Dragons in the Mortal Realm

Adellandra Dratianos, 16Dec2006


  • Prologue: The Enchantress’ Tale
  • Chapter One: First Sighting
  • Chapter Two: Crusaders and Draconians
  • Chapter Three: Confession at Mal’estar


The Enchantress’ Tale

Sure, I’ve been known to live in two different worlds. In the Inner Realms, I am known as the Enchantress. In the Outer Realm, also known as the Mortal Realm, I am known as Kelly Reading.

Sure, there are certain mythical creatures that belong in many of the Realms of All the Worlds. Unicorns, Mermaidens, Griffins, Wraiths, and the like belong in the Inner Realms, not in the Mortal Realm. Especially not Dragons.

But that’s exactly what happened. When the rift between the Mortal and Inner Realms was taken away, I found myself looking at real, live, dragons.

Don’t get me wrong, I know dragons are real. My new stepfather is a dragon. But he’s also in the Dragon Nations. So are my dragonwolf siblings. Dragons just don’t belong in the Realm of Mortals, that’s all.

I guess it all started when my mother, Young Guardian, took her title as Lady Guardian of the Realms. Soon after the War of the Realms, things began to drastically change for the Dream Realm Crusaders and our friends and families.

She reunited with my new stepfather Lord Draconis Dratianos of the Dragon Nations and found her true-name of Adellandra Mout’ella Dranna. Several months later, Draconis, Lord Emperor of the Dragon Nations, and my Momma Lady Guardian Adellandra connected the two Realms on the Borders of the Realm of Dreams’ Mystic Province, and the Dragon Nations’ Empire city of Mal’estar.

  1. It wasn’t an easy feat, since Draconians and Companions couldn’t stand to be around one another. Draconis and Momma put them to a task. At the rebuilding of Mal’estar on the Realm of Dreams’ borders, one Draconian would be paired up with a Companion, so they’d have to work together. Turns out, it worked, and now, they’re working together as the Draconian-Companion Armies.

That’s all in the Inner Realms. In the Outer-Realm, there are dragons. Not the Draconian people, but dragons. Every size, shape and color.

Being the Enchantress as well as an Earthbound Ancient Mystic named Kelly Reading, I have to report and investigate anything odd or mysterious having to do with both Realms. Since Momma has chosen to stay Realmbound (the opposite of Earthbound, bound to the Inner Realms instead of the Mortal Realm), I am in charge of it all in the Mortal Realm in her place, along with what creatures belong in each and what doesn’t belong.

And Dragons definitely don’t belong in the Mortal Realm.

Chapter One:

First Sighting

Outer Realm: Hill View, Michigan, two weeks ago. As I was walking to my home on Sycamore Avenue, I happened to look up at the sky. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I thought I saw a small green dragon, soaring through the clouds.

I made a mental note to tell Momma in my report, just in case.

My boyfriend-Earthly Protector Bradley Allen Schmidt was with me, and noticed it, too.

“How’d that get here?” He asked, watching it fly in circles through the clouds.

I shrugged. “I don’t know, but I’m about to find out.” I looked around to see if anyone else noticed the green dragon in the sky. “Good.” I noted.

“No one noticed but us, huh?” Bradley whispered.

I shook my head. “Thank the Gods.” I supplied. “Let’s head to the mirror and see what’s going on.”

“Why don’t you try communicating with it, first?” He asked, stopping at my house.

I looked up again and saw the dragon was bigger, closer. “I could, I guess.” I said and stared at it while I thought. Kateea, dragon. Who are you and how did you get here?

I am Princess Locarra Dratianos. I arrived through the portal between the Realms. Who be you to know the dragon’s tongue?

I blinked. “Princess Locarra!” I whispered. I am known as the Enchantress in the Mystic Realms. My name here is Kelly Reading. Can you use your magic to become invisible or less-noticeable in this Realm?

I watched as the Princess swooped down to me, shifting her form to what my mother called ‘Immortal’, a humanoid being. She had long, blue-black hair with bright silver-blue eyes. She was a foot taller than I and wore the uniform of the Royal Guard.

I counted that as a bad sign.

Bradley bowed as she nodded her greetings to us. “Princess, it’s a pleasure to see you in our Realm.”

“I only wish it were, Protector.” Locarra supplied. “May we adjourn indoors as to not rise suspicions?”

“Oh, certainly Princess.” I told her.

I led her inside, empathically searching the house for listeners. So far, I only sensed Melody, Theodore and the caretaker Juliet.

“I sense Princess Melody and Prince Theodore, as well as a third female mortal.” Locarra replied. She looked at me curiously. “Is this third trustworthy? Does she know of what we are?”

I nodded. “That she does, Locarra.” I said. “Though she’s still getting used to the whole Mystic Magic being used around her. She is trustworthy to keep our secrets. She’s been with us for five years and has yet to get the courage to tell anyone.”

Locarra smiled. “Very good, Sita.”

“What brings you to our Realm, Princess?” Bradley spoke up as we all sat on the couch.

Locarra took the armchair and sat in it as if it were a Throne. She stared at me, noting seriously. “Our parentada have unleashed Ishanar.”

“Ishanar?” I asked. “What’s that?”

“Ishanar is the birthplace, the beginning of the Dragon Nations. The beginnings of time and fate for all Dragons.” Locarra announced. She shook her head. “It saddens me why Dratyr would do such a thing, yet I do understand his reasonings.”

“You said ‘parentada’.” I said. “That means ‘parents’ in Ancient Wolf-Speak. It also means that Momma had something to do with it, too.”

“You know who my parentada truly are, do you not?” Locarra asked. Without giving me a chance to answer, she rattled on. “Mutyr is the Dragon Goddess Lady SilverMoon, as Dratyr is the Dragon God Lord GoldenWing.” She paused and I watched. “They used their god’s powers to go into the past, to the beginning of time and fate itself, to Ishanar. Mutyr took the essence of the powers and presence of Ishanar within her Spirit Crystal while Dratyr took the rest within himself, nearly killing himself in the process.”

I gasped. “They’re ok now, right?” I asked. “When did they do that?”

“Last month.” Locarra told me. “During the full moon, at the same time, they released it. Mutyr released it from her Crystal to this Realm as Dratyr released it from within himself to the Inner Realms.”

“What does that all mean for this realm?” Bradley asked, engrossed in the story.

“It means, soon, there will be dragons and any other creature from the Inner Realms passing through the lightning portals.”

“Which is why you’re here?” I asked her. “To keep watch?”

“Not only that, but to warn all Crusaders of the danger.” Locarra supplied. “Like it or not, Mortals will see and harmonize with what they call fantasy and mythical creatures.”

“I read somewhere that this realm used to be a part of the Dragon Nations, until Mortals themselves hunted and destroyed countless dragons, forcing those who were still living to create those portals and escape to what’s now known as the Inner Realms.” I told her. “It’s been centuries since they lived in harmony.”

“You are correct, Brattona.” Locarra supplied. “Before Dranus or Grampere could send me, I raced here to give you the news.”

“What are we supposed to do about it?” Bradley asked. “Most Mortals don’t believe in dragons, or mermaids, or unicorns or faeries.”

“This will convince them otherwise.” Locarra said. “But we should be aware of those who definitely seek to harm this Realm. Along with the many creatures that pass through the portals, I assure you, there will be demons and Dominionites.”

I thought for a moment. Demons and Dominionites passing through the portals would definitely not be a good thing. I had to warn all Crusaders, all generations, all Realms.

“Princess, would you be able to transport us all to the System-Network in California?” I asked her. “I will use telepathy to send them the message and how urgent it is and you can transport them there. They do know you, don’t they?”

Locarra nodded. “I do believe so, aye. I agree, brattona. All Crusaders need to assemble.”

Chapter Two:

Crusaders and Draconians

I gathered my friends together. The other All-Realm Crusaders joined us, all assembled in the Commons Room of the Agency. Princess Locarra and myself were facing them all.

“Do those in the Realms know of the Rebirth of Ishanar?” Shannon asked. “Have you notified them?”

“My duo and our bratton are doing so as we speak.” Locarra replied.

Her words were met with strange stares.

“Duo is another word for ‘twin’, and ‘bratton’ is the Draconian word for ‘brother.'” I clarified. “The Prince-Heir Kronin and Princess Locanna are spreading word amongst the Realms of what’s going on with the portals.”

“How many others know of this now?” Nick asked, curious.

Locarra and I looked at each other. “Not many in this Realm quite yet. As for the Inner Realms, it is as I said. My brother and sister are notifying those who need to know of it as we speak. As far as I know, only Mutyr, Dratyr, and us actually know of the Rebirth.”

“Does Momma know what you’ve done?” I asked her. “By crossing the borders between the Realms in your dragon-form and telling us? Who knows how many people saw you?”

“I do.” Locarra supplied. “I am fully capable with the Dragon’s Magic, Sita. I only allowed yourselves to see me.” She paused, playing with her Amulet. “As for Mutyr, she does not know; nor does Dratyr.”

This posed a quandary for me. We had to return to the Dragon Nations to report to Momma and Draconis. We also had to prepare this Realm for the transition. What to do first?

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Bradley’s determined look. He was thinking the same thing. I could feel it.

I addressed the room. Many eyes stared at me; most were confused, but all were attentive and listening. “As Liaison to the Inner Realms, I propose we make weekly reports of any changes that hinder our normal duties and lives. Should anything be suspicious or irregular, report it to me. Should anything that doesn’t belong in either Realms, be it Demons, Dominionites, or the like, report directly to Mal’estar.” I announced regally. I Felt the proud smile of my half-sister, the Princess Locarra. My heart was thumping a mile a minute, and I was nervous. I spoke again. “For now, we go on to our regular lives, as we have lived them. Assume normalcy as much as possible, unless you are attacked. You are all excused.”

The room was silent as the crowd of All-Realm Crusaders exited through the three sets of double-doors.

Shannon stayed behind. She was serious and concerned. “Nice speech, cousin. Spoken like a true Princess.”

“Thank you, Shannon.” I breathed, holding onto Bradley’s hand. He squeezed. “I’ve had plenty of practice.”

Shannon grinned, nodding as if she knew something. “It’s called ‘growing up.’ Welcome to adulthood, kid.”

I grinned back, my cheeks growing a little hot.

I heard Locarra laugh beside me, so I turned my head and did a very non-adult thing. I stuck my tongue out at her.

Shannon laughed at the act. “Sorry, Kel, but I’ve gotta run for now. My kids need me, too.”

She hugged me and was gone. I stared after her.

“Enchantress?” The Princess’s voice whispered. “We should be returning to Mal’estar now, do you not agree?”

I shook my head and looked at her. The silver-blue in her eyes was disappearing and the shape was changing. She was shifting back to her Earth Dragon form.

“Totally. Let’s find the nearest portal and ride.” I told her. She looked at me with reptilian eyes. The shift was a slow one, I noticed. She was confused, so I translated. “‘Totally’, is slang for ‘yes, I agree with you.’ As for ‘ride,’ it’s another word for ‘go, travel, get out of here.’ Get it now?”

Locarra nodded and purred. “You will teach me more of this Realm as I will teach you more of what you call ‘Unicorn Magic’, the power of the Earth’s magic.”

I nodded again. “Sounds like a plan. Do you know where the nearest portal is?”

Locarra closed her eyes. After a moment, she reopened them. Without saying a word, she went to a window and pointed upwards. “There. The nearest portal that will lead us to Mal’estar, or at least her main gates, is just beyond that mountain structure in that shack.”

Both Bradley and I looked to where she was pointing. “Paradise Peak and the County?” I asked.

Locarra cocked her head. “Excuse me?”

“For the longest time, since Shannon’s aunt Dixilynne and Uncle Theodore started the System Agency,” I started, “that house has been called the County. The mountain structure it’s built on is called Paradise Peak.”

“What are we waiting for?” Bradley asked. “Let’s go already!”

Chapter Three:

Confession at Mal’estar

The three of us headed to the County atop the Peak. Locarra led us through the house of my Ancient Mystic Great-grandparents. As we moved closer to the rear of the house, I could Feel some kind of energy signature I had never felt before.

“Has that always been here?” Bradley asked, pointing to the whirling line of color that flickered in front of us.

I knew it for what it was — a recent tear in the Realms. It was an opening from this Realm to another.

“The portal awaits, sita Kelina.” Locarra purred. She was fully shifted to her dragon-form once more. She stepped inside and disappeared.

I looked to Bradley and took his hand. We both closed our eyes and stepped through the portal.

It felt odd being able to just ‘walk’ through a portal between the Realms. I was used to the familiar ‘pull’ of the Mystic Mirror Vanity at home. Its magic was potent, yet I knew what I was getting into when I used it. As for the portal, I had no idea what to expect.

“Wicked.” Bradley breathed. He opened his eyes the same time I did and looked around us.

Wicked was about right.

Sure enough, we were at the Gates of Mal’estar. The Empire forever connected the borders between the Realm of Dreams and the Dragon Nations.

There were two Guards at the gates, and one in the watchtower above us.

“Princess!” One of them cried, bowing to Locarra. “The Empress wishes a word with you in her chambers.”

In her chambers? I thought. That couldn’t be good.

Bradley and I followed but were stopped.

“Who be ye?” The same guard asked us, eyeing both of us with suspicion.

“I am the Enchantress of the Realms, Lady Empress’ Mystic Daughter, and this is my mate, the Protector.” I told him. Did he know of us?

The guard smiled. “Aye, Enchantress. She wishes a word with the two of you as well. Though I would stay on my Empress’ good side if I were you.”

“Noted, Guard, now let us through.” I instructed.

The guard nodded. We passed through and headed to Momma’s own chambers.

We were stopped once again by Draconis, who was in his demi-dragon form. His arms were folded and he wasn’t smiling.

“Locarra Moon,” He warned.

Locarra knelt to her Lord father’s clawed feet. “Dratyr, I apologize for disobeying you, but I had to warn those in the Outer Realm.”

“I understand, kana, but you could have at least taken a guard with you.” Draconis supplied. “As it is, your Mutyr has been worried sick, wondering how many people in that Realm would wish to harm you.”

“I was not seen, honest Dratyr.” Locarra stood. She gestured to us. “The Enchantress and her mate were the only ones who saw me.”

Draconis now looked at me. “Is this true?”

I nodded. “Yes, Lord Dratyr.” I supplied. “Bradley and I were the only ones who saw her. She made sure of that.”

“When she descended, she even shifted to Immortal form.”

“That doesn’t excuse the wrong, Protector.” Draconis supplied. He sighed. “Your Mutyr’s in the Battle Room. Follow me.”

Battle Room? Now things definitely didn’t sound good.

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