Current Events: Week in Review

Sulheya! Greetings!

*has it been a month already?!*

Time Flies When You’re Havin’ Fun!

Greetings from the Inner Realms. Thought I’d get you a Current Events post to let you know what I’ve been up to, in case you haven’t watched my Twitter. (@Lady_Adella).

I’ve worked on organizing, writing, and making most of my longer works better-readable, thanks to Scribd.  I’ve written somewhat of a Suggested Reading Order page, telling where to start in the Inner Realm Chronicles. All those on that list, I’ve uploaded to Scribd and linked here, on their pages in the Category: All Inner Realms ReWrites.

As for new writing projects:

  • Across the Realm Portal” has been revamped with the new Scribd format, including working links within the text.  I’m now on Chapter 26, stopping there until I can think of what to do with Le Corneille next. (It’s a Doozy!)
  • Inner Realm Legacies Category: I’ve written and posted 2 blurb-type entries: Strength of Shadows and Demon Pantheros. While the first is about Derrick “Karrath” Reading’s search for his true-mate, the second was inspired by “Across the Realm Portal”.  Sure, I’ve had somewhat of a story planned for each, but no real details until now. There will be more blurb-type entries in the new Category, so stay tuned!
  • DragonWolves of Da’esigil” — Name inspired by @Veluchan, @Eonaleth, @Trydeth and @Ely_AQW (four of my good friends from the games and Twitter), I’ve decided to revive a vague idea I had long ago.  Veluchan named the place, while I used the four of them in the story.  I’m trying to write and post at least a page-worth of an entry, a little at a time, every day.
  • DEVELOPING STORY IDEAS: NOT here yet are the ones I came up with today.  Their blurbs are still in the works and they will be added to the new “Legacies” Category soon.
  • Sneak peek #1: Tanian Dratianos is the Prince of Mek’anar; he’s also the Central DragonWolf Kingdom’s ruler, with his beloved Eonaleth of the East.  What is his story? “Free Spirit DragonWolf.”
  • Sneak peek #2: Anton Dranna was supposed to be Leader of the Fire Dragon Warrior Clans, but he was taken away and Blooded an Ancient Mystic. “Anton’s Dream” is the story of what happened before being blooded, upon returning to the Dragon Nations, and choosing between two women he’d come to love. (excerpt already here.)

I could write up everything I have a ‘blurb’ for.  I could upload and put it in the new Category.  I could…

…but you would be bored to tears and probably confused to bits, so I will refrain from repeating myself and just close this short update of my writings here.

Kateea and Pleasant Journeys!


Lady Adellandra,

Head Chronicler of the Inner Realms

About Lady Adellandra

I am the One of Many Names, Many Faces, in Many Realms and Many Times. I am the Creatrix Pillar of Light-named-Ai'sha.

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