Dream Realm Sphere Correspondences

compiled by Adellandra Dranna Dratianos

Light Crystals: Known as the Jewels of the Mystic Province

Dark Crystals: also known as the Dominionite Crystal Segments

Link Crystal – Known as the Black-as-Night Crystal, Onyx

Later, for Mirror Magic, known as the Visionary, held by The Enchantress, Kelina Erin.

Crystal Animus Magic Color Element Mental Power
Emerald Unicorn Magic Green Light Earth Telekinesis
Yellow Topaz Hawk Magic Yellow Light Air/Winds Telepathy
Lapis Lazuli Mer-Magic Blue Light Waters Premonition
Ruby Dragon Magic Red Light Fires Empathy
Amethyst Companion Magic Purple Light Spirit Healing
Moss Agate Wolf Magic Hunter Green Dark Earth Shape-Shifting
Amber Gryphon Magic Gold Dark Air/Winds Astral Travel
Sapphire Undine Magic Midnight Blue Dark Waters Clairvoyance
Bloodstone Phoenix Magic Burgandy Dark Fires Compulsion
Onyx Dark Mystic Magic Black Dark Spirit/Link Mind-Control
Quartz Guardian Magic Clear or Smoky Energy-Work Protection

When put together, the Dream Realms’ Sphere could spell certain destruction and annihilation for anyone who tries to control it and cannot. The only ones known to be able to control it are the Originators, who forged it, the Ancient Mystics, Lady Guardian of the Realms and the Grand Magus.

Lady Guardian wears the Light Spirit Crystal, an amethyst, around her neck. Lord Maximaniac has taken the Dominionite Crystal Segments and threw them amongst the Realms. Lady Guardian found the Dark Waters in the Mortallan Realm in the Northern Hemisphere with the Frozen Throne.

The Jewels of the Mystic Province were returned to the Lord O’Dell’s Castle and soon were given to Lady Guardian of the Realms to keep in the Vaults of Mal’estar’s Castle. As for the Black-as-Night Crystal, it was once found by Damian in the Dragon Nations before he had his Dominionites attack Monarch’s Glen. It has since been returned to the possession of Lady Guardian’s Vaults as well.

Quartz and Smoky Crystals are used by the Ancient Mystics when they’re Earthbound to Trap Demon Souls. The most famous of these souls was that of Damian. He and Lady Guardian fought within the Shadowlands. She used the Ancient’s Magic and her Blade to trap him within a Smoky Quartz. He is still bound within it. His Dark Magic is in Lady Guardian’s Spirit of Mal’estar Blade.

During the Crusades, the 2nd Generation Companion-Crusaders, Katherine Hawk, Kitten’s Claw Hawk, Tobias White-Snow and Wolfton Stargazer, were Earthbound using Four Amulets. They were given these Crystal Amulets by Mystica herself, along with the mental powers within them. Katherine has the Ruby, with the power of premonition. Kitten’s Claw has the Clear Quartz (White Crystal), with the power of telekinesis. Wolf has the Amethyst Diamond with the power of Speed and Agility. Tobias has the Emerald, with the Unicorn Magic.

During the 3rd Generation Crusades, The Enchantress and her Crusader-friends, Bradley Allen Waters, Josh Stevenson, Cara Richardson, Kirsten Farthay, Steven Edwards and Samantha West received Five Special Crystals of their own, with their own powers. Bradley and Kelly (The Enchantress) each have the Onyx-Opal, a gem in their Dream Lockets that changed from Opal to Onyx when evil was near, or one of their friends were in trouble. It had the power of Dark Magic when it was the Onyx. Kelly is an Ancient Mystic herself, with all their powers. Bradley is her Earthly Protector. Josh Stevenson has the Lapis Lazuli in his Dream Locket, with the powers of Mermagic and mental power of Premonition. Cara Richardson, his mate, has the Ruby in her Dream Locket, with the power of Dragon Magic which she learned from Scott Archer, and the mental power of Empathy. Kirsten Farthay has the Yellow Topaz in her Dream Locket, with the mental power of Telepathy. Steven Edwards, her mate, has the Unicorn Magic within his Emerald stone, which he learned from The Unicorn himself, Aaron Schmidt. It has the mental power of Telekinesis. Last but not least is Samantha West, their Over-Seer with the Quartz Crystal within her Dream Locket that has the powers of Healing and Empathy.

Soon after, the Dominionite Crystal segments are stolen by Shenara, who gives them out to Cara Daniels, Lillian Straus, and three others in the Dominionite Crystal Saga. Kelly and her friends are in their senior year of high school. One of those that would be ‘turned’ by a dark crystal segment is Josh Stevenson, and it is the Dark Waters segment that Shenara teases him with. The other two who have the segments are former-bullies as well, Richie Carmichael and Johnny Kincaid.

Later, they are given five fragments of the Mystic Mirror, with the Enchantress holding the Visionary, with the power to see them all. This is when Dominick attacks the Mystic Palace and steals the power from the Mystic Mirror, leaving the Sisters helpless.

When The Enchantress is grown, and has a daughter of her own, she is thrown again into a wild power-struggle, for Dominick steals the Jewels of the Province and the Visionary. The five Mystic Jewels of the Province are given out to five individuals, who are then sent to the Mortallan Realm to use them against the now-much older Crusaders and five unsuspecting girls. A girl named Ruby (Was Amber) would fight the bastard son of Dominick and Sabrina, Mateo Draco for the Red Ruby Jewel, using her power over Fire and Dragon Magic. A girl named Rose “Thorn”, would fight Shenara, Dominick’s new mate, for the Green Emerald Jewel, using her power over the Earth and Unicorn Magic. A girl named Gemini would fight Albrath, Shenara’s older sister, for the Blue Lapis Jewel, using her power over Water and the Mermagic. The last girl, Sara “Crow” would fight DominaTrix, Dominick’s sister, for the Yellow Topaz Jewel, using her power over the Mystic Winds and the Hawk Magic. In the Realm of Dreams comes a Companion-Dwellerkin named Celine Stargazer, who would fight her own cousin Tempest, who was turned for a short time by Dominick’s Dark Spell. Celine would fight for the Companion Jewel, which had somehow been lost by Lady Guardian as it is her Light Spirit Crystal, an Amethyst. Tempest would tell Celine who holds both the Visionary and the Enchantress: Dominick himself.

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