Current Events: The Week in Review (12Mar2010)

Ancient Mystics and Draconians On-Hold

This week has been a hectic one, kind of.  I’ve worked on at least three different projects, neither of them were remotely-related to the Ancient Mystics or Draconians.

Let me explain.

Being this is my first Week in Review entry, I guess I’d better tell you what I’ve been up to so far.

I’ve started to organize the site a bit by putting different stories in different categories.  I’ve a lot to go, but I’m still hard at work writing, and have hardly any ‘free’ time to do so.

  • Across the Realm Portal” — Constantly being updated, constantly being deleted before replaced, always written directly from Microsoft Word 2007, which has a neat little feature called “Publish” in the main menu bubble thingy.  Tweeted at least once every couple of days for the updates, and always interestingly entertaining.  At least, I think so; but then, I’m the writer, what do I know?

This story centers around a couple from two different Realms; one from Lore (As all Players of AE Games knows this world) and one from a place called The Illunian Realm.  Hikari is from this Realm, and seeks the assistance of her sister in Lore, the Lady Adellandra.  That’s not where the story begins, however.  It begins when the Lady Adellandra wishes to take her two friends, Alanza DeMonica and Le Corneille Foster, on a ride through the Realm Portal to the Illunian Realm.  Before the day is out, Le Corneille is madly in love with Hikari, called her “Chosen One” and is part of a weird mystery through a strange warp in the Realms’ timeline.

  • Demonica” — Okay, I admit it; I may be a little obsessed with my AQW friend, Alanza, but I couldn’t resist placing her in the Inner Realm Chronicles.  It was just too strong of a feeling!  I mean, this story is about Alanza Dranna, the newest “Princess” of an Inner Realm’s Dragon Clan.  She’s supposedly an Heir to the Fire Dragon Warrior Clan, but she’s not of-age to claim it, nor is she fit to do so yet.  Enter, from the mighty Empire of Mal’estar, Sir Airemus Dranna, her ‘unknown’ brother and his son Sir Anton Dranna.

Once hearing the names of his parents, the King and Queen of the Fire Dragon Warrior Clan, Sir Airemus Dranna, a proud Fire Dragon Knight in service to the previous Lord Emperor, Brakkon Dratianos, is reminded of a certain promise he made to them on the night of his Birthing Day and Crowning ceremony.  To make up for his leaving the Clan to be with the Lady Empress Peacemaker’s Draconian Army, he promised his parents that his first-born son would return to succeed him.  At this point in the story, Airemus, Anton, and the sentry the King and Queen of the Clan sent, are on their way to the Clans to discuss the matter.

  • “The Unnamed Collab” — yeah, sorry folks, eventhough I’ve worked on this with two friends of mine, it’s nowhere near its completion.  No real storyline is set, it’s just 3 of us writing parts and passing it on to the other.  It’s just something fun for us to do together, and basically learn from each other how to ‘write’.  Once it’s nearing completion, I’ll edit, ask for permission, and post it up, giving credit where due.  Until then, we’re all out of luck.

However, there are a couple more that I’ve worked on, but not much.  Even though they were part of the Mystics and Draconians, and only a few pages were written in them this past week, they still count as work.

  • The Lost Dragon Empress“, for one, has had about a page worth done past the original stopping point.  This story is about my many incarnations.  With each incarnation, I meet and lose my beloved Draconis Dratianos, my mate and Emperor.
  • The Inner Realms Chronicle Diaries: The Crusaders” I was bored one night and decided to put the previous Young Guardian Trilogy into my own words in the form of diary entries.  So far, I’ve written to the point I reunite with Katherine Hawk, my first Feline Companion friend in the Realm of Dreams.  It’s going to take a while, I know, but there’s time.  It’s for fun, and writing has always been fun.

Well, that’s it for now, folks!  Until next time,


About Lady Adellandra

I am the One of Many Names, Many Faces, in Many Realms and Many Times. I am the Creatrix Pillar of Light-named-Ai'sha.

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