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Shadow and the Dweller-kin

Shane knows about the Dwellers. He knows Celeste from the Dream Realm Wars. He was shot by a poisoned arrow from a Dominionite Warrior, and is brought to insanity by the Djinn god Omri who took advantage of him in his pain. Dixilynne heals his mind, but his body is far beyond her repair, especially right in the midst of battle. Chase helps by sending him with Daniel to the healer’s tent, where Shadow meets Celeste. (This is way before Chase and Celeste hook up).

Daniel carried the boy to his sister. Celeste stopped what she was doing and looked up, sensing him.

“Set him in the empty bed.” She supplied.

As he obeyed her orders, he announced. “He was hit by a poisoned arrow.”

Celeste looked the boy over. “What do they call him? How old is he?”

“They call him Shane, but he refers to himself as Shadow.” Daniel replied. His voice lowered. “He is but a boy, not even a decade old! He is not strong enough for battle at this age.”

“He is one of Dixilynne’s Crusaders.” Celeste told him. “Is that not enough to say he is strong and fit for battle?” When her brother didn’t object, she sent him away. “Go, Daniel. Ramon needs you by his side. I will take care of the boy.”

Once he was gone, Celeste finally got a good look at him. He was breathing heavily, more from the poison than from his outer wounds. His body was caked in mud, bloody in patches. His brown hair was disheveled in muddy knots. There were scrapes and scratches covering what limbs showed through torn clothing.

She began by washing him up. As she washed him with a soft, soap-filled cloth, she sang in her native language of Romanian. She sang a sweet song to heal and lull him to sleep. When he was asleep, she cut the torn clothes off of him, fashioning new ones with her own brand of magic. Once all his outer-wounds were gone and scratches and scrapes had disappeared, she began the most difficult of her healing task. Getting rid of the poison.

Being an Apprentice-Dweller, Celeste usually would take the blood of her charges using her teeth. This was no ordinary charge. He was a human, and she was reminded of the pact she made to Lord Guardian and his daughter Dixilynne. Do whatever was needed to heal, just do not Feed. Because of this, Celeste thought of no alternative.

From around her neck, she pulled a shark’s tooth that hung on a chain. She unclasped the chain and grasped the tooth in her hand. Making sure he was fast asleep, she took his hand and poked a tiny hole into his finger. She replaced the shark’s tooth around her neck.

The smell of his life-fluid made her incisors lengthen. She lowered her head to his finger and drank. With eyes closed, she savored the rich, musky taste of his blood. She took only enough to analyze the poison that flowed in his system before opening her eyes. With a kiss to the finger, the pinprick was sealed.

Now the poison coursed through her own body. She stepped away, feeling the rushes of heat the poison was trailing through her bloodstream. It felt hot, and quite painful. So painful, she screamed as she doubled, falling to the floor.

“Celeste!” Came the distressed cry of her brothers, Daniel and blood-brother leader Ramon.

Daniel rushed to her side. “Sister, what is it?”

Poison, she relayed in her mind.

“Did you take it all from the boy?” Daniel asked aloud.

Her entire body shook, another cry escaped her mouth.

“Push it through your system.” Ramon announced, taking charge. “We will help you focus, little sister.”

“I am older than you, Ramon.” Celeste croaked between gasps.

“Please, do what he says.” Daniel shared a look with his Blood-brother. “He is our leader now.”

Celeste nodded her head, cuddling close in her brother’s embrace.

“When the next wave of pain hits, push it away from you.” Daniel whispered in her ear.

It felt like eternity, but she somehow rid her system of the terrible poison. When next she opened her eyes, she saw blood pooled on the floor around her. She looked up into her brother’s gentle, caring eyes. He smiled back.

“You lost much blood.” Daniel supplied.

“Sure, state the obvious.”

“You must Feed.”

“You are weak, brother. I could not from you.”

“I have not lost much, and you need it more now.” Daniel said. He scraped a fingernail across his wrist and put it to her mouth. Immediately, her incisors exploded and she allowed herself to Feed from her brother. She felt her brother falter, looking up. Ramon was already at his side, offering his own arm to Daniel.

“Drink, sister.” Ramon said softly, his voice like velvet.

She Fed until she felt something stirring in her mind. Closing the pinpricks on her brother’s wrist and pulling away, she turned back to her charge.

Shane “Shadow” was screaming in his mind, unable to speak.

Celeste took charge and sent her brothers away. She stood above the boy, who stared at her in disbelief.

“How are you feeling now?”

He only nodded, eyes widened.

Celeste smiled, reaching to touch his hand. He snatched it away, continuing to stare.

“I will not deny what you saw.” Celeste kept her voice calm. She didn’t want to scare him further. “Would you like an explanation?”

The boy nodded, backing away from her.

“I am called Celeste.” She began. “I am from your world, in Romania. My kin are called Dwellers.”

“Vampire.” Was the only word whispered in response.

“We are like vampires, yes.” Celeste supplied. “My kin-clan was called the Apprentices. The man you saw over me was my brother, Daniel. He and I are the last of our kin-clan. The Apprentices were great healers. When a member of another clan would be wounded, we were instantly there to heal.”

“What are you doing here in the Dream Realm?”

“So you do have a vocabulary.” Celeste smiled. “I am here on the orders of the other man you saw, Ramon. He is the leader of all Dweller-clans, and my Blood-brother. Not long ago in this world, a Wolf Companion by the name of Chase Moondancer was sent by Lord Guardian to our world to raise Ramon.”

Shane stared, confused, so she continued.

“I might as well start where it all began. Centuries ago, a powerful Watcher named Diana placed a love spell on a Dweller named Crucis. Diana’s sister Margaretta was already Bonded, married, to Crucis at the time. Crucis at first did not know of the spell Diana placed on him, but Margaretta did. Knowing her sister was more adept and almost unstoppable when it came to love spells, Margaretta could do nothing to veer him away from Diana. Soon, Diana was pregnant with Crucis’ child. Being Dwellers, all kin-clans must rest in the day and live in the night. When it came time for Diana to give birth, Crucis had risen before the sun went down. He snuck to her side and attacked her, killing her instantly. Their son was born only moments before, his birth a hard one. Only Emerald and Diamond were powerful enough at that time of day to take the child to safety. Emerald took him back to her siblings in hiding. Diamond went after Crucis. Once the two were face to face, Diamond gave him an ultimatum. Either he be Exiled to become Stalker, the vampire of legend or die by meeting the dawn.”

“What happened to him?” Shane squeaked.

“He chose Exile, and to this day stays far away from mortals or Dwellers.”

“What about the son?”

“He was both Watcher and Dweller-kin blood, enabling him to live during daylight hours. In the meantime, while the Dweller-kin-clans were resting, someone had to care for him. This was a hard task, since neither of us were strong enough to do the job.” Celeste supplied, stepping closer to the boy. She sensed his amazement and new respect toward her as she continued her story. “While Diamond watched over the boy, Emerald and another brother of hers, Calcite, left for this world. For eons, the Mystics and Dwellers have been wary of each other. Knowing how they would help those in need, the two Jewel Siblings faced Lord Guardian and his mate, Mistress Enchantra. They told them their story, and asked for advice. Lord Guardian’s brother announced he had a follower that made a hobby of learning about what they called the Outer Realm. Our world. It was not long before Chase Moondancer was sent to raise our leader, Ramon. Of course, with any amount of help given by Mystics came a hefty price. The War for Province was still being fought, brother against brother. Chase was a general at the time, a fighter in the Mystic Army. With the dawn, he would raise Ramon in this world. With the night, he would return to his Lord Guardian and fight against the Warriors.”

“How long did the War for Province last?”

“Not long in this world,” Celeste began. “In our world, it lasted seventeen years. Ramon is old enough now to lead us, so we do not need Chase anymore.”

Shane placed a hand on her arm this time. She looked up at him.

“You love him, don’t you Celeste?”

Celeste smiled. “Yes, Shane. I do.”

“Does he know it?”

“I am afraid not.”

“Don’t worry. He will soon.” Shane smiled. “Thank you for healing me.”

“That is what I do.” Celeste grinned.

To her surprise, he hugged her. She felt guilty. He was an innocent boy with strength in his heart. She couldn’t lie to him when he asked her how she healed him.

“Will you not judge me, young one?”

Shane shook his head.

“I took it from your system the same way I fed from my brother.”

His hand went to his neck.

“No, not that way.” Celeste remarked. “I made a pact with your leader and Lord Guardian I would not feed to heal.” She felt him relax and she continued. “I used a shark’s tooth to prick your finger. Once a bead of blood was on your finger, I drank it out of you.”

“You poisoned yourself for me?” Shane was in awe.

“Yes, young one, only it did no harm to me.”

“Why did you have to feed from your brother if it didn’t hurt you?”

Celeste sighed. It was so complicated to explain, but she owed him the truth. “Ramon and Daniel helped me focus not on the pain shooting through my body, but the task of pushing the poison out of my system. Once it was done, we found I had lost much blood in the process. Daniel was weak as well from battle. Ramon fed him while he fed me. When I felt you arise, I closed the pinpricks and tended to you. They disappeared, leaving us alone, and you know the rest.”

Shane yawned.

“You are still exhausted from battle. Rest here. I will watch over you and ensure your safety.” Celeste remarked. She tucked him in the warm bed, setting incense and healing candles around him before leaving the room. “Rest well, Crusader. You have a long, happy life ahead of you.”

In the hall, she ran into Dixilynne Ryan.

“How is he, Celeste?”

“Fine now.” Celeste remarked. “I took the poison from his system and he is resting peacefully.”

“Did you Feed from him?” Dixilynne asked softly.

“I made a pact, and I stuck to it. No mortal under your supervision will ever be Fed upon by a healer while in my care.” Celeste remarked. “Unless it is their free will.”

Dixilynne was quiet, then. “Thank you, Celeste. Thank you very much.”

Short Take: Lord O’Dell’s Story

Lord O’Dell’s Story

Lord O'Dell of the Mystic Realms

There has been many a time where my assistance to Other Realms has helped change them for the better of All Realms of All the Worlds.

I remember when I first met the God of Death and Rebirth, Lord Brakkon.  I remember when I first intervened in his life, not only as a fellow Lord of the Realms, with himself being Lord Emperor of the Dragon Nations at the time, but as his Lord Guardian in the Realm of Dreams.

I remember when his daughter Dracora Dratianos, then-Princess of Mal’estar and Countess of Monarch’s Glen, came to me with two of her best vassals, begging and pleading for me to help her save her people from her Emperor-Brother’s Chaos.  He had taken his father’s own Chaos, which named itself ‘Thorn’, and destroyed it.  Lord Emperor Draconis, Brakkon’s fellow God and Realmbound son, once learning his own mate of Lady Empress Adellandra had left him, taking their three young dragonlet children with them, went Chaotic, destroying all those around him.

I also remember during that War, which was soon known as the “Dragon’s Fall,” Draconis’ sister Dracora and twin brother Drakkar coming to me for help.  Drakkar appeared in the Mystic Palace, fresh from battle with his own mate of Lady Adellandra’s twin sister Adarramena passed out in his arms.  Dracora had visited on an impulse that had to do with her Brattonata, sister-in-love Lady Adellandra and her whereabouts.

The moment I laid eyes on the Lady Empress, who had been found in her own family’s old hutch-cave not far from Mal’estar, I knew something was oddly familiar about her.

When Brakkon, who was renamed Braken Hawk, told me who she was, I knew I had to intervene.  She was the Lady Goddess, SilverMoon, the very Pillar of Light.  Adellandra was more than just another Realmbound Goddess.  No, she was something more.  The Lady Adellandra was more than even her twin sister Adarramena.  She was special, and had to be saved.

My own lady-love of Enchantra, along with her twin Challandra and myself held hands and blooded the twins and their younger brother Anton, who was also brought to us fresh from battle, as Ancient Mystics.  Their once-Dragonwolf forms changed to Immortals, mere human-forms, and the new blood replaced the old.  Their memory of the Dragon Nations and their involvement in that Realm was erased.  In their place, the three were shifted to Young Ones and their once-powerful Draconian Magick pushed back to the alcoves of their minds.

I summoned my granddaughter Susan Woods, to take them to safety.  She renamed them and promised to keep them from harm at all times.  The Empress, she had renamed Ariana Moon.  Adarramena was renamed Aluna Star and their younger brother, who was an infant, was renamed Antony Gregory.

When Prince Drakkar saw his loving mate as an Immortal child, I could see the hurt in his eyes.  I Felt for him, but could do nothing.  I knew his heart was broken, as was the bond between himself and his mate.

Once he disappeared with a broken heart, his sister Dracora stayed to ask questions.  Only one softly escaped from her mouth as she stared at the spot the Lady Adellandra had disappeared from.

“What do you have planned for them, O’Dell?”  Dracora asked.

I thought for a moment before speaking.

“Just as your destiny has brought you to us in the past, so will it return them in the future.”  I had supplied.  “In time, one of them will be the most powerful Wizard of the line.  One will be the most gifted of Mages, and the other?  Well, they will be my successor.”

In time, my predictions of them had come true.  Those predictions came at an awful time for the entire Mystic Realms.   My own twin of Orthos had put us all through hell during what was later known as the Wars for Power and the Crusades.

Antony never knew the taste of blood during a battle, of which I was grateful.  He grew up with Susan and her family, learning his special Wizard’s powers on his own.  Being a Draconian child-turned-Ancient Mystic, he was powerful in his own right.  He became the most powerful Wizard of the Earthbound Mystic lines.  He was even more powerful than our daughters Dixilynne, Dorianne and Sarabeth.

Aluna Star grew up with Dixilynne as her granddaughter.  She was always ahead of her own cousin Shannon Ryan when it came to learning her magic and abilities.  I gave her the title of Grand Magus, since she was always wanting to learn more of her abilities.  She learned all she could of all types of world magicks, even becoming a Pagan.  Aluna, nicknamed Luna, soon became obsessed with her magick studies and research.

This left Ariana Moon.  Though it was sad that we had to separate the twins, even from each other, Ariana Moon surprised us all.  I watched her from afar as she grew up in orphanages and foster homes.  She learned her own Mystic Magic with the help of two siblings, orphans Aaron Theodore and Amethyst Theresa.  In time, I gave her the title of Young Guardian, and she grew to be my successor.

All three Draconian children exceeded my expectations and remained loyal to the Realms and the Originators.

Years have passed, those children grew up and reunited with those in the Dragon Nations.  Ariana reunited with her Emperor mate Draconis shortly after she became Lady Guardian.  The two became the new Lord and Lady Guardians of the Realms, uniting the Dragon Nations with the Mystic Realms once again.

Peace was assured once again in the Inner Realms, and I could not have been more proud of my successor and her mate.

Anton’s Dream: Excerpt

Not long after finding out who he was, Antony Woods had a very interesting dream.

He awoke in his Dream World in a different form. His body was that of a midsize dragon; only, the wings were covered in dark grey fur, and so was his tail. He looked at his hands, which had turned to lengthy furred paws, complete with elongated claws. He felt for his ears that resembled those of a large wolf. Thick long horns extruded from his head in the shape of a “V”.

What was going on? Antony wondered.

A cloud of grey smoke filled the air in front of him. Fearful, he stepped back.

“So, how do you like it?” The cloud solidified to a form resembling himself in the Outer Realm. Locks of long reddish-blond hair went down his back in a thick plait, a tall and lanky body was muscular around the arms, silver-blue eyes twinkled when he smiled. It was him all right, down to the Dream Locket that hung around his neck.

“What – who are you?” Antony asked.

“Can’t you see? I’m you.” The solidified cloud answered when he smiled.

“You can’t be me.” Antony supplied. “I’m me. Now, who are you?”

The cloud-man cleared his throat and lost the smile. “I am the Immortal part of you, a form you have been taking in the Outer Realm all of your life.”

Antony looked at his hands, turning them over and observing the fur of his paws. “Than what form is this?”

“That is the form you were born to.” The Cloud-man told him. “You are a DragonWolf, born from a Fire Dragon father and a Mountain Wolfkin mother. Did your sister not tell you the truth of your identity?”

“Yes. She did, but it didn’t explain anything.” Antony said with a sigh. “I’m just as confused as ever. I’ve always been confused as I grew up.”

“Not like the other boys, or even your brothers, were you?” the cloud-man asked. “Why would you be like them, when you aren’t from that Realm?”

Antony shook his head, his mind sifting through memories and visions that only confirmed what the Immortal was saying. “If I’m not from the Outer Realm, where am I from?”

“You are from the Dragon Nations, from a little city southeast of the capital of Mal’estar.” The Immortal explained. “Your father is the right-hand man to the previous Emperor of the Nations itself. Your mother the blood-sister to the previous Emperor’s Lady.” The Immortal faced him and took a hand to his cheek. “Your true-name is Anton Dranna. You are a powerful Ancient Mystic Draconian Wizard.”

Before Antony – Anton – could ask any more questions of the Immortal, the man in front of him stepped forward and disappeared within him.

That is when he awoke in the Outer Realm with more questions than he had when he first went to bed.

Anton sat up and looked at his paws. They had returned to their Immortal hands, which was good. He stood and headed to the bathroom mirror. Switching the light on, he saw his form had returned to the Immortal-humanoid he had been all his life.

Armed with new information, he stared into the silver-blue eyes of his reflection.

Your mate needs to know the truth; no matter how absurd it sounds to your own ears.

Yeah, I know. Anton reflected. She’s the only daughter of the richest man in Hill View. I don’t want to lose her.

If she is your true mate, you will not.

“What are you staring at?” A female voice interrupted his thoughts. The mirror now reflected both of them; Anton and his mate, Kendra Reading. Kendra was smiling, her long brown hair tied up in a lazy morning ponytail and tired brown eyes stared into his silver-blues.

He took her hand and looked at it for a moment before bringing it up to his mouth for a tender peck. “I love you, Kenny.”

Kendra pulled closer to him and wrapped her arms around his waist as she placed her head on his chest. “I love you, too, Tony.”

Anton sighed. Why, he wondered, did he allow her to call him that silly nickname when he never allowed anyone else?

“What’s wrong, lovey?” Kendra was worried as her brown eyes searched his. “Are you okay?”

Of course I am not okay, He thought to himself sarcastically. I have a strange dream where I’m in a strange form talking to a strange man that looks like me and claim he is me!

“Antony, please.” Kendra supplied softly, tearing herself from his arms. “Why won’t you answer me?”

Antony stared down at their twined fingers.

Better tell her and hope for the best. He gently urged himself.

He took her back to the bed and sat.

“There’s so much to tell.” Antony whispered, looking up. Her brown eyes were gentle and caring, as always. “Where should I begin?”

“How about at the beginning?” Kendra suggested.

He continued to stare at her lovingly, worried that what he told her would push her away. He knew Kendra was his Earthly Protector, but was she also his mate, to have and hold for all time? Sure, she understood he was an Ancient Mystic (though she didn’t know he was a Draconian blooded by Enchantra as an Ancient Mystic). She also knew his power as a Wizard was great – even greater than his older brothers Kevin and Christopher Woods.

“Do you know about Ariana’s newfound name, form and ranks?” He asked, hoping mentioning his sister would help him explain.

“Vaguely.” Kendra said with a frown. “Derrick told me a little about it. She drastically changed during the War in the Mystic Realms. It scared him, especially when she seemed to pull away from him, ignoring everything from him to the children, and even her duties as a mother. Her mind seemed to be on other things.”

“Did he also tell you why she’d changed?” Antony pressed.

“She found the Draconian Countess spell had broken, and remembered who she was: the Empress of the Dragon Nations and her mate was the Emperor. Derrick was so depressed until the Countess took him on as her Champion.” Kendra supplied. She eyed him. “What does Ariana have to do with you?”

“Ever notice how Ariana, Aluna and I were the only Woods’ with reddish-blond hair?” Antony asked her. He didn’t wait for an answer. “That’s because we’re adopted; only it’s a little more complicated than that.”

“You’re an Ancient Mystic, right?”

Antony sighed. “So it’s a lot more complicated than that. Yes, I’m an Ancient Mystic, adopted by Susan and David Woods when I was an infant.”

“Do you know who your parents are?”

Antony nodded and held his breath. “That’s the complicated part.” He said. “Ready for this?”

She slowly nodded, never wavering from his glance.

“I am the son of a Dragon and a Wolf-kin, and my true-form is a DragonWolf.”

She looked away from him.

“I know it’s hard to believe, Kenny. I’m still trying to figure it out.” Antony responded, taking her hands again in his own and pulling her close. “I’m still the same man you fell in love with in the eighth grade. I just happen to be from another Realm.”

Kendra shook her head and pulled away, turning her back on him. “It all sounds so strange, Antony.”


She turned around.

“My true-name is Anton Dranna.” He explained. Nervous, he smiled. “I’m a dragon.”

Kendra continued to shake her head. “No.”

Anton was taken aback by the word. “No? What do you mean, no?”

“I mean, no, I won’t do this.” Kendra said. “I need time to think things through, and so do you, to figure out who you are. You never know; we might not be made for each other.”

“Of course we are, Kenny!” Anton took her arms. “I love you very much. Nothing is going to change that. I promise.” He kissed her hard on the lips. “Do you remember when we first kissed?” He asked when they parted; making sure did not look away. “Did you hear the word Earthly Protector in your mind?”

She slowly nodded. “They were just words, right?”

Antony shook his head. “They were more than just words. To the Ancient Mystics, it means you are my Earthly Protector – my Soul mate – and we are definitely meant to be together.”

“Doesn’t mean it’s true,” Kendra told him softly. “Derrick heard it in his mind as well. She was his Dream Girl for a time, just as he was her Imaginary Romeo.” She broke away. “Now they’re apart. I don’t think I can bear losing you like that, Antony. I don’t care what you believe you are. It’s you I love, and I don’t want to go through that disappointment with you.”

“Kenny, my love,” Antony said. “You won’t lose me; ever.”

Kendra looked into his eyes. “Promise?”

“A Dragon’s word is his bond.” Antony took her hands and kissed her. “I need you as words cannot express. Will you come with me to the Inner Realms so we can announce our mating to the Monarchs and all of the Dragon Nations?”

Kendra nodded. “Yes, Anton. Wherever you lead, I will follow.”

Clan of the Fire Dragon Warriors

Sir Airemus Dranna wasn’t always a Sir, nor was he always a Branno to the Lord Emperor of the Dragon Nations, Lord Brakkon.

He was first a member of the Fire Dragon Warrior Clan. Airemus Dranna, whose surname means “Dragon Moon,” was a very special member of the clan. He was the prince, and next in line to lead it. As King Artimis and Queen Amalia’s only living son, once his older brother Tanius died in battle long ago, Airemus wanted more than just leadership and palace life. He wanted to meet the Lord Emperor and the Prince-Heir Brakkon Dratianos. He wanted to be a part of the Emperor’s Army.

After promising his son would take his place as the next in line for leadership in the Clan, Artimis and Amalia agree to let him go his own way once he is of-age. Sad to see him go, the King is proud to find his son fighting for what he believes in.

Once the Dragon’s Fall comes and goes, Airemus, now Sir Airemus with a mate and children, must make a decision. Give up his Branno for death and destruction, or follow in his footsteps? In the meantime, Airemus finds his son Anton has been rescued from Battle. Being ever silent, he watches as the Ancient Mystics take him away to play a part in what they call Destiny.

Airemus is reminded of the promise he made to his father Artimis. His son would take his place as the next in line in the Clan. How could that happen if the Ancient Mystics already had their hands on him?

Without his mate, children or home, Sir Airemus is forced to join the Lord Guardian’s Province Army and wait until what O’Dell calls Destiny returns his family to the Inner Realms.

In the middle of the Wars for Power, he finds out the Clan is all but destroyed by the one who names himself the Dominionite Master.

What will Airemus do to get his Clan back, as well as his family and home of the Dragon Nations?


“Do you know what you have done, Lord Guardian of the Mystic Realms?” Airemus was appalled as he stepped out of the shadows outside of the Mystic Palace.

“I have saved them from destruction, fire dragon.”

“You stole them away for your selfish purposes.” Airemus was peeved, but kept his cool.

“I saved them.” Lord Guardian O’Dell eyed him for a moment. “Who are you to care about three mere children of the Nations?”

“They are not mere children of the Nations. They are my children, and I am their Dratyr, Sir Airemus Dranna.” Sir Airemus said. “I know what you call Destiny. It should be kept within your own Realms and out of the Nations.”

“So you do not wish to see your children live beyond the Emperor’s Chaos?”

Airemus kept his scowl. “If you had children, you would know full well my answer.”

O’Dell turned away. “Oh but I do have children. Three daughters in fact.” He told Airemus. “I had to lose them in the Outer Realm to save them from harm my brother was planning for them.”

Airemus’ frown softened and he looked down. His shoulders relaxed and his eyes looked away. “O’Dell, I am sorry.” He sputtered. “Do they still live?”

O’Dell nodded, turning back to meet Airemus’ eyes. “Dixilynne and her mate are deep in battle with Orthos’ Dominionites.”

“Orthos!” Airemus growled. “He lured Thorn out of Brakkon and threatened my Branno’s life!”

“I know full well what he has done, Sir Airemus.” O’Dell supplied. “He is my…duo…after all.” He used the Draconian word for “twin,” to see if it would make Airemus think.

It worked. He was able to continue. “That is why your younger daughter Adarramena, now named Aluna Star, will be raised by Dixilynne.”

“What of the others?” Airemus asked. “Adellandra and my son Anton?”

“Adellandra, the Empress?” O’Dell asked, and Airemus nodded. “She will have a rough life in training as my successor.”

“You have need of a successor?” Airemus asked. “Are things in your Realms so dire you need to secure your station?”

O’Dell closed his eyes and nodded. “As for your son, Anton, my granddaughter Susan will raise him, in peace and love as one of her own.” He met the dragon’s eyes once more. “Antony will know nothing of war or battles, else it would trigger memories he would not be able to comprehend.”

“He will see the Nations once more, along with his birthright as Prince of the Fire Warriors?” Airemus’ voice was quiet.

“He will.” O’Dell assured.

Airemus thought for a moment and bowed. “I apologize, my Lord. I was under the impression you wished to use my children for your selfish purposes.”

“I am not your Lord, Sir Airemus.” O’Dell’s voice was gentle. “I am a mere Guardian of the Mystic Realms trying to keep peace for the future in the face of war and destruction. Rest assured they are safe in the Outer Realm, far away from the perils of war and death that surrounds your lands.”

“The Nations are not my lands; they belonged to Lord Emperor Draconis and his father Lord Brakkon.” Sir Airemus told him. “With a Chaotic Draconis destroying his own father, my Branno, I have nowhere to go. I wanted to take my son to the Fire Dragon Warrior Clans, where he will take his rightful place.”

“Are you not the prince of those clans, Sir Airemus?”

Airemus blinked, amazed he knew. “I was, but when I was of-age I joined the Prince-Heir Brakkon’s Draconian Army.”

“Where is your mate, the Wolfkin Katarina Mout’ella?”

“She left when Brakkon’s Lady was laid to rest.” Airemus blinked again, shocked. “How do you know so much about us?”

O’Dell merely grinned. “Let us just say your Branno has been reincarnated as a Companion. He came to me when he arrived, telling me everything.” O’Dell replied. “We are close friends.”

“Do you know where he is now?”

“He is one of my Generals, disguised as a Balinese feline.”

Airemus stood at attention. “May I join your Army as well?”

O’Dell thought for a moment, watching the Fire Dragon in front of him. If Sir Airemus was the man Brakkon had told him about, he would only benefit by taking him on. Perhaps he would be able to bring Braken Hawk out of his depression?

“Not as a dragon, no,” O’Dell told him simply. “Should you shift to another Companion-like form, I will allow it.”

A Companion-like form? What form would be appropriate for a Fire Dragon Warrior wishing to blend in with a Realm full of non-dragons?

“Would the form of a Serpentine suffice, Lord Guardian O’Dell of the Mystic Realms?” Airemus grinned, his body shifting in shape. The dragon’s wings disappeared into his body and his head contorted to thinner cobra-like features.

O’Dell grinned and nodded. “Welcome to the Mystic Realm of Dreams, Sir Airemus Dranna. Let me show you to the Province’s Army Barracks.”

Snippets from a ‘Little Pink Notebook’

Snippets of Scenes, taken from my ‘Little Pink Notebook’


The Inner Realm Chronicles


Lady Adellandra Dratianos





Katarina (Wolfblood):

We were unable to mourn the Lady Locarra’s passing for long. Not only did life have to continue, we were at war with the Demon Armies and ourselves.

The Dragon maiden, Elizabeth helped me care for the Lady’s belongings that she had left behind.

“May I have a private word with you, Madame Katarina?” She asked me timidly, watching as the other servants shuffled around us.

“Certainly,” I told her. I caught the arm of a dragon servant I didn’t recognize, telling them. “I wish a word alone with the Maiden; please remove yourself from the Lady’s quarters.” The servant nodded tightly. “I will tell you when to return.”

The servant left, calling for the rest to join him.

Once the room was empty but Elizabeth and myself, we sat on the Lady’s bed.

“I have a secret; only your daughter the Empress knows of it.” I waited, watching her. “The Lady Locarra, she is not gone from this world for long.”

“You were at her funeral this afternoon.” I said. “We buried her casket in the family cemetery.”

Elizabeth placed a hand on my arm, shaking her head. “Do you remember who and what I am?”

“I know your story, yes.” I told her. “I do not understand what one has to do with the other.”

We stared at each other, her expression urging me to think. She used to be Queen of all Vampires in the Outer Realm. She was punished by the Gods and sent to be the mere dragon-maiden for Lord Brakkon and his Lady. Once Lord Prince Draconis took the Imperial Throne, he made her promise never to Feed upon a member of the Royal Family in return for continued service to Mal’estar and the Nations.

Then it dawned on me. “You broke your promise to Lord Emperor?”

Elizabeth closed her eyes and nodded. “I did so because the Lady Locarra herself wished it.” She explained.

Locarra would never ask such a thing from her maiden, would she?

The question must have shown on my face because Elizabeth nodded. “She will rise soon, come the full moon.” She said. “If you wish to see her, I suggest you be there when she does. She will need the life-force of a healer.”

“Life-force?” I was amazed by the turn of events. “Do you mean my blood?”

Elizabeth nodded. “You are a brilliant healer, are you not?”

“Seconded only to my own Matéré.” I supplied. “I will take her to the Packs in the Dream Realm.”

She abruptly stood. “A Newly-born Vampire around bloodthirsty wolves? They will destroy her on sight!”

“Not when I am there.”

“You must take her far away – Feed her, Heal her, take care of her.” Elizabeth instructed. “Two more transfusions or she will not last her first night.”

“Are you sure?” I looked away, unknowing of what to say. “How do you know all this?”

“I was Queen of the Vampires and you ask me how I know?” Elizabeth smiled. She sat again.

“Have you told Lord Brakkon of this?”

“Of my deed and her plea, of course I have not!” Elizabeth cried. “He cannot know; not yet.”

“He will figure it out sometime.”

“Brakkon be too far into his Chaotic form from losing her to take the news lightly.” She relaxed in her mannerisms, acting more of a friend than a servant. “Please, just trust me.”

To leave Mal’estar when the Royal Family needed me most?

“I cannot leave here anymore than you can Elizabeth.”

She held my arm and squeezed. “You can and you must!” She was serious. “If you want to see the Lady live, you will leave here and dare not return until the war is over and there is peace once more.”

I stared at her pleading eyes. Locarra and I bonded as Lady Mutyrs when our eldest children took the Throne of Mal’estar. It was great news to hear she was in fact still with us, but heartening to know we would have to leave the Nations behind.

Elizabeth was right; Neither of us would survive the War while it was being fought. We had to leave, far away from the Nations and never return until Peace returns for eternity.

“I will do it.” I nodded.

Katarina Mout’ella (Wolfmate)

My mind was set. My heart knew Airemus was my other half. My emotions and thoughts knew my Pérat would never approve of the mating. I had to convince him. The only way to my Pérat would be through his mate, our Alpha SheWolf and my Matéré, Serenade.

For the first time in six weeks, I left Airemus’ side to confront Matéré.

“Will you be here waiting for me when I return?” I asked of him.

“Where else would I be, dearest?”

I smiled, kissed him one last time and left for the Packs in the Realm of Dreams.

Matéré was in our hut when I arrived.

“Katarina!” She cried, running in her Wolfkin form to meet my arms. “You have returned!”

She stepped back and shifted to her Companion form. “Where is your new mate?”

I held my breath, eyeing my father’s curious glare.


Serenade clasped a hand on her mouth. “Was I not supposed to tell?”

I glared at her.

“You have mated?” Serafim, my Perat asked, an eyebrow raised in interest as he walked up to us.

“Aye, Perat,” I told him, swallowing a lump in my throat. I glared at Matere.

“Where is he? Why did he not join you? Is he from the White Wolf Pack of the Frozen Northlands?” Serafim was full of questions. “Why did you not announce your mating to the Packs? It is your duty as our Beta to do so.”

Always about duty. That’s what made this harder than it was.

I grasped my tail in my hands and played with my fur. It was a nervous habit I knew my children would someday develop. Unfortunately, Perat read through my expression.

“Katarina Mout’ella, what have you done?” Serafim eyed me suspiciously.

I turned away from his glare. “I have mated with a Draconian.”

“What?!” Perat was very angry now.

I knew it wouldn’t work, but I had to try.

“While Matere and I were seeing the Emperor about Pack business, I fell in love with his Branno.”

“Use no Dragon’s tongue around me, insolent child!” Serafim growled. His teeth rattled in his mouth.

“Serafim, please!” Matere finally spoke as a voice of reason.

“Do not ‘Serafim’ me, Serenade!” Perat cried, not breaking eye contact with me.

“Airemus Dranna is a very honorable and just man.” Serenade continued.

“So you have met him already?” Perat asked her. She nodded.

“I was there, Alpha.” Matere stared at him.

“My heart and soul see him as my mate, Perat.” I tried. “I can feel it.”

“Ridiculous!” Perat denied. “A wolf will be your mate, and that is final.”

“Why do you hate dragons so much?” I asked him. Never in all my years has he ever told me.

“They are destructive, dangerous, and despicable creatures.” He told me. “They believe themselves the highest race and have terrible tempers.”

I huffed. “Would you not say the same of some wolves?” I encountered.

He growled louder. “No daughter of mine will mate a dragon. Ever.”

I saw through his anger. He was playing a game, pitting my loyalties against each other. He probably thought I would choose the Pack over my Dragon mate.

He underestimated me, yet again.

I slowly bowed to him. “Alpha of the Mountain Wolf Forest Packs,” I met his eyes. He watched me with a scowl. “If you cannot accept my mating with a Dragon of the Fire warrior Clans, I now declare myself no longer your donan.”

On that statement, I shifted my form to Mountain wolf and raced away before either of them could say a word to dissuade me.

I raced as fast as my pads would let me. My vision blurred as I fought tears that wanted release.

I called in my heart and mind to my beloved Airemus. He met me at the borderline between the Nations and the Mystic Realms. I fell into his arms, crying. As he wrapped his arms and wings around me, I let the floodgate loose. It felt good to finally return to my precious fridishda, Airemus.

He let me cry, without saying a word.

When tears calmed, he caught my lips and kissed me.

“Tell me, Kat,” He whispered, holding me close. “Why do you cry?”

“I told Perat about us.”


“I renounced him and the Packs.” I met his eyes. They were full of love and concern, as I knew they always would be.

“What? Why?”

“Perat hates dragons.”

Airemus was silenced for a moment. “I see.”

He relaxed and pulled himself away, turning his back on me.

“I love you, very dearly Airemus Dranna.” I told him, placing a hand on his back and tracing his shoulder-blade where his wings met his back. “I chose you over the Packs because I can never live without you.”

He turned back to face me. “Why renounce him and the Packs?”

“The Pack always follows its Alpha.” I explained. “Thanks to him, they would never approve of our mating.”

“We need your Dratyr’s approval to gain that of the Pack?” Airemus asked. “We must confront him, first thing.”

“No!” I cried, shaking my head.

“We must!” He admonished.

“Not right now, we won’t.” I sighed, knowing he was right. We need the acceptance of the Pack, and in order to get it, we had to confront Perat. “Let him settle down for a bit; we were both angry in our own ways. We will confront him when we are both calm.”

“I will go with you, Katarina.” Airemus said. “As I should have done in the first place.”

Would it prove disastrous?


The wolves of the Packs stood behind my Perat, ready to attack a suspecting Airemus. Both my father and mate stared at each other. Perat flexing sharp claws as Airemus wavered a hand over his sheathed sword.

I was held two of my Pack satils, one at each arm. Savron, my true satil was silent as his pack brother Gerad held the other. They held me back so I wouldn’t interfere.

They didn’t understand, for neither knew love nor had mates of their own.

“Release me, please Gerad.” I struggled against his grip.

“Silence, Beta.” He growled under his breath, keeping his eye on the scene.

I turned to my older satil. He was calm but not even he could do anything about our perat, for Alpha’s Word was Pack Law.

Savron’s eyes seemed to say “I’m sorry, Sita, for my hands are tied.”

I turned back to the scene.

“How dare you, dragon!”

“Please, Alpha, listen to reason!”

“So you can spew more lies from your gullet? Spare me!”

“Neither SheWolf or Katarina have any problem with me; why do you?”

“This is your last warning, dragon. Leave or you will die!”

“Release my mate and we will leave quietly.”

That’s when my Perat signaled behind him and attacked, his court cronies attacking my new mate.

“Airemus!” I yelled as loudly as I could, struggling against my Satils’ grips.

I had to do something, before the pack was destroyed by Airemus as he protected me. He was capable of killing them and I didn’t want that.

With every attack, I watched as my mate swiped an arm that threw a wolf away from him.

“Stop this, Seraphim!” Serenade was the voice of reason.

Adarramena Dranna (Duo-Sita)

Adella and I have been inseparable since the day we were born. It was hard to believe just how easily the twin bond could tear us apart. She wanted us to stay in wolf form for she fears the wings of the Dragon claiming they hurt and cause too much pain. We finally have them. After all, are we not DragonWolf?

We finally get our wings, and what does she do? She denies herself — us! — the true-form of our heritage. She’s not gonna stop me from using my wings! I’m gonna soar!

I saw something from the corner my eye as I soared over the Empire’s Marketplace. I stopped in midair and saw a brilliant and very large Companion-like Dragon zoom in my direction. As he came closer, I saw the Royal insignia on the metal attached to his shoulder.

He was going to plow into me if he wasn’t careful.

I screamed, bracing myself for the impact.

Sure enough, I felt him, and my world went dark. When I awoke, my eyes fluttered open to see a male dragon leaning over me and I knew he was male by the way his dark eyes looked into mine with concern.

“Are you all right, my lady?” He asked.

“Ow.” I blinked, nodding.

He laughed lightly.

“Thanks for plowing into me.” I spat sarcastically. “I really needed another knot in my head.”

He laughed again.

I frowned. “Just what is so funny?”

“You,” he said, still staring into my eyes.

“Stop staring at me, it’s embarrassing.”

“I meant no harm, my lady.” He continued. “I apologize for attacking you.”

“I’m sorry you attacked me, too.” I spat back.

Starfire Hawk (Starfire)

“You’ve been brought before us, Starfire Hawk because you are next in line for the Epsilonian throne and you must be taught.”

“I don’t want it.” Starfire growled under his breath. “Why can’t one of my siblings take over? They know how to lead, I don’t.”

“Which is why you will learn.” Lord Emperor Draconis pointed out.

Starfire looked to Brakkon, who stood behind the Lord Emperor, his hands behind his back. “Father, please!”

Brakkon smiled but shook his head. “My Lord’s word is Law.”

“What about my feelings?” Starfire cried. “I’m your son; don’t you care how I feel about it? Why get the Lord Emperor of the Nations involved?”

Brakkon and Draconis smiled at one another.

Something told Starfire they were both going to scold him. He braced himself.

“What?” He looked from one to the other and back.

“I am Brakkon’s first son, my mother being the Ancient Mystic Locarra Cobrianos.”

“Lady Locarra!” Starfire cried.

Brakkon and Draconis kept their smiles and nodded.

Starfire bowed repeatedly. “I’m sorry, my Lord! I meant no disrespect!”


The Lord Emperor’s voice echoed gently in his mind. He stopped in mid-bow and stared at him with wide eyes.

The Emperor spoke. “Call me Draconis.”

Starfire slowly nodded his head in understanding, still awed by the Emperor’s offer of informality.

“How do you feel, bratton?”

“My Lord – Draconis – I don’t want to rule the Epsilon.”

Draconis’ Lady Empress spoke. “Why, Star?”

“I’ll mess it up.” Starfire told her truthfully. “I don’t know anything about it and probably say the wrong thing and start a war.”

“I highly doubt that, son.” Brakkon chuckled. “With Joel’s help, you will be able to rule the Epsilon with flying colors.”

“You really think so?”

Brakkon nodded.

“We’ve all had our doubts, once upon a time.” The Empress told him. “It’s only natural.”

“Just look at your sister, Kit.” The Lady’s twin continued. “She was always so spoiled and a terrible Companion as she and Kat grew up in the Dominion with Orthos. She did terrible things unheard of, yet she couldn’t lead a troupe to save her life.”

“Years and wars later, with a changed heart, Kitten’s Claw was honored with the title of Lady and Gifted the Feline Village.” The Empress continued her twin’s story. “She didn’t know what to do, but she learned as she grew.” She placed an arm on Starfire’s shoulder. “It’s a tough road to travel, Starfire Hawk, but I am certain you will be a fine King someday.

“Have faith in yourself, Kano.” Brakkon told him. “Adellandra is right; you will be fine.”

“Now to find that older brother of yours.” Draconis looked to his Lady. “Can you trace him?”

“I’ll do better,” the Lady smiled at her cousin Starfire. “I’ll teach him how to do it.”

Starfire gulped.

The Lady laughed. “Relax, Star; it won’t hurt, and it’ll only take a few moments.”

Starfire nodded.


He nodded again.

“Close your eyes and concentrate on the Mystic Ties.” The Lady began.

She taught him how to trace a certain psychic string of webbing she called the Mystic Ties to family members. She even helped him locate the Tie belonging to his half-brother Braken Joel.

There was a familiar surge of energy down Joel’s psychic Tie, and a certain pull that told him his brother was sensing his presence.

May I help you, Starfire? Braken Joel wasn’t happy. So you found me; what do you want?

Come to Mal’estar, Joel. The Lady’s voice was magical, like many voices in one. Bring Kita.

Why have him follow my ties to say that?

The Lady stayed calm and her voice lowered. Please join us, cousin. For me?

I am obliged to you, cousin, so I will join you. I will find Kita and be on my way.

The Tie seemed to slam closed, so neither Starfire or the Lady could sense or reach him.

“What’s his problem?” Starfire asked her, once she opened her eyes and met his.

The Lady gave her Lord and Brakkon a look.