Research, Note, Write, Edit, Readthru, Repeat

Many things go in the Process of WritingON!

If we know the perfect location, but don’t know how to describe it since we’ve never been there, we must research.  Once we get the characters and places we want, we must develop more than just the characters or storyline.

My type of research comes online or in the form of ebooks I’ve collected on various subjects, including those I never thought I’d need.  It also comes from the various Chronicles I’ve already written.  When writing, I ask myself numerous questions, such as: “Who is Ruby’s mate, and how does she tie in with the Mystics?” “What Clan is Sapphire from?” “Does Claudia have Photographic Memory or is she strictly a healer?”

So, I go back to the Chronicles for answers; mainly, from three different documents I keep updated and plenty busy developing.

  1. Inner Realm Lineages
  2. Inner Realm Legacies
  3. Inner Realm Family Trees

90% of my information is in those files alone, little notes I’ve written myself.  I keep them in the top list on MSWord, and back them up often.

Yes, I know it wastes precious time writing the story I may be working on, but I have to get the information right and have it make sense both in my mind and on the page as I write it.

Development of Characters and Storyline may not be that hard for some, but sometimes it can be.  Sometimes, it makes me wish I had chosen another occupation instead of writing.

Looking back now, I’m pondering the “Why did I write that?” “I Wrote that?!” and “When did I write that?” questions as I organize my many megabites worth of writing an documents.

Take “Young Guardian Trilogy”, for example.

It began as a Saga that started as a dream.  Really!  At first, it was supposed to be Dream World Leapers, then Dream World Crusaders, and finally Dream Realm Crusaders.  A Single book became a Trilogy, then Saga, and putting them all together again, another Trilogy.  Dream World Leapers Trilogy soon became Young Guardian Saga, and finally the Trilogy it’s known for today.  Even the main character’s name has changed: Bonnie Louise (and her twin Jennifer Lynne) to Ariana Moon (and her twin Aluna Star).  The Chronicles are constantly changing, facts rearranging and family lines discovered and rediscovered.  Names and places have changed, people learned, loved and grew, and not even I knew what would happen next until flashes of scenes and ideas went through my mind.  After several years, and several drafts later, Young Guardian Trilogy has been perfected.

Just when I think all is perfect and characters are at their best, the Fates throw me a wild card.

Enter Draconis Vilinos Dratianos, Lord Emperor of the Dragon Nations and Dracora’s oldest brother.  Not the character, Lord Draconis; that’s only the characterization of the real man. The Real Draconis told me things I dreamed and wrote were real.  He also let me read his story “Dragon Mystere” to help open the floodgates to a very distinct part of my memory that told me I wasn’t from around here and neither was he.

Memories washed in my mind, and a new storyline opened up.  Things happened way back when, and I remembered it all.  So, I wrote it down.  All of it.

When I was finished, I had a lot of thinking to do.  The storyline of my main characters had changed, as did the relationship I had to them.  Those who read my writing know my favorite character is the better version of myself: Lady Adellandra Mout’ella Dranna Dratianos; whether she goes by the name Ariana Moon Woods as an Ancient Mystic, Silver Moon Cobrianos as an Illunian, A’isha as the Goddess and Pillar of Light, MoonWolf as the SheWolf of the Mountain Wolf Forest Packs, Akasha as the Ancient Mystic’s Goddess of Spirit, the list of titles and names goes on.

SO – I must go through and change a lot of information, names, places, abilities, people involved; add in the Draconian storyline, as I’m now calling it, and rewrite, reedit and rethink the entire process.

That is why I keep all three of those previously-listed documents handy, and take notes as I go along.  Good thing, too; otherwise, I wouldn’t know what was what and who was who.

Why do I do it if it’s such an arduous process?  Because that is what I do.  I write.  If not for my own enjoyment, or escape to other worlds, but because it’s what I DO.  That is why I write stories, Chronicles of the Inner Realms if you will, and carry on with my Path.

I Am A Writer.


About Lady Adellandra

I am the One of Many Names, Many Faces, in Many Realms and Many Times. I am the Creatrix Pillar of Light-named-Ai'sha.

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