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The Dwellers: Of Celeste and Chase: Some Years Later

From that day forward, until Ramon turned into a man, Chase would look after him. They grew as friends, which was good.

A few stories branch from this meeting of Dwellers and Mystics.

The first and foremost is of Ramon’s childhood. Ramon was very smart for a Youngling. Chase looked after him during the day, trying to answer any questions the boy may have had. At sundown, Ramon would run with his kin, hunting the night like a true Dweller, asking questions of life to his aunt Emerald and uncle Diamond. Each of the Dwellers taught him a different art so he could take care of them once they were resting. For he had a special destiny. He would be the leader of their kind, able to do anything and everything his heart desired. If anything should get in his way, he would take care of it then and there.

Another story is of Chase Moondancer. While the Dwellers hunted at night, Chase would return to the Dream Realm to continue his duties for Lord Guardian’s army. It went on for a half-century, until the Master Orthos decided to want his brother’s throne. As a Companion loyal to Lord Guardian and the Mistresses, he was urged to stay. He was needed at home more than with the Dwellers. By then, Ramon was seventeen years-old, almost ready for the Bonding ceremony. Unlike the other Dweller Males, he wouldn’t have a Chosen to bond with. Between Chase and Ramon, they kept an eye on other kinds threatening their very existence. The two of them became blood-bonded, like brothers, and Chase had to tell Ramon what was going on.

Ramon rounded his kin together and asked the Ancient Mystics for advice. His heart told him to go to the Dream Realm and save it from the Master’s plans. His mind thought of a plan to gather all Dwellers to help. Their bodies would rest, he told them as Chase explained, but their minds and powers would be at full strength. It would be as if it were the middle of the night, so they would be at their best. Both Chase and Ramon found out just what Orthos had in mind.

He made a pact with the Stalkers. All the power they wanted as long as they killed – no, destroyed Lord O’Dell and his followers. So, along with the Dominionite Warriors, the Stalkers did what they were told.

As for Chase, he guided the Dwellers in the Dream Realm, even Emerald and Calcite, who’d been there before. Pretty soon, the war was raging against the Warriors and the Stalkers. The Dwellers and the Mystics fought long and hard, many on either side killed, lost to all. Chase helped a Dweller named Celeste heal the wounded. In the process, they fell in love.

When the War was over, Chase couldn’t go back to the Outer-Realm with the Dwellers. Ramon was already grown and living his destiny. Time had passed and Chase’s duties to them were over. The Dwellers would miss Chase Moondancer. None more than Celeste, sister to Daniel and blood-sister Princess of the Dwellers.

Celeste pleaded with the Elders and her blood-brother Ramon. Unbeknownst to her kin, she went to the Dream Realm’s Mystic Palace to speak with Lord Guardian and Mistress Enchantra.

“I plea with you. Let Chase stay with us.”

O’Dell and Enchantra exchanged looks. “I will handle this, my Lord.”

O’Dell got her message and left.

Once he was gone, Celeste looked at Enchantra.

“Please, Mistress.”

“Why should he stay with you?” Enchantra asked. “Is Ramon not fully grown, able to lead the Dwellers?”

Celeste nodded. “Yes.”

“And is he not fully into all of his powers, Dweller and Watcher?”

Celeste nodded again. “Yes, but.”


“You see, Mistress. I love him.” She explained. “We healed the wounded and sick during and after the War was over. Chase showed me things here I’d never seen before. In our world, he showed me things I usually take for granted in the night. Does this make any sense to you?”

Enchantra grinned. “Perfect sense. Love is surely a reason to let him be with you.”

“Then you’ll let him stay?”

Enchantra shook her head. “He is needed here.” She paused. “There is one thing I can think of to keep you together.” She looked to the air and called. “Lord Guardian, here my call.”

He appeared beside her. “Aye? What do you wish, Enchantra?”

“It would seem she and our Chase Moondancer have fallen in love.”

“Wonderful.” O’Dell replied.

“She has wished him to stay with her in the Outer-Realm.”

“You have told her that is no longer possible?”

“Aye, but I have an idea.” Enchantra announced. O’Dell and Celeste waited patiently, watching the smile rise on her face. “What if Celeste does as he did for so many years?”

“When the Dwellers rest, she comes here?” O’Dell asked. “When they rise, she returns home?”

“I will do it, gladly Mistress. Please, let us be together.” Celeste announced, excited.

“Answer a question first.” O’Dell said. “Will you be able to handle doing this?”

“I am a strong Dweller, able to do things most cannot.” Celeste replied. “Did I not return on the rise to help with the Wars?”

“I recall you and your kind being weakened here toward the end.”

“We were here for too long at one time. Suffice to say, we lost track of it. We were weak only because we were supposed to go back, but didn’t.”

“What about you?”

“I am a powerful Healer.” Celeste remarked. “Garnet, Hematite and Jasper taught me. You do know our Elders, do you not?”

O’Dell nodded. “I grant your staying. You will do so until further notice, and you must every rise, understand me, Dweller?”

“Aye, my Lord. I will not let you down.”

At that, she left to find Chase and tell him the good news.