Lycan Throne?” He mocked. “Lord Prince has been Lord Emperor and Guardian for a long time.”

“If you were truly his brother, would you not have already known that?” The Guard on his right asked.

Not wanting to kill them both for their mockery, Drasious kept calm. “Let’s just say, I have been away for a long time. Now either step aside, let me pass, or lead me to him. I have urgent business to discuss with him.”

Drasious frowned at the two Guards, putting on his semi-fiercest look. The Look did its job of forcing them to let down their guards and let him pass through the gates.

“As you wish, Lord,” the Guard on the left supplied as Drasious passed by them.

With his back to the two Guards, he relaxed and smiled.

That was almost too easy! He thought. He shifted to a Lycan-wolf form and padded as fast as his canine legs could carry him.

He weaved through the many trees and brush that surrounded Mal’estar’s Castle. Wanting to survey the area more, and wondering why there were so many trees and brush to weave through, he slowed down.

I can Feel I’m in Mal’estar, but why doesn’t it look the same? Have I been gone for so long, the entire Nations had been rebuilt anew?

He stopped to look around. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was on the Borderline of the Mystic Realms. Now I have to get to Draconis. He’ll tell me what in the Underworld is going on.

Regardless of the strange feelings he was experiencing about his old home, Drasious padded to the front of the Castle Gates. He stopped at the doors, sitting in place and pondering what to do next.

Should I just walk in as my Lycan form, or my Draconian? Should I even walk in there at all? After all, I was known for the element of surprise.

Drasious smiled and shifted to his Immortal form. He used his senses to find his older brother, following them to the back Garden.

Only, he also sensed his Lord Brother wasn’t alone.

When he found Draconis, he was deep in conversation with a young Dragonwolf woman. Drasious stood in place, making himself invisible as he leaned against a tree.

It didn’t take long before either of them sensed he was there.

“Love, what’s wrong?” The Dragonwolf woman asked.

Draconis, Lord Emperor of the Dragon Nations and Lord Guardian of the Realms stood and frowned in his direction.

“Show yourself, scoundrel, or be put to death by my own hand.” He growled softly.

I’ll show him scoundrel!

“My, Bratton, I didn’t know you cared.” Drasious appeared in front of his brother, facing Draconis’ glare.

“What in the worlds?” The Dragonwolf woman stood, unsheathing her sword and pointing it at him. “Who are you? How did you get through the Gates unnoticed?”

Drasious put his hands up in surrender. “Ask him – he knows me, don’t you, Bratton?”

“I’m not your Bratton, Trasious.” Draconis growled; fists to his side and ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

“How easily you jump to conclusions, Draconis.” Drasious grinned. “I’m no longer that chaotic Lycan mage.”

Draconis looked skeptical. The Dragonwolf woman watched them converse, wondering what was going on.

“I no longer believe your lies.”

Drasious shrugged, looking to the Dragonwolf woman. “You have the Wolf’s gift of Empathy. Tell me; am I lying?”

The Dragonwolf woman studied him, staring into his eyes. “How did you know? Who are you, anyway?”

“That maiden of yours sure is curious!” Drasious laughed. He turned back to her silver eyes. “My name is Drasious Demoura. I’m brother to Draconis and heir to the Lycan Throne.”

She continued to stare at him. “You’re no brother I know of.”

“We are stepbrothers, Adellandra.” Draconis admitted. “He was conceived shortly after Dratyr Turned into Thorn. His mother was the Lycan Queen.”

“You’re saying Dratyrna went ballistic as Thorn once Mutyrna Locarra passed?” Adellandra asked, sheathing her sword and believing her mate’s words. “Does she know?”

“Mutyr?” Draconis asked. “Yes, she does. Father shared it with her upon her return.”

“The Mystic Locarra lives?” Drasious asked, amazed. “I have been gone a long time, have I not?”

“Enough Drasious,” Draconis supplied. “Dratyr was still in his right mind when he banished you from here. Why did you return?”

“I have seen the error of my ways and wish forgiveness.” Drasious said.

“In other words, you got bored with being Chaotic, seeing it wasn’t getting you any attention, and decided you wanted to make peace with the family.” Draconis admonished. He shook his head. “I’m afraid that’s not possible yet.”


“As in, we have other things on our minds more important than you.” Adellandra said. “Both of us are Lord and Lady Guardians of the Realms as well as Emperor and Empress of Mal’estar. Not to mention our other duties in the Outer Realm.”

That sparked Drasious’ interest. “Outer Realm?” He asked. “You travel to the Mortal Realm?” He shook his head and stuck his tongue out in disgust. “Whatever for? Mortals are no longer fun; they’re boring and predicable. What would you want or need with the Mortallan Realm?”

“We happen to be Guardians of that Realm as well.” Draconis supplied. “Thanks to Ishanar’s Rebirth, we now have to watch open portals to other Realms.”

“Not to mention, we have a fairly large family there.” Adellandra nodded after her mate. She looked long and hard at Drasious. “Have you been there lately? It’s still quite lovely, even magical if you know how and where to look.”

“Magic.” Drasious scoffed. “That Realm doesn’t believe in any kind of magic; Draconian or otherwise.”

“Regardless, it still has magic all its own.” Adellandra argued.

“Enough, Cherie,” Draconis put his hand up to stop her. He looked to Drasious. “Don’t get her started, Drasious. She’s ruthless and relentless when it comes to the Mortal Realm.”

“It comes from being Lady Guardian all these years.” Adellandra supplied. “It’s my duty to protect my Dreamers.”

“They’re not only your Dreamers, dearest.” Draconis took her in his arms and kissed her. “The Enchantress and the Protector are taking care of them too; and so are the other All-Realm Crusaders.”

Finit!” Adellandra cried. “I give!” She kissed Draconis again and turned to leave. “Nice meeting you, I think, but I have duties to attend. It’s not easy being The Goddess of Many Names, you know. I hope to speak with you more another day.”

“On that, you can rely upon, my Lady.” Drasious grinned. As soon as she left, he supplied. “Wherever did you find her? She’s quite the catch.”

“She is my mate, Drasious, so don’t even think about romancing her away from me.” Draconis said.

Drasious placed a hand to his heart, feigning innocence. “Moi? Romance such a lovely lady from your embrace? Whatever do you take me for?”

“A royal cad.”

“I would never do such a thing and you know it.” Drasious supplied, ignoring the comment.

“You can drop the gentleman act, Dras, and tell me what you’re really doing here.”

“Fine,” He sat on the bench the couple had abandoned. “I want my birthright.”

“You may have the Birthright of being Lycan King, but you haven’t earned it.” Draconis announced. “Not once have I seen you, or heard of you in a battle, war, or even a fight. You were always so cowardly and rebellious. The last I knew, you turned into your own chaotic form, named yourself Trasious and threatened my life. Father did the right thing in banishing you. All you caused was discord and all you wanted was attention.”

“I assure you, I have changed.” Drasious supplied. “Extensively. I’ve fought in battles, in my own way. I’ve been to other Realms, even the Mortal Realm until I bored of it. Draconis, Bratton, please say you’ll forgive me and give me another chance. I really want to be a good Lycan King, for Trasious is no longer part of me. I swear on my life.”

“As of this moment, neither your word nor your life means anything to me.” Draconis admonished. “You haven’t shown me you’ve changed. Did you think I would believe your words as soon as that venomous mouth spewed them? That I would take you back into the family and blindly place you upon the Lycan Throne? If so, I suggest you think again. I may have balance, thanks to Adellandra, but that doesn’t mean I’m gullible or stupid.”

“I never said you were.” Drasious sighed. “What can I do to show you I’ve changed? To show you I’m ready to be King again?”

Draconis glared at his younger stepbrother for a long time before smiling. “I propose a challenge.”

Drasious knew from experience his ‘challenge’ meant something he was going to hate for all eternity. “Give it to me straight.”

“I challenge you to one month of being on your own.”

Drasious laughed. “That’s nothing. I’ve been on my own for hundreds of years. I can handle a month.”

Draconis’ smile stayed. “I wasn’t finished.”

Drasious gulped, and nodded for him to continue.

“I challenge you to one month of being on your own, in the Outer Realm, with absolutely no magic.” Draconis challenged. “If you can do that, and be around the very mortals you despise, than I will think about having Dratyr, Sir Airemus and Dranus retrain you in the arts of a patriarchy.”

“You’re saying I have to be around those silly mortals?” Drasious asked, skeptic. Draconis grinned, nodding. “For an entire month?”


“With no magic?” Drasious asked.

“That means no shifting or funny business.”

Draconis was serious!

Drasious stared at him, determined to earn his brother’s trust back. If he had to be in the Mortal Realm for an entire month without his magic in order to show Draconis he was no longer the Trasious he once was and hated, so be it.

Drasious held his hand out to Draconis and said. “You’re on. I accept your challenge, brother.”

Draconis took it firmly. “We’ll be there to keep an eye on you, so we’ll know if you use any magic or cause any trouble.”

“You have my word; and my word is my bond.” Drasious supplied seriously.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Draconis scoffed. “Now, get out of here before I have the guards remove you.”

With a mock-bow, Drasious shifted to his Lycan-wolf form and padded away to the nearest portal to the Outer Realm.


Chapter Three:

A Very Curious Dream