Free Spirit DragonWolf

Free Spirit DragonWolf


Lady Adellandra

Tanian Dratianos has a hard life.  He’s the Prince-Heir to Mek’anar, son of Lord Drakkar and Lady Adarramena, twin-cousin to the Prince-Heir of Mal’estar Kronin Dratianos, and destined to be Lord of the DragonWolf Kingdoms.  Worst of all, he’s gentle, kind and wants nothing to do with his Royal duties.  He and his sister Anya are often stuck together when their parents are off in Mal’estar, or fighting in some battle for the Empire, so he must play brother and babysitter.

Lord Drakkar has had enough of Tanian’s soft-hearted ways, and forces him into a physical relationship with a maid of the House, hoping it would make him a man.  When it turns out she is pregnant with his son, Drakkar makes him take charge.  Caius is beloved by both his sets of grandparents and the experience seems to satisfy the Lord of Mek’anar.

That is; until his Lady and her twin, the Empress of Mal’estar, start having visions of hellfire to come.  Adarramena Sees for herself what’s in the future as her twin Adellandra suffers from the Vision-sickness.  Fearing for their lives, yet knowing she must fight, Adarramena sends her children to the DragonWolf Kingdoms.  Her twin soon disappears with her three children, to only she-knows-where.

On the way to the DragonWolf Kingdoms, Tanian and Anya are attacked, and separated. He finds shelter during a storm, waiting until it’s over to search for his sister.  Many things, and many years, pass along the way.

Another storm when he searches northeast of Mal’estar reveals his destiny: The DragonWolf Kingdoms of Da’esigil, and the remains of the Central Kingdom.  He faints from exhaustion, fighting to stay awake long enough to reach it.  When he awakens, he’s in an infirmary bed; being looked after by a gorgeous Grey DragonWolf named Lady Eonaleth.  The Queen of the Eastern Kingdom binds his wounds and stitches his deep scars, using healing magic to ease the pain.  As he spends more time with her, he finds himself in love.

Will the Lady Eonaleth love him back when he tells her his painful past?

About Lady Adellandra

I am the One of Many Names, Many Faces, in Many Realms and Many Times. I am the Creatrix Pillar of Light-named-Ai'sha.

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