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In the Lion’s Den

In the Lion’s Den

A Draconian Love short-story


Lady Adellandra Dratianos

The Dragon Emperor’s son Tristan Dratianos is well old enough and wise enough to take over his birthright of the Borderlands.  There’s only one problem.  Someone’s already in the Lion’s Throne.

Leona Leonhardt has been the Baroness of the Borderlands for generations, as her mother and grandmother before her.  According to the stories that have been passed down for hundreds of years of her family’s history, the Leonhardts were always in charge of the Lion’s Throne.  She intends to pass it down to her children when she dies.  Or, at least, she would if she had any children.  She wasn’t even mated, and has been sorely lonely.  The only other person left to keep her company is her older brother Casper.

Tristan and his father Draconis go to the Borderlands to look into Tristan’s mother Marion’s past, and to seize the Lion’s Throne.  They’re thwarted by Leona herself, who claims he’s trespassing, calling them both liars.

Leona comes up with a plan; find out the truth behind the lies and see who really owns the Lion’s Throne.  She intends to show him she’s the true ruler of Borderlands and run him out of the Realm.  The only trouble lies within her heart, for she’s fallen for the DragonCat son of the Dragon Nation’s Emperor.  Does Tristan feel the same?