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Wolfmate: Book 1 of “The Wolfkin Duet”

a duo-story, told by Sir Airemus Dranna, Draconian Branno to Lord Emperor Brakkon of Mal’estar and Katerina Mout’ella, daughter to the Alpha SheWolf of the Mountain Wolf Forest Packs. Their love helped spawn a new era of hope for the Dragon Nation. As told to Lady Empress and Guardian of the Realms, Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, Head-Chronicler of the Realms, Airemus and Katerina’s kana/Donan.

Sir Airemus Dranna: Emperor’s Branno

Katerina Mout’ella: Healer of the Packs

Sir Airemus: In Love with a Wolf?

Sir Airemus Dranna: Emperor’s Branno:

I am known as Sir Airemus Dranna, and I am the Emperor Brakkon of Mal’estar’s Right-hand Male. I am the Captain of the Armies and am training his own Kano Dranus Breatia to be his Second. I have been in the employ of Lord Emperor since his coronation ceremony.

At the time of this story, I am in the middle of training Dranus, and perfecting his sword-fighting skills.

“Very good, Dranus!” I applauded, sheathing my blade and clasping his shoulder. “Would you like to continue with one more lesson or are you finished for the day?”

Dranus sheathed his and nodded. “I do believe I am finished for the eve, Sir.” He told me. “I needed the exercise, and now, I am in need of a bath.”

I laughed. The boy was so serious sometimes, and he was strong for being only of three summers. He and his closest friend and bratton, Lord Prince Draconis, were equals in all but one thing. Lord Brakkon’s son Draconis was a bit of a temper-driven male while Dranus kept his feelings to himself, letting his anger out through his lessons and battles.

As I turned to follow, I heard Empress Locarra’s voice cry out my name. “Sir Airemus!”

I turned back to greet her with a bow. “My Lady Empress, it’s a pleasure.”

“If only it were.” Empress remarked with a frown. “The Emperor seeks a word with you in his solar. Immediately.”

I stared and nodded. “Aye, M’Lady. Immediately.”

She led me to Lord Brakkon, who was pacing, hands behind his back, one tapping the other. I could hear the click of his claws against each other. I counted that as a bad sign. He never paces unless in deep thought or something was wrong. Not to mention the tapping of his hands.

I cleared my tightened throat. “You wanted to see me, Lord Emperor?”

Lord Brakkon stopped pacing to nod his head tightly to me. “Airemus, my friend. Good of you to come so quickly.” He looked me over. “What are you wearing?”

I was still in my training fatigues, armed with my flimsy practice swords and wooden daggers. “My Lady took me from Dranus’ training.”

He gave it thought. “Oh. Ah. Yes.” He sat, and offered me a seat across from him. “I called you here for a reason, Airemus. We have an appointment with the Mountain Wolf Forest Packs. Do you think you can handle it?”

I shrugged. “I do not see why not?”

“It is concerning the Borders between the still-young Realm of Dreams and our Nation.” He began. “Our audience is with the Alpha SheWolf of the Packs and her daughter, a Healer named Katerina Mout’ella.” He turned to my frown.

“Do you think that wise, Lord?” I asked him. “The last dealings we had with that Realm, the one calling himself Master of it wished to destroy our people and drink our blood in celebration.”

“I am certain, Branno.” Lord Brakkon announced, using the informal Draconian name for brother-bodyguard. “That male was not the true Master of the Realm of Dreams. I have spoken at length with the Lord Guardian, O’Dell. He wishes peace among our Nations as much as we do.”

I paused. “May I speak freely?” He nodded and I spoke up. “Why send Mountain Wolves? Could Lord Guardian not come on his own?”

“O’Dell does not send the Alpha SheWolf. The two come of their own accord.” Brakkon announced. “For a very interesting task, mind you.”

I was interested then.

Lord Brakkon only smiled. “For them it is mating season. Alpha’s daughter Katerina convinced her to look beyond their own Clans and Packs.”

All I’d ever read or learned about the wolf packs brought me to my sad conclusion. “I see. That could only mean one thing. Their numbers are dwindling faster than cubs can be born and raised.”

Lord Brakkon nodded. “Aye, I am afraid you are correct, Airemus. O’Dell has told me of the destruction his own bratton — his own twin is causing. Orthos is destroying many of the Companion sets and their lands, stealing their young children for his Warrior armies. Alpha and her daughter want to expand so their Packs are not wiped out.”

I sighed, growling slightly at the thought of whatever the ferocious beast of a male Orthos was. “When are we to see them?”

Lord Brakkon was silent as he walked to the window and looked out to the battlefields. He then turned back to me and grinned. “Now.”

I cursed. “Branno! You could have told me sooner!”

Lord Brakkon winked. “What would be the fun in that?”

We were met in the Great Hall by Dranus, who was standing at his post on the Left of the Throne. He only nodded to me as I stood to the right of the Throne. Lord Brakkon sat, and the three of us waited until two wolfmaidens were brought in.

Katerina Mout’ella: Healer of the Packs:

My nerves were shot.

Matéré Serenade stood regally by my side. I followed her to the Dragon Throne of Lord Emperor Brakkon.

My paws were shaking and my nerves were shot.

Visions brought me nothing but grief, but also, those very same visions brought me to Mal’estar. Across the Borders of the Realm of Dreams and the Dragon Nation.

My heart beat wildly.

I did not dare meet Lord Emperor’s eyes, or those of the two males that stood at his sides. I was already nervous; I did not need to be more-so.

Matéré spoke when the Emperor told her to.

“Lord Emperor, my Donan and I have a request.”

“I am listening, Alpha.” Lord Emperor supplied quietly.

“Allow those of my Packs to seek mates within your Nation.”

“What would I receive in return for this request?”

That was my cue. I cleared my throat and spoke up proudly. “The Dragon Nations and Realm of Dreams in Peace combined as one.”

“They always have been, and hopefully always will be.” The Emperor pointed out. “But do go on.”

I finally looked up and saw the gray eyes of not the Emperor himself but the male dragon on his right-hand side. The dragon had dark red eyes with red and black scales to match. He was magnificent.

I blushed, getting back on track. “You will have in the bloodlines Wolf’s Magic, speed and agility, faithfulness, loyalty, honor and respectability.”

“We can never have too much of that, my Lord.” The red dragon spoke up.

Lord Emperor grinned. “You are correct in that, Branno.”

“Packs are family.” Matéré spoke. “Along with those attributes my Donan has supplied come the teachings of compassion and justice to those who wish to disturb the Pack.”

Lord Emperor must have seen the looks between Branno and me. He thought deeply before saying anything.

“Madam Alpha, come with me and we will discuss this matter at length.” Lord Emperor instructed. He turned to the male to his left. “Dranus, you are excused. You have studies to catch up on.”

The younger of the two dragonmales nodded, saluting. “Aye, M’Lord.”

To the one who eyed me, he said. “Branno, take Alpha’s daughter and show her around.”

Branno blinked. “Aye, M’Lord.”

Matéré squeezed my hand before leaving with the Emperor.

Branno stepped down and came to my side. We stared at each other. He took my hand and gently kissed it. “My Lady, I am Sir Airemus Dranna, Lord Emperor’s right-hand man. It is a pleasure to show you around our great city of Mal’estar.”

I curtseyed. “The pleasure is all mine.” I grinned, blushing. My, was this dragon charming? I nodded. “I thought Lord Emperor called you Branno?”

Airemus laughed. “Aye, he did. That he did.” He said. “It is only an informal nickname from Lord to right-hand. It is Draconian for brother-like bodyguard.”

He crooked his arm and I took it.

“I see.”

Airemus laughed again. “Come my Lady, the first sight I wish to show you are the trails behind the Castle itself. They are lovely this time of year.”

“I am sure they are, Sir Airemus.” I supplied with a grin. “If you do not mind, I wish to be called Katerina.”

Airemus purred. “Than Katerina it shall be.”

We were silent as we headed outside and to the trails behind the Castle. As promised, they were lovely. Blooming trees of lavender and bushes of roses and other flowers in bloom. It was spectacular.

We stopped and he gestured to the beautiful scene before us. “Lady Empress’ own Meadow.” Airemus explained.

“It’s beautiful,” I breathed, going to a lilac tree and caressing its flowers.

I felt him caress my cheek. “As are you, Katerina.”

I turned to face him and he kissed my lips.

Sir Airemus: In Love With a Wolf?

I do not know what possessed me to kiss Katerina, but it did feel good.

“Sir Airemus.” Katerina’s sweet voice purred, her gray eyes searching my own.

“Please, Katerina, you may drop the title.” I whispered. Gods, she was beautiful for a wolfmaiden.

Something inside me screamed for completion, and I had a feeling Katerina would be the one to silence it.

“Airemus,” Katerina smiled, blushing away. “I Saw this.”


“I am a Seer as well as a Healer, among other things for the Packs.” Katerina supplied. “I Saw our union in a vision. That is why I urged Matéré to take me with her on her quest.”

“Our Union, M’Lady?”

She gestured around us. “This. I Saw this.” She supplied. “I mean, not exactly this, but you get what I mean, do you not?”

I smiled, taking her hands in my own and kissing her forehead. “I understand lanta.”

Katerina looked up at me quizzically. “Lanta?”

“It means ‘beloved’ in Draconian.” I told her.

“Mia Fridishda.” She told me back, smiling. “In the Ancient Wolf-Speak, it also means ‘beloved’.”

I shook my head out of its daze. Her very smile made my heart beat faster. I tried out the Wolf-Speak words on my Draconian tongue. “Mia Fridishda, let us go to Emperor and tell him the good news.”

Katerina, kana to the Alpha SheWolf of the Mountain Wolf Forest Packs in the Realm of Dreams, was my true-mate. I knew it.

I watched her watch my every move, wondering what was on that mind of hers. I gave her something to wonder about. I shifted to my full Firedrake form as she stood in awe. My massive dragon’s head nodded for her to climb aboard and see what it was like to ride a dragon in her own Companion wolf form.

I flew high in the air, giving her quite an awesome ride, circling the castle and the entire Empire before descending back to the castle gates and shifting back into my demi-form.

As I shifted, she jumped off and landed delicately on the ground in her own full wolf form.

One of my sergeants met me at the gates. “Sir Airemus?”

I nodded and grinned when I saw Katerina’s full wolf form padding beside me. I placed a hand on her head. “Aye, Sergeant Blackmore, it is I, and I have brought a friend.”

Blackmore looked to her. “You know the Emperor will not be happy to see a wolf cub following you.”

I kept my grin. “Katerina is no mere wolf cub.” I told him. “M’Lord had an audience with her mutyr, the Alpha SheWolf of the Mountain Wolf Forest Packs. Katerina came along for the ride.”

“And you were merely giving her a guided flight around the Empire?” Blackmore asked with a smirk and a smile.

I nodded. “But of course.” I supplied. “It was our Lord’s idea after all. You can let us pass now, Blackmore.”

Blackmore laughed, shaking his golden head. “Very well, Sir.”

Katerina: Dragon for a Mate: