Dweller-Kin: A New Breed of Vampire

Creation of the Dweller kin-Clans

Those in the Dragon Nations were called Draconians, and were at war. Countess Dracora went to Lord Guardian O’Dell of the Realm of Dreams for advice. He gave her an Earthbound Spell to take her to the Mortallan Realm with a small band of her people. In the Outer Realm, Dracora renamed herself Shylee, the only Draconian known as “Dragon-kin” Earthbound. She is now known as the Queen of the Dweller kin-Clans.

She took four mated pairs with her to the Outer Realm once the Spell was Called. Those mated pairs were known as the “Havens-kin”. The First two Earthbound-Draconian mated pairs were soon known as the “Ancient Watchers”, King Goldenrod and Queen Silver Starchaser. Their clan was known as the “Watcher-kin”. The second pair were the “Ancient Jewels”, Moonstone and Sunstone, whose clan was known as the “Jewel Elder-kin”. The third were Lucius and Marisa. They were Apprentices to those, their children aptly named the “Apprentice-kin”. Sight unseen, a demonic Draconian pair happened to slip through as well when Dracora called the Spell. They would soon be known as “Stalker-kin”, those Turned kin who were as evil as they come. For Stalkers were the main influence for the Realm’s vampire stories and legends.


Dweller – Romanian vampire-hunter of their own kind, turned.

Stalker – a turned Dweller

Drifter – one with no purpose

Shifter – one who can shift to any shape

Sun-Dancer – one who can walk in the sun, such as Ramon Martiya

Moon-Chaser – one who’s powers are at their peak by the light of the moon.

Halfling – half-vampire child, under one-hundred years old.

Youngling – vampire child, less than a century old.

Mystic – a Magical family Bella’s from. Lords and Ladies of the Dream Realm

Earthbound – one who is without Magic, or mortal.

near-Bonded – when Dwellers and their loves exchange blood once. The next step would be sex.

Bondmate – when Dwellers and their mates are Bonded, like two halves of a whole

Feed – to feed is just that – feeding on prey for their blood.

Rest – to sleep unnoticed, to heal.

Shift – shift to any shape

Coercion/Compulsion – use of the mind on another to do one’s bidding.

Heal – just that, a healing with the soul inside and out.

Dark Son – the one known as the Dark Son is Ramon Martiya

Destroy – to use power and reduce one to ash, for Stalkers. Either by sunlight, or by destruction of the heart itself, or beheading, etc.

Mist – separate the body’s molecules to tiny particles in the air, like a mist.

Watcher-kin – The watchers of the night. One set of Dwellers.

Jewel Elder-kin – the first family of Dwellers, the Elders.

Apprentice-kin – the second family of Dwellers

Havens-kin, also known as the “Inner Realms-kin”, according to legend, the four, Jewels Moonstone and her mate Sunstone, along with Silver Starchaser and her bondmate Goldenrod (Both Watcher-kin parents), were so close, they Bound themselves from Ishanar to the Mortal Realm and began their two families: Elder-kin (Moonstone and Sunstone), and Watcher-kin (Silver and Goldenrod). They are Draconians, only Earthbound.

Beast-kin – those named after the animals they can shift their forms to.

Cove-kin — “Sea-Singers”, from Asia.

Essex-kin – From Europe and England, mostly. Another set of jewel-named siblings.

Gypsy-kin – Desert tribe from India, Drifters.

Blood-Sibling – when a Dweller-kin exchanges blood with another being, they become Blood-Siblings.

About Lady Adellandra

I am the One of Many Names, Many Faces, in Many Realms and Many Times. I am the Creatrix Pillar of Light-named-Ai'sha.

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