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Inner Realm Family Legacies

Inner Realm Chronicles:

Family Legacies

Lord Guardian’s Legacy – The true stories of O’Dell and his two sons, Braken Joel and Epone

The Ryan Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Ryans….Starting with Theodore Ryan.

The Woods Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Woods’….Starting with David Woods himself.

The Reading Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Readings….Starting with Alexander Sr.

The Reading Legacy Continues – Chronicling a secret life of Sir Karrath and his Dra’Nie.

The Adams Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Adams, starting with brothers Winnie and Terry

The Morehouse Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Morehouses…Starting with Charles.

The Morehouse Legacy Continues – Still Charles, but this is Nathan’s side.

The Richardson Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Richardsons…Starting with Wesley (Craig)

The Schmidt Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Schmidts…Starting with Edward (Aaron’s)

The Waters Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Waters…Starting with Geoffrey Waters.

The McNathaniels Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the McNathaniels…starting with Michael.

The Crawford Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Crawfords….starting with Jack.

Another Ryan Legacy – Chronicling the Ancient Mystic Sons of the Ryans…starting with Wesley

The Martiya Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Martiya’s…starting with the vampire Crucis

The Jacobs Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Jacobs…Starting with Paul, Sr.

A Dweller Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Dweller Daniel, starting with Daniel and Simone.

The Reynolds Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Reynolds…starting with Frank

The Love Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Loves…starting with Gregory.

The Pritchard Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Pritchards, starting with Randolf.

The Craft Legacy – Chronicling the sons of the Crafts, starting with Robert.


Companion Legacies:

Moondancers – Chronicling the sons of the Moondancers, from Dwellers to Ancient Mystics.

Stargazers – Chronicling the sons of the Stargazers, starting with Sheldon and the Wars

White-Snows – Chronicling the sons of the White-Snows, starting with Nathaniel after the Wars.

Greys – Chronicling two Greys: Mark-Panther and his son Indigo.  Their secrets are revealed.

Dragon Nations’ Legacies:

The Dratianos Legacy – Chronicling the Dragon-Princes, starting with Brakkon *Brakkon, Draconis/Drakkar/Dranus, Kronin/Adrian, Tanian/Caius and Starfire*

Dra’Nie Champion Legacy – Chronicles the sons of Dracora, starting with King Yorn’s son Horus, Shem’s son Kra’tath, to the Champion Sir Karrath and his sons.

DragonWolf Legacy — Chronicling the Princes of the Fire Dragon Warrior Clan, from Artimis to Airmus, to Anton and his sons, brothers Arden and Tristan.

Three generations of each are introduced, starting legacies for their children and grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond.

From ordinary men to Ancient Mystic Wizards!

Lord Guardian’s Legacy: O’Dell’s heart is torn between two Ancient Mystic Sisters, loving Enchantra and Ancient Mystica.  From Ancient Mystica, Braken Joel would take care of his younger twin kit sisters far away from pain, not to mention escaping with the remaining Companion Warriors from the Wars for Power.  Long after the Crusades, there is peace in their world, and Enchantra gives O’Dell a son of her own.  Epone is a quiet, yet gentle child that will grow to become the Dream Realm’s Horse-Wizard.

The Ryan Legacy: Theodore fell in love with a mysterious beauty who came out of nowhere carrying a secret past.  Now his son Stephen is a Ancient Mystic who doesn’t know what to major in: Bookkeeping or Medical School?  Stephen’s son Wesley finds there’s a secret in the Ryan family closet — an unknown brother of Theodore’s shows up, but is Colin for real?

The Woods Legacy: David never thought he’d grow to love anybody, until Susan Ryan comes along.  Kevin’s a practical joker but his son Peter is haughty, with Jean being an artist.  Christopher’s musical, and so is his son Shaun, whose powers are growing rapidly.  Antony’s a powerful Wizard but his son Tristan can’t control his powers.

The Reading Legacy: Alexander, Sr. grows to head his father’s business.  His sons Jacob and Derrick both fall for the rumored Woods’ daughters.  Jake heads his father’s department while his sons Adam and Kyle learn their mysterious powers.  Derrick’s twins Mark will grow into a fierce Knight and Andrew will be a Wizard, both against demons of their special world.  Once moving to Paris, Andrew has a son of his own, Michel, who’s magic will help save history.

The Reading Legacy Continues: Chronicling the secret dweller-draconian life of Sir Karrath and his Dra’Nie of Monarch’s Glen, deep in the Dragon Nations.

Years after peace is restored to the Dream Realm, Draconis helps a race of his own people with a prophesy.  Adellandra’s involved, making him a Dweller to complete her.

The Morehouse Legacy: Charles is a man with no morals.  He hides a secret past from his wife and son Shane.  Shane’s a special agent by the age of ten, falling for a Ancient Mystic beauty, and yearning to know his own family past.  His sons Caleb and Logan learn to be Wizards with their cousin Andrew.

The Morehouse Legacy Continues: This is Charles deceit revealed.  Nathan knows about his past, but not about his half-brother Shane. Dwight wonders why his cousin Caleb is different in a weird way.  They all find out another hidden truth when they read Charles’ last diary!

The Richardson Legacy: Wesley is proud of his family, and a new baby is on her way.  Can he live with the fact his daughter Andrea carries his child?  Craig has to deal with the devastation of losing his parents, and taking care of his baby sister at the same time he’s in high school.  Craig’s son Owen is a Ancient Mystic who learns a painful lesson about his mother and their magic.

The Schmidt Legacy: Everything is perfect for Edward and his twins, until Susan Woods tells him what he has to do.  Aaron’s a Ancient Mystic himself now, thanks to Ariana Louise, so he passes his power onto his own sons Theo and Zander.  Theo is the result of a betrayal not even the man he calls father knows about.  He searches for love and identity when he realizes he’s gay.  It’s not easy, for he loses his first love Ricky to tragedy and must learn to trust himself with the one who calls himself his Bondmate, the Apprentice-kin Mikhail.  Zander works hard to become Keeper of the Unicorn Magic and a Watcher-kin Sun-Dancer, while learning about his father’s painful past.  Not long after, he searches for love in his Bondmate, the Apprentice-kin Kaili as he fights his twin Sable’s Bondmate, Ashton, Kaili’s Ancient Mystic nephew.

The Waters Legacy: Geoffrey sells his own son Bradley Allen to a mean mistress for a chance at a better life.  Bradley grows up with the perfect girl who holds great Magic, but wonders about his real parents.  Bradley’s son James is caught in a battle between his parents shortly before his Ancient Mystic Oath.  His powers are at their peak, but his father forbids him to use them at his grandparents’s house.

The McNathaniels Legacy: Michael is in love with his best friend’s widow, but his Second-in-Command has other plans.  Nicholas “Nick” is brought into the Dream Realm to help his father’s girlfriend in the Crusades, but will he go insane in the end?  Martin Joel is a powerful Ancient Mystic Wizard, destined for greatness.  If only his father would tell him the truth about his past.  A surprise comes from abroad when Mick and Dixie’s son Pierre Ryan shows up to introduce himself to the only family he has left: a cousin, Shannon, and a half-brother Nick.

The Crawford Legacy: Jack Crawford was in love with a mysterious but beautiful girl.  Angela holds a secret past and a sad secret.  Thanks to his twin’s betrayal, Matthew was set to die on his High School Graduation day.  Once he doesn’t, he gives himself a new identity and life, ready to forget his beloved twin Melody.  Jason knows something’s different about he and his twin brother Jonas that not even their father can explain.  What secret is the father holding from his sons?

Another Ryan Legacy: Wesley has found happiness and love at last with his wife Heather and two children.  At a family reunion, he recaps what he knows about the Ryans in a story.  His son Robert (Robby) has terrible urges of Dragon Magic, meaning something is going to take his magic over if he’s not careful.  Robby’s son, Gregory’s greatest power over the elements could lead him where he doesn’t want to go – ever.  When he confides in his new girlfriend Tammy, he finds he’s not the only Ryan with a secret.  Her great-great-grandfather was Theodore’s long-lost younger brother Colin!

The Adams Legacy:Terrence Adams wins the heart of the generous Sharon Ryan.  When Terrence is thrown off his horse Rex, Sharon’s left to mourn him.  It takes years for his brother Winston to get up the courage and marry her; not only for herself and her dwindling horse-farm, but to complete his soul.  Their son Terry, named after Winston’s brother, has always been one of the brightest Wizards his mother’s ever seen.  Though he works hard to be a powerful Ancient Mystic Wizard, will his sister Cyn ruin it all?  Soon after college, Terry meets his love of Hannah Bowler.  Their son Jasper is different from all the other Wizards in the family. Will he be able to fight the Dark Magic urges within and see the Ancient Mystic side of himself before he goes insane?

The Martiya Legacy: Deep in the mountains of Romania lurks the Stalker called Crucis.  Caught between two Watcher sisters, he betrays his semi-Bonded Margaretta for her sister Dana.  Ramon, his son, is known as the leader of the Dwellers.  He captures a beautiful American spy, his heart racing at the sight.  Years later, Ramon’s son Stefan lives in the shadows and fights his growing powers – both Dweller and Ancient Mystic.  The moment Savannah Reading comes to Romania with her adopted parents, he begins to see love in a whole new light.  With a little help, his son Lamont would grow to become Lord of the Dwellers.  For its Lamont and Ariane’s daughter Aaine that would finish the Ancient’s Prophecy.

The Jacobs Legacy: Paul Jacobs couldn’t help being in love with the mysterious Dorianne.  Would she ever let him in on her secret?  Paul’s son Pauley is a Ancient Mystic Wizard, the first in Dorianne’s line.  How can he keep such powers under control without total chaos?  Pauley’s son David has a lot to learn, and not a lot of time to learn it in.  Will he be able to control the growing Magic inside or will his entire line suffer the consequences?

A Dweller Legacy: The Dweller Daniel knew when he saw the Ancient Mystic Bella Jacobi, he had to have her.  Only, she was Bonded to his brother Ramon, and her child would be his salvation.  When Simone bore him a son who lived, he was ecstatic.  Gabriel is no ordinary Ancient Mystic Dweller.  He’s also a powerful Wizard with remarkable healing powers.  His brother Ashton’s Bondmate is another sort-of Ancient Mystic-Dweller, the Watcher-kin Sun-Dancer, Sable “Starchaser” Schmidt.  Will the kin-Clans approve of their union?  Will Sable’s twin Zander and older brother Theo?  Gabriel’s son Luther is dangerous and lethal, only Daniel and Ramon can control him.  Luther can’t even control himself.  Will this spell extinction for Daniel’s line?

The Reynolds Legacy: Frank Reynolds knew exactly what he was getting into when he adopted the baby Tamara Jane from the hospital.  He and his wife Arlene raised her with his son Charlie.  When she turned thirteen, things started to happen.  Charlie never understood his attraction to his adopted sister.  When she wanted to find her mother, he wanted to go with her.  On the way, they fell in love.  Years later, in a happy home, his sons Cody and Eric show signs of being just as powerful as their mother.  Can the Reynolds’ handle more Ancient Mystics in the family?

The Love Legacy: Gregory never was the one to believe in magic.  He was a scientist, his specialty was proving the unexplained and reporting it to the Hill View Herald.  When he meets the gorgeous Christina Adams, he feels something strange whenever he’s around her.  What will happen when the newest, hottest story also becomes a romance?  Gregory’s son Troy is destined for greatness.  By the time he’s fifteen, he’s helping a group of neighborhood teens fight their inner demons and those of all dimensions.  The Demon Fighters are born, and all realms are safe, or are they?  Troy and Lana’s son Zeke can’t believe he’s the son of an Ancient Mystic Wizard.  He hears about his father’s triumphs over evil all the time, and is getting tired of being compared to him.  What will a second-generation Ancient Mystic Wizard do in such a predicament?  He must find himself, and in order to do that, he has to run away.  Will anyone notice or care he’s not around?  What will he find in the world alone, without his famous father to help him?

The Pritchard Legacy: Randolf Pritchard was a risk taker, a rebel, a real trouble-maker.  He accepts a dare from his best friends to prove himself.  That’s when he meets Elisabeth Jacobs, daughter of the spooky Mrs. Jacobs on the hill.  What will happen when a dare turns into a heart-wrenching tragedy?  How will it turn his whole life around?  Randolf’s son Justin was the baby, the result of a true love between his parents.  His powers of coercion are like none any Ancient Mystic has ever seen, and that includes the Young Guardian.  When he investigates an abandoned theater he finds his future love Pattie Gimbal, who’s suffering from amnesia.  He has a need to help her, as she does to help him face his deepest fears – his growing powers.  Their son Caesar looks and acts like the real Julius Caesar.  With a mind and attitude like that, it can only get him in trouble.  Will he be able to get out of it alive?

The Craft Legacy – Robert Craft was never sure what he was getting into when he met Crystal Adams.  He was just sure he’d do everything in his power to help her.  Even if it meant learning her mysterious secret.  Robert’s son Davis is confused over his Ancient Mystic gifts.  He’s powerful in both the Unicorn and Dragon Magic.  What will happen if the Dragon Magic threatens to kill him?  Away at college, Davis meets Ginger Antony, keeping his secret demons from her.  When she finds out, will he lose her forever?  Their son Evan is very distinct, different than even his father.  His main power is foresight and hindsight, along with mind-healing.  He usually keeps to himself, a quiet boy until he meets his cousin-best friend Vicki, who changes his whole life around.


Companion Legacies:

The Moondancers: Chase Moondancer couldn’t believe it when he was Earthbound by Lord Guardian.  There was a war, why send him now?  His duty to protect a certain Ramon Martiya in the day brings him closer to his love and Bonded Celeste at rest.  Their son Chikité was taken from them to be a part of the Maiden’s Warrior Army.  After years of isolation and war, he renames himself Red-Wolf.  Long after the Crusades are over, and certain Warriors were given back their lives, Red-Wolf falls in love.  His Knight-master Sire Wolfton also used to be a Warrior, not to mention Red’s only friend.  The Sire isn’t happy when his newly-named Sir Knight of the Canine Valley thinks to steal his daughter Celine’s heart.  When the Plague of Lost Memories threatens the Ancient Mystic Kingdom, Chikité takes Celine there to help.  Will they live happily ever after, or will the Plague hit them as well?  Their son Cherub really is just a devil in disguise, or is he?  Will he allow his Dweller-kin powers reign over his Ancient Mystic?  Or will the Young Guardian’s own Ancient Mystic-Dweller-kin son Adrian have a say?

The Stargazers: Sheldon Stargazer was a lone wolf until Shelby came into his bleak existence.  Once wed, their youngest son Wolfton is stolen from them to be a Warrior in Sabrina’s Army.  Their other two sons, Toriam and Strath flee with the survivors of the Wars to the Underground.  Wolfton, now named Wolf, lost his family in the Wars.  He would fight a losing battle on the wrong side of the Wars.  He would also lose his heart to one of the Master’s nieces, Katherine Hawk.  Their twin sons, Lovell and Raulf would help win the battle against Lord Bane and his minions.  Once they are sent to Mal’estar to train to be Prince Kronin’s Knights, they start to fall for the same girl, Traci Henra’tnu, Sir Na’tiel’s younger sister.  Strath saw the wonder in the Secret Child, Laurynne Silver-Hawk.  Times are tough in the Underground, and only his pack-family and few friends would survive a terrible War.  Hidden for so long in the Underground with his pack-family, Toriam unbelievably falls for a mysterious belle, the lovely, secretive, young Cherokee Moondancer.  Will he still love her when he finds out her mysterious secret?  Once back in Dream Realm society, and seeing no threat on their lives, Toriam and Strath leave the pack to start their own families.  Toriam’s son Runner is a powerful Dweller-pack child with unique capabilities.  Will he use his powers for good or turn Stalker?  As for Strath’s son Haven, he’s been both blessed and cursed by the Goddesses.  Will he be able to fight the demons of the Ancients alone to save his family?

The White-Snows: Nathaniel White-Snow was just like the others stuck in the Underground.  His only son was stolen from him, to be a Warrior.  His daughter Nikita was in love with the elusive Braken Joel Hawk.  His entire family was stuck living with their worst enemies, the canines.  Once the Wars and Crusades are over, Tobias White-Snow finds his love Kitten’s Claw quite charming, and hard to tame.  He also finds she’s the daughter of a Ancient Mystic.  Will his feelings for her change once it’s all said and done?  Their son Tiger White-Snow was a blessing in disguise.  Tiger was strong, fast, loyal, courageous, and yearning to be a part of a team.  He takes a chance and joins the Canine Army.  At first, Tiger is backlashed and made fun of.  After showing his Uncle, Sire Wolfton Stargazer what he can do, the others begin to respect and admire him.  They aren’t the only ones.  His longtime love Destiny Grey is finally falling for him.

The Greys: Difficult as it may seem, Mark Grey can’t get her out of his head.  Bonnie Parker, now gone from the earth, was his only friend in the world.  That is, until Ariana Moon came and showed him otherwise.  Fighting a demon mistress named Sabrina, Mark is killed in battle by his own adopted sister Caroline.  Through time, he finds Bonnie Parker in the Dream Realm, and now he knows the truth.  His friend now becomes his loving betrothed, joining in the ongoing fight for freedom and justice against the Master and his crew.  Years after the Master is destroyed and peace is declared, Mark-Panther Grey and Bonnie Marie are blessed with two children.  The youngest and most intimidating of those is Indigo, their son with deep blue eyes and a flair for the dramatic.  It would be this flair Indigo would need to save the Dream Realm from Lord Bane.

Dragon Nations Legacies:

The Dratianos Legacy: Part One: Brakkon and Draconis – Chronicling the Dragon-Princes, starting with Brakkon *Brakkon, Draconis/Drakkar/Dranus, Drasious Demoura. Kronin/Andros/Tristan/Adrian Tanian/Caius and Starfire*  Lord Brakkon Dratianos was the Dra’Nie of Mal’estar and the entire Dragon Nations until his son Draconis took the Throne from him.  Once his Empress Locarra dies, he loses himself to the Chaos called Thorn.  As Thorn, he has an affair on Locarra with the Lycan Queen, Grisselle Demoura, and she produces Drasious, who would soon turn against the family he never knew, renaming himself Trasious.  Brakkon’s youngest son Starfire of the Ancient Mystic’s Realm of the Epsilon must learn how to be a Lord King of his Realm; all with the help of his adopted son Braken Joel Hawk Draconis does as well, once his own Empress Adellandra leaves him with his three children.  Prince-Heir Kronin, Draconis’ first son, is taken away by his mother to the Wolf Packs to live.  Kronin must take care of his younger twin-Princess sisters.  Andros is an estranged son, born in the Illunae and raised by Panther-kin in the Forgotten Realm.  Learning his power, he is called Skethn’rae, the Panther-kin’s version of “Kreskin” – Abomination.  In mourning once again for his lost Empress, Draconis finds himself in the Borderlands, and enamored in the Lioness, Queen Marian.  Marian bears his son Tristan in secret, but the boy raises himself in the Shadowlands once she dies from a raid.  Generations later and a reunion of the Dragon Emperor Draconis and Empress Adellandra, they birth a pair of twins and another son for him, named Adrian. Long after the Stalkers are supposedly destroyed, a few come back to destroy the Lady Guardian and her immortal son, Adrian.  Adrian’s had a hard life since he was old enough to know what he was.  Now he must protect himself and his family against the sole clan of returning Stalkers.  His own cousin Harmony is caught in the crossfire and he must choose.  Save himself from becoming Stalker or save her from certain death.  Only after his adopted daughter is Bonded does Adrian find his own Bondmate in the Elder-kin Minarette, Diamond’s daughter.

The Dratianos Legacy: Part Two: Drakkar and Dranus — Brakkon’s second twin-son Drakkar would fight against him alongside his mate Adarramena, who disappears in the middle of war.  Drakkar’s son Tanian is sent to the DragonWolf Clans in the beginning of the Dragon’s Fall, but not before he fathers a son Caius from his maiden, Arielle.  The third, Dranus would stand by his elder brother Draconis’ side throughout the centuries, only finding love in the Illunae nearly thirty years after the Dragon’s Fall.

Dra’Nie Champion Legacy – Chronicles the sons of Dracora, starting with King Yorn’s son Horus, Shem Starchaser’s son Kra’tath, and Champion Sir Karrath and his sons with Mystique Rose of the Shadow Wolf Clan.

The DragonWolf Legacy Chronicling the Princes of the Fire Dragon Warrior Clan, from Artimis to Airmus, to Anton and his sons, brothers Arden and Tristan.

Lord Guardian: O’Dell to Braken Joel (with his 4 sons; older Mateo mostly) and Epone, all Wizards.

Ryan: Theodore to Stephen to Wesley (Ancient Mystic!)

Woods: David to all three of his sons (Ancient Mystic Wizards!)

Kevin to Peter and Jean

Christopher to Shaun

Reading: Alex Sr to his elder sons:

Jacob to Kyle and Adam  (Kyle and Adam are Ancient Mystic!)

Derrick to Mark and Andrew to Michel (3 young Ancient Mystics!)

Morehouse: Part One: Charles to

Shane to Caleb (Ancient Mystic!)

Morehouse: Part Two: Charles to

Nathan to Dwight

Richardson: Wesley to Craig to Owen (Owen’s Ancient Mystic)

Schmidt: Edward to Aaron to Theo (Young Unicorn) and Zander (Keeper of Unicorn Magic)

Waters: Geoffrey to Bradley to James

McNathaniels: Michael to Nick to Martin (Marty’s Ancient Mystic!)

Crawford: Jack to Matthew to Jason and Jonas (3 Young Ancient Mystics!)

Martiya: Crucis to Ramon to Stefan to Lamont (Stalker, Dweller, and two Ancient Mystic-Dwellers)

Ryan: Wesley to Robby to Gregory (All Ancient Mystics)

Jacobs: Paul to Paully to David (two confused Ancient Mystic Wizards)

Dwellers: Daniel to Gabriel to Luther (a Dweller and two Ancient Mystic Wizard Dwellers)

Reynolds: Frank to Charlie to Cody and Eric (Ancient Mystic Wizards)

Dratianos: Brakkon to Draconis/Drakkar/Dranus, then adopted Braken Joel, and fathered Draconis to Kronin, Tristan, and Adrian, and Drakkar to Tanian to Caius.

Dranna: Artimis to Airemus to Anton and his sons Arden and Tristan

The Ryan Legacy: Beginnings:

Theodore, 1940’s

Chapter One: 1939

She walked into my life like a ray of sunshine.  She smiled with sincerity as she walked up to my table in the Café, offering me a cup of Joe.  I was lost in her sparkling eyes and perfect smile.  Stammering, I told her yes and watched as she sashayed away to retrieve it.  Her raven hair was as black as the blackest of nights, held up in that bouncy ponytail.  I watched as she talked to another waitress, who pointed and giggled at me.

I could just hear the guys talking at the job.  Me, a loner who no one wanted to get close to because his father owned the place.  Me, smart and aloof, kind to all who don’t try to mess with the boss.  Me, Theodore Ryan, the only living son to a rich business tycoon, being giggled at by a couple of dames.

Regardless, I was there every day for a month for that cup of coffee before learning her name.  Dixilynne Stevens.  Goddess of Goddesses, Angel of Angels, beauty of beauties Dixilynne.  Her voice, like a hummingbird in spring, so sweet and tempting, would make up for anything disaster would bring.

How could I persuade her to be my girl?  I mulled it over my third cup of coffee.  She came over to refill it, but I stopped her.

“I’ll ask ya straight out.  Do ya have a husband to go home to?”

Dixilynne gasped, nearly dropping her coffee pot.  She set it on the table and took a breath before answering.  “I, uh, nay, kind sir.  I do not.”

“Busy later?”

Dixilynne looked to her friend across the room, who was telling her what to do by nodding her head.  She turned back to me, sitting across from me.  I saw her swallow before opening her mouth.  The girl was nervous.

“Nay! Aye!”  She cried without looking at me.  “You see, my sister Sarabeth, she is awful sick, and needs constant care.  I must be there for her whenever I can.”

“Who’s there when you’re not?”  I asked.  Looking into her sparkling eyes, I smiled.  “Like now?”

“A nurse is with her now, sir.”  Dixilynne said.  “The money I earn here goes to her.”

“What if I could get you a nurse for free?”  I asked, taking a hand of hers.  The act made her blush.

“Free?  Nay, sir.”  Dixilynne shook her head, taking her hand away.  “I do not accept handouts.  My family are proud if not few.”

“It wouldn’t be a handout, doll.”  I told her.  “My sister Ginny is a volunteer nurse at the local hospital.”

Dixilynne looked at me as if she didn’t want to believe a word I said.

“No trouble, sir?”

“No trouble at all,” I told her, taking her hand to kiss it.  “And the name’s Theodore Ryan.”

“Theodore Ryan.”  Dixilynne said.  “I would have asked your name beforehand if I had not been so busy.”

I laughed at that, but she was offended.

“Tis not a joke, Mr. Theodore Ryan.”  She stood and placed her hands on her hips.  “I work hard and rarely have time for sleep, let alone speaking to Earth- I mean, people such as yourself!”

“I ain’t laughin’ at you, Dixilynne.”  I told her with a grin.  “I’m laughin’ at the way you’re talkin’.  Are you practicing for a Shakespearian play?”

“A Shakes-who?”  She was sincerely puzzled.

“You know, Shakespeare?  The famous playwright?”  Dixilynne shook her head at the name.  I tried to remember some plays we did in school.  “‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’?”  Another head shake.  “‘Hamlet’?”  Another puzzled look.  “What about ‘Romeo and Juliet’?  Does that ring any bells?”

“Oh, aye!”  Dixilynne sat again.  “My mother told me her chime on the Palace was called just that!”

My turn to have a puzzled look.  “Palace?”

Her eyes widened, caught in a lie.  “Did I say Palace?  I meant, at her place, her home.”

I nodded my head.  “Where does she live?”

Dixilynne grasped her necklace and closed her eyes.  “In the perfect place where no man nor woman shall escape their deepest desires or imaginations.”  She opened her eyes and looked at me.  “I would take you there, but I live here instead.”

Her eyes were full of sadness and sorrow.  I swore the colors changed.

I looked at my watch.  It was time to go back.  I wish I didn’t have to, but I did.  I gave her the coins for the coffee, plus a fiver extra.

“No, please, do not waste hard-earned money on me.”  Dixilynne protested, trying to stuff the bill back in my hands.  “I am but a mere waitress, and you…” Her voice trailed when our eyes caught.  “You, Theodore, are more than I could ever imagine or hope to discover.”

She turned to walk away, but I caught her arm.  “Say you’ll meet me later?”

“I told you, Theodore.  Sarabeth…”

“I’ll bring Ginny.”  I said quickly, silently apologizing to Ginny for volunteering her services.  “She’ll take care of your sister Sarabeth.  Just you and me Dixilynne.”

“When?  Where?”  She stammered, searching my eyes as if she couldn’t let go.  “How?”

“After you get off work.”  I told her quickly, my mind whirring with thoughts.  “We’ll go directly from here to….anywhere.  I don’t care, as long as you’re with me.”

Dixilynne smiled, nodding her head.  “Be here by eight, for I am off at seven.  Bring Ginny and I will bring Sarabeth.  My sister will show her the way to our home.”

I kissed her cheek.  “Farewell for now, Dixilynne.”

“Fare thee well, Theodore Ryan.”  Dixilynne replied softly, curtseying like a princess.

I walked away with an extra hop to my skip, beat to my heart and meters to my smile.

The Woods Legacy Beginnings:

David, 1960’s

Chapter One: 1961

I’ve always hated having roommates in college.  They tended to be a little nosy, and noisy, especially around rush week.  I belonged to the Brotherhood of Alpha Delta Nu, but rarely have I bothered with pledges and the ridiculous tasks my fellow Nu’s would give them.  I just assumed stay in my private room, reading up on Shakespeare or working on my Advanced Law assignments.

Wasn’t too bad, really.  In fact, it was fun, until I decided to move out of the Nu’s house and into a dorm on campus.  Shore Point University was a small college, but it suited me fine.  Call me a nerd, sure, I’m a nerd.  Heck, I even look like a nerd.  Bright red hair, deep blue eyes covered by broken black-framed coke-bottle lenses, and pimples on top of pimples.  No honest girl would dare to look at me.  Not until I lost the pimples, at least.  The only non-nerd thing about me was my height and build.

Dad says I’m built for sports, but I personally wouldn’t be caught dead on a football field or basketball court.  I used to play soccer back in South Carolina with my three older brothers.  They called themselves Slim, Jim, and Tim, though Slim’s real name was Fred.  So it went Slim, Jim, Tim, and David.  Boring, nerdy, non-athletic David Woods.  That’s me.

I made my way through the halls without being trampled on, for once.  When I walked in the doors of Advanced Law, I saw her.  The prettiest girl I’d ever seen, sitting in my spot.

I just hated that.  I didn’t want to make a fuss about a stupid chair, but I had to.  Just this once.  I walked over to her, pushing up my glasses and carrying my books in my sack.

She noticed me there and turned to smile.  “Hello there.”

Gulp.  She was beautiful.  Long balck hair and strange-colored eyes.  A perfect complexion.

“Uh, Hi.”  I stammered, staring at her eyes.  “I’m David Woods, and that’s my spot you’re sitting in.”

I thought she would act snobby and rude, like the other girls I try to talk to.  She looked to the empty seat next to her and moved there.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”  She said.  “My name is Susan Ryan.  Would you like to sit down now?”

I was still standing, staring.  “Sure.”  So I sat.

That wasn’t so bad, I thought.

Throughout class, she would talk to me.  Not to make fun of me, but as an equal.  I couldn’t believe it!  We talked about Law.  We talked about each other.  We even talked about our families and how unfair they are at times.  She told me she had an older brother Stephen and a twin sister Sharon.  When class ended, she followed me out.

“Hey, David.”


Susan smiled, hugging her books.  “It was nice talking to you.  I hope we can do it again sometime.”

“Try next week in class.”  I grinned.

She waved goodbye and was on her way, her long black ponytail whipping behind her.

That’s it, I told myself.  I had an honest-to-goodness crush on Susan Ryan.

The Reading Legacy: Beginnings. . . .

Alexander, IV, 1960’s

College isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.  Especially for us ‘rich kids’.  I just assumed go on my merry way and mind my own business, but I couldn’t.  My uncle was head of the Mathematics Department here at Shore Point University.  Josiah Reading, brother to the eldest, Alexander III, son of the most powerful man this side of California.  Alexander II.

Then there’s me.  Fourth in the line of powerful rich tycoons.  Alexander Reading the fourth.

It’s hard being a rich kid.  You’re always being watched, listened to, interviewed, spied on, hated, loved for only your money and not your mind.  That’s what I hated about being a Reading.  The only thing I loved was the family itself.  We were like the Italian Mafia.  Ba-da bing, ba-da boom baby.  Power and the love of it.  On your word, businesses fell to the ground, people trembled at your feet, willing to do anything you say for fear of their lives.

Back to college.  Shore Point University was the perfect place to stash a haughty teenage son of a Reading.  Especially one who was heir to the throne of business.  It was going to be a breeze.

Yeah, right.  That’s what I thought until I met my girlfriend Evelyn’s roommate, Susan Ryan.  She was the type who could change people.  I’m proof.

Let me explain.  I’ve been in love with Evelyn Petersen since our senior year of high school.  When I met Susan Ryan, daughter to one of our main competitors, Ryan Industries, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I’ve been warned about the silver-blue eyed Ancient Mystics, but didn’t believe a word until I met her.  I never thought anything would come between Evelyn and I.  That is, until David Woods started to hone in on her.

This was nuts!  That nerd actually having the gall to ask my girlfriend out!  Unbelievable!

For one, the Woods’ were never my kind of people.  They weren’t even upper-class, high society like we are.  That brought tension the moment I met the guy.

Well, I wanted to get even.

Evelyn and David met up with myself and Susan at the local bar.  Evelyn and Susan were talking together, David was across the bar and I was heading toward him.  Something happened when David and I were fighting.  The world began to sway and I was knocked out cold by nothing I could see.  I didn’t know what it was, I would never know I guess.  I just knew it shocked the daylights out of me, leaving me staring after Evelyn.  David headed to Susan and I was helped up by the two of them.

It’s been years since I thought about it.  I only think about it now because my own sons are in love with daughters’ of David Woods.  Evelyn and I have been married for years, and we couldn’t be happier.  We have four sons, Jacob, Derrick, Brian and A.J. (Short for Alexander, the fifth in the line) and a daughter Kendra.

When Jacob told me who his new girlfriend at the Academy was, I flipped.  Annabelle Woods, David’s oldest daughter.  For Derrick, it was the mysterious Ariana Woods.  It was rumored Susan gave her twin daughters up for separate lives when they were five.  Only the Woods’ knew why.  Ariana was the older of the twins.

Evelyn convinced me they were harmless, even talking me into hiring David at the local plant so he and his new wife Susan Ryan could have an income.  After years of college hatred, David and I called a truce.

Morehouse Legacy:

Charles: 1969

It was a rainy Sunday when I met her.  The glorious, wonderful Amanda Black-Mitchell.  We were stuck in the rain, waiting for the bus to come from Winchester.  Her brown hair was flat against her face, her makeup running down her cheeks.  She was shivering, trying to keep dry by covering herself with her jacket.  Wasn’t working too well, and I had an umbrella, so I walked up to her.

“Here, let me help you.”  I said.

She turned to me, her brown eyes kind, her smile gentle.  “Thank you, sir.”

“My name is Charles Morehouse.”  I told her.  “Are you waiting for the bus, too?”

“Yes, actually, I am.”  She told me.  “I’m Amanda Black-Mitchell, by the way.”

We shook hands.  “Nice to meet you.  Where are you headed?”

“Downtown.  What about you?”

At first, I didn’t know where I was going.  I was just going.  Now, all I wanted was to go with her, wherever she went.

“The same.”  I smiled, holding my umbrella over both of us.

We talked of ourselves, realizing we had so much in common.  From that moment on, we were together often.  We dated for a year before I asked her to marry me.

I brought her home to my parents, and she was the hit of the dinner table.  She and my mother couldn’t stop laughing over my little intricacies and nuances.  My father was merciless, pointing out my faults.  Everyone had a good laugh.

When he took me aside that night, I knew what was coming.

“Have you told her about Sarah?”

Sarah Plaine was my first wife.  She divorced me years ago.

“No, I don’t intend to.”  I told him.  “That is part of my past that will remain secret.”

“You have other children, Charles.  What about them?”  Father asked sternly.  “Are you going to give them up, too?”

“I will do what I have to do, Father.”  I replied.  “That part of my life is over.  Sarah never appreciated me for who I was.  For her, I was a replacement for Heathcliff.”

“I received a letter from Nathan today.”  He said.  “He and his siblings are left mourning over you.  It would seem their mother told them you were dead.”

“That is what I told her to tell them.”  I said.  “Look, I do not want anything to do with them, now or ever, so just butt out of my previous life.”

“Fine, but the girl will figure it out sooner or later.”  He said.

“What will she figure out?”  I heard Amanda’s voice behind me.  She circled her arms around my waist, squeezing in an affectionate hug.

“Just how much of a wretch I am to live with.”  I teased her, turning to give her mouth a kiss.

“Is this true, Mr. Morehouse?”  Amanda asked my father.  “Is he a wretched man?”

My father smiled at her.  “More than you know.”

“That’s silly.”  Amanda giggled.  “Come, Charles.  Time to go to bed.”

“I agree totally, children.”  Mother said gently.  “Why don’t you go on ahead while I speak with my son?”

She gave my father a look before he left with Amanda.

“Come, I’ll show you to Charles’ old room.”

As soon as they were out of sight, Mother gave me a look.  “Charles.”

I put my hand up.  “Don’t say it, Mother.  I already had the lecture from him.  I don’t need it from you.”

“So you erase my grandchildren from my life, as well as your own?”  Mother supplied.  “I am ashamed of you, son.  Haven’t I taught you better than that?”

I kissed her cheek.  “Yes, Mother, you have.  It’s been three years since I divorced Sarah.  Let’s leave it at that, okay?”

“You will have to tell Amanda sooner or later.”  Mother said.

I thought for a moment.  “When the time is right, maybe I will?”  I kissed her again on the cheek.  “Good night, Mother dear.  I’m going to join my new wife in my old room.”

Mother nodded, her lips pursed.

Both my parents were mad at me for keeping Sarah Plaine a secret from Amanda.  So what?  What Amanda didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt her, right?

Two months later, we were in our own house.  She announced she was pregnant with my child.  I didn’t know what to think or say.  I’d been through the whole parenthood thing with Sarah when she had Victoria, Ronald, and Nathan.  I knew what to expect, but she didn’t.  She told me she’d been barren for years until she met me.

How could I feel honored when I had four other children out there?

I shared Amanda’s ecstasy when my son was born.

Shane Michael Morehouse.  Such a perfect little baby.  Always quiet, never fussy, the apple in both of our eyes.  He looked so much like me, I couldn’t help being proud.

After so long, I had a son I could call my own.  Sure, Ronald and Nathan were my sons, too, but it wasn’t the same.  They were raised more by their mother than myself.  They ran to her for their problems, not me.  I felt left out, which was why I left them.

Shane was quiet and solemn, loving to explore everything around him.  He didn’t have to use words to express himself.  His face and expressions said it all for him.  When he was five, he went to kindergarten without reservations.  He waved goodbye to me and was on his way, proud to be in school at last.

Amanda was proud of our little family, but something harbored in her mind not even I could help with.  She was depressed all the time, not at all like the woman I’d met on that rainy Sunday.  After two years of this, with Shane noticing the changes in his mother as well, I decided to call on a specialist.  She needed help.

Little did I know then just what was wrong in my life, or just how little we knew about each other.

The Morehouse Legacy Continues:

Charles, Part Two.

Dear Shane,

By now, I would hope you found my last diary, which tells of your mother and myself before you were born.  There is something I need to get out into the open.

By the time you read this, I will be long gone and so will your mother.  I never meant to hurt you in any way, you’re my son.  I love you very much.  You remind me of me sometimes, and I hope your sons remind you of me as well.  I have a terrible secret.  Years before I met your mother, I had another family.  Another life.  Your mother doesn’t know anything about it to my knowledge, and I’d like to keep it that way…

My father’s second diary came the same as the last one, by mail.  My sons, the only children I can claim my own, are long gone.  Caleb has his own family and Logan is out on his own, so much like me it’s creepy.  My wife and I are left to live our sweet lives in our house on Sycamore Road.  The accident that had paralyzed me for two years was completely reversed and I’m active and full of hope again.

When I received the package containing my father’s diary, I couldn’t believe what it said. How my mother went totally mad over something so mind-boggling, no one could figure it out.  By the way he put it, I’d say she suffered from acute depression.  (My sister-in-law Ariana told me that term, when I myself was suffering from it.)  My mother was depressed she could only have one child: me, while my father was sick with worry.  When I finished with his first diary, I wrote my own, to hand down to my sons.  Sort of like a family legacy.

I never knew there was more of a family out there for me until I read his second diary.   That’s when the true story of my step-brothers and sisters was revealed.

When my partner-best friend-brother-in-law, Derrick Reading and I had a car accident on patrol, it left him paralyzed from the waist-down.  It left me nearly brain-dead.  My son Caleb wrote in his own, telling of what happened after that.  Well, two years had flown, with me fighting for my life.  If it weren’t for the twins, Derrick’s and my wives, I don’t think I would have survived to see Logan graduate high school.

The entire family was in a bind.  We were devastated by the accident, we weren’t able to be ourselves.  The twins kept us looking hopeful, even helping with physical therapy.

That’s when the first diary came.  It revealed what kind of struggles my father had, and gave me hope.  It was like an answer to a prayer.  I asked for help in dealing with my condition and the Gods were fit to give it to me.

Sort of.

I read it many times, seeking its message.  I began to see a pattern from his diary and my life as it was.  My mother’s depression was similar to mine.  I didn’t want to get better. My mind wanted to die, killing my body and soul along with it.  I could no longer protect my love Aluna Lynne, or even my children.  I was devastated I didn’t know where to turn.  My mind had made me think of death as a final answer.

Not wanting to read it at first, Aluna read it to me.  Night after night, she read a few entries, explaining everything my parents had gone through.  For a while, I just lay there, paralyzed in bed, ignoring her voice.  Stubborn woman she was, she kept at it, day in and day out.  She wouldn’t give up on me, just like my father wouldn’t give up on my mother.  I thought it wonderful and honorable for my wife to do such a thing.  Luna wasn’t known to do things like that; she was known to be a little, how should I put this?, eccentric.  She would want to learn whatever kind of magic-thing came around.

It took two years for me to realize what was stopping me from recovering.  Me.

Back to the second diary.

Okay, the diary came in the mail, with the letter attached.  Years before, I’d met my step-brother Nathan and his family.  We weren’t close until recently, when I showed him our father’s first diary.  He told me everything he could about growing up with my father.  How he had sisters and brothers, two siblings from a former marriage his mother had, and even an adopted bundle of joy they called Jilly-bean. (Jillian).  Still, it had me wondering.  What happened between our father and his mother, and why did he desert them?

I was terrified to find out.

— Shane Michael Morehouse, Chief of Detectives, Ray Co. Police.


I wish to start at the beginning, when I met a beautiful woman named Sarah Plaine Wethersby in a bar.  She was dabbing tears with a napkin, asking the barkeep for more shots of whatever she was drinking.  I couldn’t stand to see a woman cry, so I asked her.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?  You, a man, asking a woman what’s wrong?”  She sounded adamant.  And drunk.

“Yes, ma’am.”  I said.  “I asked what’s wrong.”

She stared at me.

“So?”  I prodded her.

She turned away from me.  “You wouldn’t understand.”

I smiled, putting a hand on her arm.  “Try me, honey.”

She explained how she and husband Heathcliff got into a huge fight, scaring their two children.  She had a miscarriage on their third pregnancy.  She went to the doctor and he told her she had to have a huge cyst removed from her ovaries.  It prevented her body from carrying a third child to term.